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12 fireplace tile ideas to transform your home

It might seem slightly strange to be discussing fireplace tile ideas now that the weather has finally started to improve after a long, wet and chilly spring. But now is actually the perfect time to embark on this type of project. Boilers, radiators and living room fireplaces are best serviced, replaced or renovated when they aren’t regularly in use. Prioritising your fireplace now means that it will be ready for action – and looking absolutely amazing – by the time autumn arrives again.

Choose your material wisely

New tiles are a fabulous way to transform your fireplace surround, and create a stand-out focal point in your living room. They can be used on the chimney breast, in the alcove, around the grate, and in the hearth. First and foremost, you’ll need to take into account some practical considerations. If your fireplace is functional, you must make sure that the tiles you choose can withstand high temperatures.


Striking tile designs - Black Alalpardo and Ebony Black Herringbone stocked by Hyperion Tiles

Transform your living room with a modern fireplace design. This wood burner creates a striking effect in this space thanks to the fireplace tile, which was picked to create the hearth. These porcelain tiles are called Black Alalpardo and have been teamed with our Ebony Black Herringbone tile for the fireplace surround. This black tile offers a modern twist on the chimney breast which contrast well with the rustic woodburner


In other words, fireplace tiles need to be durable and easy to clean, so select your materials wisely. Heat and smoke can cause all sorts of issues, including cracks, damage to glaze, grout and adhesives, in addition to discolouration. So when it comes to choosing tiles, its best to ask an expert for their advice first to make sure your tiled fireplace will be fit for purpose.

Faux fireplace

If you've moved into a home with an old gas fireplace, you can get the gas capped off then ask a professional to check the chimney breast, if you're planning to have a real fire. If you find you can't use it, you can still add a tiled fireplace to your home to create focal point. Often, in living rooms, you'll find a fireplace tile idea could be one of your best options, whether it's working or not.

 Elevating your living space with tiles

Thanks to their durability and heat resistant properties, porcelain and ceramic tiles are popular picks. Natural stone (such as marble, limestone and granite) can also work well for a fireplace surround, as they conduct and retain warmth very efficiently.

 Think safety with tile designs for living rooms

But even a suitable fireplace tile should not come into direct contact with flames. As a guide, keep everything at least 30cm away from the main source of heat. If, however, your fireplace is purely decorative, get ready to unleash your imagination, because really, anything goes!


Striped tile - Rhubarb Skinny Stripe and Midi Stripe stocked by Hyperion Tiles

Check out the enduring trend for stripes with these new simple, yet striking collection of tiles. Exquisitely handmade, this collection called Striped is available in three widths – Wide, Midi and Skinny, you can mix or match these styles for contemporary appeal inside or out and on walls and floors. The encaustic tiles showcased in this bathroom, which feature Rhubarb Skinny Stripe and Midi Stripe, have created a striking effect on this old fireplace


Evaluate your style with an original fireplace tile idea

When you’re considering fireplace tile ideas, do consider the style of the rest of the room (and maybe even your home in general). Is the interiors setting modern or traditional? That’s not to say that you shouldn’t use mix and match in order to update a fireplace surround. A subtle clash of styles can look fantastic, especially if you choose a contemporary tile to transform an original feature.

 Rustic living room design ideas

But you don’t want the finished effect to be jarring, or to look completely out of place. Certain combinations are tried and tested for a reason! Terracotta and encaustic tiles always complement a rustic aesthetic, for example. Fireplace tile ideas incorporating brighter colour schemes, geometric shapes and bolder patterns might suit a modern home much better.


Tile design Old Iron Skirting and Brighton Stone Square stocked by Hyperion Tiles

We love mixing up rectangular and square tiles so make your wood burner a feature with a backdrop of encaustic fireplace tiles, such as our Old Iron Skirting tile in dark grey, which creates the perfect fire surround with white Brighton Stone Square tiles

Fireplace tiling ideas with sizes and shapes

It sounds obvious, but the size and shape of your fireplace should also guide your fireplace tile selection. Which areas will you actually be tiling? If you’re planning to tile a wall-to-chimney ceiling breast, plain and/or paler tiles, that tone with your wall colour, will avoid overpowering your space. Conversely, if you prefer to make a statement, you could use fireplace tiles in a contrasting colour or design to transform your chimney breast into a mini feature wall.

 Making a bold statement

If you’re updating an original Victorian or Edwardian fireplace, the area available for tiling might be quite small. But you can still make the most of this, by choosing a brightly coloured fireplace tile to add a pop of colour, and draw the eye. Accents like this are a fast, effective way to add interest to neutral room schemes, especially. If not, consider handmade tiles with a natural texture, a subtle pattern or warm tones for classic appeal.


Pick the right pattern

Of course, fireplace tile ideas don’t have to be plain. Patterned tiles – both modern and traditional – can be completely transformative. Monochromatic, geometric designs work especially well in decorative alcoves and on hearths, as do vintage star motifs. Whichever you choose, tile designs can make a fabulous feature for living rooms with the wow factor.


Fireplace featuring a tile design Pearl & Brighton Stone Hexagonal Split stocked by Hyperion Tiles

Make a strong style statement in your living room with our Pearl & Brighton Stone Hexagonal Split tiles for the perfect tile surround. This fireplace tile is encaustic and has transformed this living area into a space for entertaining

 Decorative pattern ideas for fireplace surrounds

You can also mix and match plain and patterned tiles, perhaps selecting the latter solely for your fire surround, for contrast and more visual interest. This creates a gorgeous, period look –  and allows plenty of scope to experiment with different tile sizes and layout.


