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Victorian tiled paths: how to create a striking design for your home

England experienced immense social change during the Victorian period. Significant advances were made in all areas of life, and multiple new inventions – many of which we still use today – transformed the way people lived.

Victorian interior design has also proven to have a similarly impressive shelf life. It’s a style that incorporates many different elements, including an abundance of pattern, architectural detailing, ornamentation, a rich, deep colour palette, parquet flooring and stained glass windows.

Tile designs for front paths - this style is stocked by Hyperion Tiles

Our Black Basco Tiles replicate the look of Victorian tiles, which could be perfect if you are looking for timeless charm to create a grand entrance to your front door. These tiles are so exquisite they are made to order to expect to wait for 6-8 weeks. With a matt finish, these black and white encaustic tiles are ideal if you love geometric patterns and you want to elevate your front path


However, Victorian style doesn’t just endure inside the home. Victorian floor tiles remain immensely popular for outdoor areas, especially front garden paths. Even today, Victorian tiles convey the impression of great taste and prosperity. So if you’re looking to enhance your home’s kerb appeal and make your outdoor areas more attractive, Victorian tiled paths are most definitely worth considering.


What exactly are Victorian floor tiles?

Victorian outdoor tiles are easy to recognise, though more difficult to define. Sometimes black and white, sometimes brightly coloured, they combine different intricate patterns to make unique designs. When you see one, you recognise it. There’s simply no mistaking those geometric layouts, often edged with contrasting mosaic patterns for borders.

Warwick red buff and black tile designs stocked by Hyperion Tiles

This provides a great example of how a modern property can feature classic design elements such as this wood front door and Victorian floor tiles which have created a striking step. Our Warwick Red Buff and Black tiles could be ideal if you’re looking for a cost-effective, yet stylish, finish to the front of your house for kerb appeal


Elevate your pathway

If you want to improve how your home looks from the street, start with your garden path. Replacing a scruffy or non-descript concrete path with eye-catching Victorian outdoor tiles can be truly transformative. It’s a perfect way to add some personality and pizzazz to your property. And despite their name and origins, Victorian floor tiles work equally well in both modern and traditional settings.

Hard wearing sheeted tiles Carmona Verde stocky by Hyperion Tiles

Our Carmona Verde Tiles have been inspired by reclaimed tiles from southern Spain. Showcased here on this patio, this design features a soft, delicate pattern, which has been enhanced with more vibrant tones, and a matt finish. This contemporary take on a classic style is one example of a variety of intricate encaustic tile patterns we offer for gardens and this could make a striking feature for a garden path


Prep and planning

As with an interior and exterior projects, proper planning is essential. If you’re updating a front path with Victorian outdoor tiles, you should be able to use the existing concrete base, but do check with a professional if you’re unsure. It’s essential that your new tiles are laid on a flat, firm surface, that’s in tip-top condition. So start by making any necessary repairs – or dig up, remove and start again afresh.

Front garden design with Victorian-style St Andrews Black and Dover White tiles stocked by Hyperion Tiles


If you love Victorian pathways, then our St Andrews Black and Dover White tiles will be ideal for porches and so much more. Showcased here as a striking front path, these ceramic tiles with a matt finish tend to be the go-to choice if you’re renovating a period property


The magic of monochrome

Black and white remains one of the most timeless design combinations. It’s a sensible choice if you’re unsure about introducing other colours to your home’s exterior palette. Black and white Victorian floor tiles blend well with most types of brickwork and door/window paint shades.


The black-and-white chequerboard pattern is one of the most iconic designs associated with Victorian tiles. It’s a clean, sophisticated look that instantly elevates the appearance of any outdoor area. It’s also extremely versatile. A black-and-white grid-like pattern provides visual interest, without overwhelming. Think striking yet simple – a winning combination!


Oxford Black and White Tiles have replaced an old path - tiles stocked by Hyperion Tiles 

Victorian pathways are bang on trend so if you’re looking for garden paths with the wow factor, why not consider this design? Our Oxford Black and White Tiles are ceramic with a matt finish and will instantly add a touch of elegance to your front door


Shape up

There’s much more to monochrome than black and white. More precisely, a monochromatic colour scheme refers to a palette of one dominant colour that’s used as the basis for all its different shades and hues.


Many Victorian outdoor tiles feature a monochrome palette, but add interest to it via pattern. Geometric shapes, such as stars, squares and herringbone motifs, are perennially popular options.


Braemar Black and White Tiles new path from an old path - tiles stocked by Hyperion Tiles 

Add monochrome magic to your entrance with a black and white Victorian tiled garden path. This ceramic tile design features intricate patterns of stars and squares, which are ideal for period properties, and is called Braemar Black and White


Border force

Borders are another key feature of Victorian outdoor tiles. They are often created using black and white geometric shapes (such as triangles or squares), and are sometimes accentuated with red. Many borders are created using a variation on the classic chequerboard pattern, perhaps rotated or featuring a larger/smaller shape size. They can complement or contrast, depending on the desired effect.


Using Victorian floor tiles to add a border is great way to frame the main pattern of your path. It’s also a clever way to make a basic pattern “pop” just that little bit more.

 Dorchester Black and White Tiles have replaced an old path - tiles stocked by Hyperion Tiles

A timeless chequerboard design, our Dorchester Black and Dover White Tiles will instantly add classic charm to any space. A perfect example of Victorian tiles and geometric patterns, this style will take you back to the Victorian era in an instant


Bright and bold

Victorian floor tiles aren’t just for minimalists. There are plenty of options available for anyone who prefers a pathway – or patio – that’s a little more elaborate and ornate.


We offer a wide selection of Victorian tiles that incorporate a diverse selection of colours, patterns and motifs. You can combine these in different ways to create a customised, more contemporary path that results in a stand-out, statement feature.

Blenheim 5-Colour tile resembles a victorian mosaic - tiles stocked by Hyperion Tiles


If you love Victorian floor tiles, then perhaps our Blenheim 5-Colour design is for you. This Victorian mosaic is a versatile, iconic design which is ideal for contemporary and classic colour schemes. Made in ceramic with a matt finish, this design will create a statement front path for all to see


If you do opt for a bespoke design, we recommend you work with a professional tiler who’s experienced in laying this type of intricate arrangement. They should also help you to calculate the correct quantity of tiles required, thereby avoiding any expensive mistakes.


From paths to patios

While extremely popular for paths, Victorian floor tiles are also a wonderful choice for patios. As these tend to be more private areas, there’s much more scope to unleash your creativity and explore different colours and patterns.


In addition to patios, as the perfect inside-outside solution, Victorian outdoor tiles can be used in conservatories, orangeries and garden rooms.

 Tiling featuring Cabana Porcelain Havana stocked by Hyperion Tiles


Whether you’re looking to make a statement on a front path or patio, our Cabana Porcelain Havana tiles will add vibrant pattern to your outdoor space. Perfect if you want to achieve a ‘Victorian outdoor tiles’ look, this design is porcelain matt and will instantly add colour to your pathway or patio. Beautifully hardwearing, these ceramic floor tiles feature a matt finish