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Follow our expert advice on which cloakroom ideas will make your guests feel more welcome

Small spacesare often overlooked. But with the right vision, they can make a big impact. Your home’s cloakroom is the perfect example. It’s understandable why this room is often a bit of an afterthought. Compared with other areas in your house, it might feel dark and confined. Perhaps it’s an awkward shape. And because it’s a room where people don’t tend to spend a lot of time, you might feel it’s not worth lavishing lots of effort and money on.

But where some people see drawbacks, I see advantages and opportunity. It might not be used for long periods at a time, but it’s a high traffic area that’s almost always visited by guests (unlike, say, a bedroom). And if everyone’s going to see it, you can certainly justify making it an enjoyable space to visit. I also think a cloakroom is the perfect place to unleash your creativity on. Because you don’t spend much time in there, it represents a chance to experiment with bold colours, patternsand textures. Read on to be inspired by my round-up of the best stylish cloakroom ideas.

Bright and light

Cloakrooms tend not to be as damp and steamy as bathrooms, so painted walls are an option for your list of cloakroom ideas. But for practicality and durability, tiles are still the best option. If you’re keen to make your space look bigger, choose a white, cream or beige colour scheme. Dark colours make a room seem smaller, as they absorb, rather than reflect, the available light. Modern neutrals are chic, and can easily be enlivened with a pop of accent colour, using towels or other accessories. Or you can use your tiles to add a splash of colour via a contrasting motif, ideally in the backsplash area. White and blue always work well together.

 Limestone Waterfall Glazed Metro Tile stocked by Hyperion Tiles

Cloakroom wall patterns don’t have to be bold or brash. Here our Bert and May White Metro Tiles (£140.98 per sq m) come in a variety of colours, including white and navy shown here, and have been used to create a simple but effective blue and white design feature (pic credit: @kastconcretebasins_@samuelheath_@retrotreasuresleeds)

Cloakroom ideas with feature wall focus

A tiled feature wall is one of my favourite cloakroom ideas. If space permits, why not consider a wall mural? They’re a fantastic way to make a real style statement. We offer extra-large format wall murals for bigger bathrooms, but our smaller zone borders or accents are perfect for cloakrooms too.

Not sure about showcasing an entire wall? A feature “area” is another option. Keep your walls plain, but add colour and/or pattern to specific zones, to add impact and interest. For example, use a contrasting colour to highlight the area underneath a window, around the toilet, or behind the basin.

Bert & May Livid Churriana Porcelain Tiles stocked by Hyperion Tiles

Suitable for interior and exterior walls and floors, our Bert and May Livid Churriana Porcelain Tiles(£79.75 per sq m) are the perfect way to highlight different cloakroom zones

The magic of mosaics

Mosaic tilesalways feature prominently in my recommendations for cloakroom ideas. These smaller tiles are much easier to fit into awkward spaces, such as around pipes and sanitaryware. They also combine function and form so beautifully, to create bespoke, eye-catching designs that really allow you to get creative. Use one single shade for a classy, cohesive look. Or have fun combining different colours and patternsfor more of a wow factor.

Siminetti Midnight Pearl 25mm Square Mosaic Tiles stocked by Hyperion Tiles

Add a touch of luxury to your cloakroom with our Siminetti Midnight Pearl 25mm Square mosaic tiles. These feature sustainable Mother of Pearl and are priced at £636 per 0.5sq m

Make more of your mirrors

The best cloakroom ideas always incorporate a statement mirror. The right mirror can instantly transform any room, but they can really make a difference in a compact cloakroom. A mirror needs to be functional of course – so do consider illuminated and even magnifying options, as appropriate.

Other elements to consider include size, shape, colour, material, style and location. Depending on where and how it’s sited, your cloakroom mirror can maximise light and create the illusion of more space. Round models work well with curved basins. Make more of a feature of any coloured sanitaryware by choosing a frame to match it.

Ca' Pietra Tunstall Ceramic Royal Green Brick Tiles stocked by Hyperion Tiles

Available in three formats, our Ca’ Pietra Tunstall Ceramic Royal Green Fluted Brick tiles (£44.01 per box = 56 tiles) make a striking backdrop for pretty pastels

Get the light right

There’s not much point spending time, money and effort on cloakroom ideas that nobody really notices because the space is so dark. So don’t let your lightingbe an afterthought. Start by assessing how much natural light your cloakroom gets. Then consider how much artificial light is needed to supplement this. Next, think about the type of lighting the space needs (task, ambient, accent, decorative). The location is also important. Do you need to complement overhead lighting with wall and/or mirror lights? Lastly, take into consideration the style of your cloakroom too. Modern lighting complements a contemporary design, while classic options work well with more traditional tastes.

Ca' Pietra Shoreline Ceramic Sea Kale Tiles for cloakrooms stocked by Hyperion Tiles

There’s no need for modern cloakrooms to be dark and dingy. Keep your colour palette light and bright, and introduce a subtle pattern for extra interest. Our Ca’ Pietra Shoreline Ceramic Sea Kale tiles (£72.17 per box = 40 tiles) work equally well within classic and contemporary settings

Cloakroom ideas which ace the accessories

Some of the best cloakroom ideas involve clever accessories. Storage units, shelves, bins, towels, towel rails, floor mats, candles and toiletries allow you to add colour, texture and ambience. And never underestimate the power of plants!

Have you heard of biophilic design? It aims to incorporate nature within interiors, and helps us to feel more connected with our natural environment. There are lots of ways to ‘bring the outside in’. Colour is one: choose shades of deep green, or a floral/botanical motif. And opt for accessories made of natural materials such as wood, bamboo, cork and rattan.

 Cloakroom ideas with Original Style Penshaw Yellow on Chalk Tiles stocked by Hyperion Tiles

Our Original Style Penshaw Yellow On Chalk Tiles(£12.72 per tile) are the perfect way to add texture to your cloakroom. Here they’ve been used on the wall and the floor for a more cohesive look, and accessorised with an open-storage vanity unit and a statement plant

If your cloakroom benefits from enough natural light, why not introduce a selection of houseplants? Mix and match different colours and sizes for added interest. Experiment with different heights for your floor space too. Hanging planters or the shelf above the basin are also great display locations. No windows in your cloakroom? Not a problem! Nowadays there are plenty of realistic and long-lasting faux plants available, too.

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