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Silver Gloss Mosaic Radiance

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Silver Gloss Mosaic Radiance  

Introducing our stunning Silver Gloss Mosaic Radiance collection! These radiant brick tiles and mosaics are designed to bring a captivating glow to your space. Crafted from 80% recycled glass, our polished and frosted pieces are created through a meticulous process of heating and moulding liquid glass. The result? Undulating surfaces that transform under different lighting conditions, thanks to our unique reflective coloured backing.

Glass has long been a favoured decorative material, with its timeless appeal that spans over a thousand years. Our Glassworks Collection allows you to embrace the translucent beauty and versatility of glass on interior walls throughout your home. Discover the endless possibilities and vibrant colours that will elevate your space. Experience the magic of our Silver Gloss Mosaic Radiance range today!


  • Range - Glassworks Radiance
  • Material - Glass
  • Colour - Silver
  • Edge - Interlocking
  • Finish - Gloss
  • Dimensions - 305 x 305 x 8mm
  • Suitability - Interior walls
  • Availability - Usually in stock

6No per box sold per sheet

Important Information

For optimal results, we suggest utilizing a white rapid-setting cement-based flexible adhesive combined with a latex additive or an epoxy adhesive paired with a non-sanded or superfine grout. It is important to note that the adhesive should not be mixed with water.

Returns Policy

Due to the variation which occurs with natural stone, ceramic, porcelain, decorative & glazed materials we operate a non-return policy. It should be noted that any surplus tiles are worth keeping as they will be from the same batch as your original material and can be utilised should any damage occur after the tiles have been installed.

Delivery Details

Once an order has been placed goods that are in stock, can normally be dispatched for delivery within 3-5 working days. Delivery of special orders, slabs, large-format tiles, some bathware and sizeable orders is best carried out on one of our specialist off-load vehicles, so timescales will be advised before any tiles are ordered. A specific delivery date will be arranged to suit you.

Most deliveries are between the hours of 9.00 am and 6pm, Monday – Friday except Bank Holidays. An additional charge will be made for a specific morning, afternoon or timed delivery (if available). Most orders are packed in either wooden crates or onto pallets which will be delivered on a large lorry so it is important that any restricted access details (such as overhanging trees, steep gradients or gravel driveways) are advised prior to your order being placed. The consignment will be placed, at the driver’s discretion, to the nearest, safely accessible point to the property; this may be on the drive or at the kerbside.

The delivery driver cannot help handle the goods, so it is essential for you to arrange for a responsible individual to be present. Somebody must be available to accept, sign for and safely store the goods as required. Unfortunately, the driver is not able to unpack products and move them from the place of delivery. Orders will be shrink wrapped for protection, but please try to move the materials undercover as soon as possible and ensure all ancillary products are stored in dry conditions to avoid damage by frost
or rain.

All orders must be examined on delivery and any shortages, damages or other discrepancies must be noted on the delivery note and reported within three working days if there are any issues so we may resolve this as quickly as possible. Failure to do this may invalidate any claims of breakages or replacements after this period. Your delivery may have extra or broken tiles which are additional to your ordered quantity. These are normally left in to brace the other tiles and will be noted on your delivery note. Care needs to be taken when unpacking all stone tiles as spacers may need to be removed from the packaging before the tiles are lifted out. Tiles should always be stacked and stored vertically (on edge) but not on a hard
surface as this causes unnecessary edge chipping.

Silver Gloss Mosaic Radiance - Hyperion Tiles
Silver Gloss Mosaic Radiance - Hyperion Tiles
Silver Gloss Mosaic Radiance - Hyperion Tiles

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