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Transform your outdoor space with Hyperion Tiles' vast collection of Ca' Pietra outdoor tiles. From a superb selection of elegant, decorative designs in porcelain, to the beauty of stone and stone effect outdoor tiles, you’ll find our tiles not only look highly stylish but are practical too.

They also feature an anti-slip finish and are perfectly hardwearing, too. These porcelain tiles for the outdoors suit a variety of settings for relaxing and entertaining, from conservatories and patios to balconies and gardens. You’ll also discover almost endless design possibilities, including the chance to push flooring boundaries by taking the same design from indoor to out.

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Why Choose Ca' Pietra Exterior Stone & Porcelain Tiles

Ca' Pietra exterior stone and porcelain tiles are perfect for transforming your patio or garden into a luxurious outdoor space. Our collection of exterior tiles offers an array of beautiful designs, colours, and textures to suit any home aesthetic.

These Ca' Pietra Tiles are designed to be low maintenance, durable, and able to withstand the elements due to their superior quality materials and sealing. Available in every colour, these tiles will ensure that you enjoy your outdoor area for years to come.

With Ca' Pietra exterior tiles for walls and floors you can create the perfect patio that is both stylish and functional. Whether you’re looking for modern or traditional designs, Ca’ Pietra has the perfect tile solution for you. Transform your patio today with these exterior porcelain tiles

Enhance any space with durable Ca' Petra outdoor porcelain tiles. Book a showroom visit (67 High Street, Ascot, SL5 7HP) to see our collection of outdoor porcelain tiles and natural stone paving in person.

Our Range of Ca' Pietra Outdoor Porcelain Stone Tiles

Your outdoor patio is the first thing people will see before they enter your living space. That's why it's important to find the right outdoor floor tiles and wall tiles. You deserve the perfect match to reflect your lifestyle.

Our collection of outdoor tiles includes natural stone paving, stone effect designs, and porcelain outdoor floor tiles to create an aesthetically pleasing effect outdoors.

Our Ca' Pietra tiles are crafted to handle harsh conditions. From anti-slip and stain-resistant outdoor tiles to frost-resistant sedimentary rock, patios with our premium tiles have long-lasting durability and charm.

Perhaps you're on the hunt for suitable porcelain outdoor tiles for your front garden, a natural stone walkway to your back terraces, or the perfect wall tiles for your outdoor patio. Whatever you're looking for, each exterior porcelain tile in our range is designed to enhance your home and turn that first impression into a moment of awe for your guests.

A Variety of Durable Materials

The choice of material plays a large role in what effect you want to create with your room or garden design. While an outdoor stone tile can be more natural, a set of porcelain Ca' Pietra floor tiles can be playful and exotic. At Hyperion Tiles, we stock a vast range of outdoor stone tiles and porcelain outdoor tiles in the UK.


Limestone is a fantastic natural stone option for your outdoor tiles if you're looking for that old-fashioned sedimentary rock resilience. What makes limestone an opulent choice for your floor and wall tiles is its ability to withstand the elements while maintaining its subtle elegance. It can take a lot of strain, is frost-resistant, and easily handles heavy loads.

This natural stone also has incredible cooling properties, which are helpful as floor or wall tiles during those hot summer months. Even though they're built to last, it's important to maintain limestone with periodic cleaning and sealing, as they aren't completely stain-resistant.


Sandstone is another stunning natural stone to use for your outdoor tiles. It is terrific for enriching indoor spaces and has a tremendous impact outside with its rustic stone effect. The combination of earthy natural stone with the distinctive texture of luxury makes for the perfect match to enhance the sophistication of your home.

These sandstone outdoor tiles are built to last in your garden with the right care. A huge bonus is that this natural stone has an anti-slip surface with a protective barrier against extreme weather.


Another phenomenal anti-slip option is our outdoor porcelain tiles and paving, which create an extravagant stone effect outdoors. These decorative outdoor floor tiles grab attention in your patio, garden, balcony, and beyond with vivid designs and sleek finishes.

The unique properties of porcelain outdoor tiles make them suitable anywhere, as they are temperature-, stain-, and fade-resistant, as well as cost-effective with great durability. Porcelain outdoor tiles are adaptable. You can create a rustic stone effect for the outside of your home, themed floors and walls for the interiors.

Tumbled Stone

Tumbled stone is one of the top choices if you're searching for a contemporary feel with natural stone tiles in your outdoor area. Our tumbled stone outdoor tiles are made from natural stone rotated around with certain abrasive materials to create smoother stone outdoor floor tiles. This produces a durable material suitable for any environment with an aged look on the surface.

Because of the intensive and careful manufacturing procedure, once these outdoor tiles are sealed, they become extremely resistant to wear and tear.

Stunning Designs & Colours

Every home is different, and you deserve to show off your personal style both inside and outside your home. That's why we offer a wide collection of outdoor tiles, each with unique designs and styles.

Some hard-wearing materials like exterior stone tiles come in the standard classic grey or other earthy tones, giving off a sophisticated natural stone appearance. These warm and cool neutral limestone colour slabs in beige, tan, grey, and white make excellent external stone tiles thanks to their versatile colour schemes.

Others, like our porcelain stone tile range, have a diverse selection of colours, from bold greens and custards to dusky pinks and subdued tones. Often these decorative outdoor tiles come in busy or simple patterns, ideal for creating statement walls or floors.

Lily Pad Tiles

Our Lili Pad Ca' Pietra tile collection of outdoor porcelain floor tiles and wall tiles typically has an octagonal shape with an eye-catching starburst pattern. Whether you're looking to add a fresh look to terraces or gardens, our range of lily pad porcelain slabs adds a touch of class to any area. This makes them ideal as statement outdoor porcelain tiles for your patio or as decorative shower tiles.

A Multitude of Shapes

Your design choices don't just stop at the style of your outdoor tiles! We offer outdoor tiles in a wide variety of shapes for every space, from your outside patio to your garden. Whether it be natural stone or man-made, we have all sorts of shapes to suit various applications. From the standard bricks, rectangles, and squares to the more complicated hexagons and parquet, we've got it all at Hyperion Tiles.

Sumptuous Textures & Finishes

Our Ca' Pietra collection of outdoor tiles offers a wide selection of textures and finishes, from the rustic feel of natural stone to the smooth and sleek touch of polished porcelain. You can expect some of the following textures and finishes in our collection:

  • Brushed

  • Polished

  • Reflective

  • Worn

  • Matte

  • Glossy

Easy Installation & Maintenance

Porcelain outdoor tiles are easy to install with tile adhesive. They're also simple to maintain and have a great anti-slip rate. These tiles are made from durable materials like porcelain and limestone and are waterproof, so the floor and wall tiles can deal with heavy foot traffic and outdoor moisture.

Our Ca' Pietra range of outdoor tiles offers tons of different designs, styles, colours, and patterns. Explore the limitless design possibilities with Hyperion Tiles' collection of outdoor porcelain tiles in the UK today.

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