Patterns are a great way to create a fabulous feature and add texture with a tiled fireplace too, either sparingly, in selected areas, or to create an eye-catching backdrop.


Outdoor fireplace tile ideas

Nowadays an indoor living room isn’t the only location for a fireplace. As more and more of us create outdoor kitchens – or simply connect our interior and exterior living areas – outdoor fireplaces are becoming more commonplace. It's good to have a heat source outside and why not transform a small garden space into an outdoor retreat?


Outdoor heath with porcelain tiles Cabana Havana stocked by Hyperion Tiles

One fireplace tile idea (thanks to our unpredictable British weather) is to create an outdoor traditional fireplace design with bricks to keep you warm on a summer’s evening. Check out our Cabana Porcelain Havana tiles, which create a striking statement on the floor of this patio area


Just as the right outdoor floor tiles can completely transform your garden, the right tile choices can elevate an outdoor fireplace too. Create an attention-grabbing hearth and/or surround with eye-catching patterns and colours, or keep things more subtle with a plain fireplace tile and a nature-inspired palette.


Turning fireplace tile ideas into reality

If you’re looking for some ‘real-life’ inspiration, feast your eyes on customer Charlotte Cannon’s fireplace renovation. Charlotte’s colourful home is featured extensively on her @homeofcharl Instagram account. We were thrilled to provide the fireplace tiles she chose, as part of her living room renovation.


Before shot of boarded up fireplace

The original fireplace was boarded up when Charlotte moved into her home in 2021. So, she opened up the space and worked with a stove installation company to discuss her options and see how large the opening could be


“When we moved into our first home back in 2021, the whole house came complete with white walls and grey carpet,” Charlotte recalls. “All of the lovely details that we knew the house would have had originally had been stripped, leaving the property feeling cold and empty.”


She continues: “We knew there was so much potential as soon as we walked into the first room: the living room. “The lovely high ceilings, alcoves and boarded-up fireplace gave us inspiration and a chance to add so much character, colour and warmth back into the space.”


Fireplace area in living room makeover

Once the fireplace area was open, Charlotte was able to choose the correct fireplace surround and pick all of the fun parts, from the tiles to the stove


Charlotte's fireplace tile idea for being creative with colour

Charlotte is hesitant to define her interior design style – although it’s a topic she’s often asked about. Rather, when she’s planning a project, she thinks about the feelings she’d like the space in question to evoke.


“In my living room, I wanted to use warm and cocooning colours to make a cosy atmosphere, but add in fun and personality with mixtures of colour, patterns and decor pieces,” she explains. “I also wanted to add in more traditional design by adding back in the crown moulding, adding panelling, and incorporating a statement fireplace to centre the room.”


One example of areas for wood burning stoves in living rooms

The stove installers helped Charlotte tile the area using heat-resistant tile adhesive and grout so the stove could be installed. She wanted a pink tile, so she chose our Memphis Porcelain Coral tiles for the hearth


Charlotte, who is studying interior design at KLC School of Design – regularly scrolls social media – primarily Pinterest and Instagram – in search of inspiration. “One of my all-time favourite websites for inspiration is Dezeen,” she confides. “It showcases the best of the best interior designers, architects and artists.”


A suitably statement fireplace tile

Before embarking on her dream fireplace renovation, Charlotte sought expert advice from a stove installation company, to ascertain which size stove would be suitable for her living room space, and how large the opening would be. “This allowed me to choose the correct size fireplace surround, as well as all the fun elements, such as the fireplace tile and the stove itself.”


This fireplace now boasts a woodburning stove and tiles stocked by Hyperion Tiles

Our Memphis Porcelain Coral tiles complement Charlotte’s yellow Arada stove perfectly for a striking pink and yellow combo. Now’s the perfect time to transform a working fireplace area as the weather has warmed up


She continues: “Once the fireplace was opened up, the stove installers helped us tile the area using heat-resistant tile adhesive and grout, ready for the stove to be installed. Porcelain tiles are great for a fireplace, as they are heat-resistant.


“I wanted to choose a pink tile to complement the yellow Arada Stove, so the Memphis Porcelain Coral Tiles were perfect for the space. We sourced the limestone fireplace online, and sealed it to protect it from dirt.”


Personality and longevity

Charlotte had always wanted a traditional log burner, but added a contemporary twist by choosing one in a bright shade of yellow. And she thought long and hard about the best fireplace tile to complement it.


“I picked these tiles because the repeating pattern of the Memphis Coral will never go out of fashion,” she explained. I don’t tend to pick trends when it comes to the more permanent fixtures of the home, as you can tire of them so easily...I wanted something that I felt would still look good in 50 years.”


Memphis Porcelain Coral Tiles - square tiles stocked by Hyperion Tiles

In Charlotte’s living room, our porcelain square tiles create a focal point in the hearth in a pretty star-shaped pattern. She picked a light coloured grout to complete the look


Charlotte’s top tip? “Always get a few samples, to see what your tiles look like in the lighting of your room, as the colour will vary according to which way your room faces.”


She concludes: “The tiles and fireplace are a real focal point for my living room, and they make the space feel so homely. The fireplace tiles especially have added so much personality to the space...They have made the room so special and [make me] want to spend time in it.”