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Discover the beauty of porcelain tile flooring for your home

Are you looking for a bathroom with timeless, elegant flooring that is water resistant, durable and comes with a huge variety of design options? Porcelain tile flooring offers all these benefits. This is why it's so popular for those who are looking to transform their bathroom’s appearance. Here, I look at the process of selecting the perfect porcelain tiles for your bathroom. I also explore various things you should consider, such as waterproof qualities, slip resistance, finishes, shapes, sizes and patterns.


Choosing the right porcelain floor tiles for your bathroom

Ca' Pietra Savoy Porcelain wall and floor tiles feature a marble effect stocked by Hyperion Tiles

Create a seamless finish by matching some of your tiles from the floor to the walls. Here, our Ca' Pietra Savoy Porcelain Tiles cover the floor and create a feature wall in the shower area

Choosing perfect porcelain tiles for your bathroom needs careful consideration to achieve the right look and make sure they are functional too. Factors, such as slip resistance, durability, waterproof qualities and the standard of the tile, should play a significant part in your decision making when you want to pick tiles, which are ideal for your bathroom. Ultimately, if you choose the right tiles, you can create safe, yet stunning, bathroom design that will last for years to come.


Slip resistance

Floor tiles and safety should go hand in hand when your designing a luxury bathroom. This is why slip resistance should be a key consideration for you in order to prevent any accidents which can occur in a bathroom with wet surfaces. At Hyperion Tiles, we offer porcelain tiles which are slip-resistant and grip in damp conditions, so you can feel confident these are a great choice for your bathroom. If you pick slip-resistant tiles you can relax in a safe bathroom setting. And you'll find there's no need to compromise on style, because you can still achieve a beautiful room design as there are so many versions available which look aesthetically pleasing.

Waterproof qualities

Humidity and water are renowned in bathrooms, so you'll need to find a material which can withstand moisture. Porcelain tiles are perfectly suited for this; after all, they are kiln-fired and are dense which both create a high resistance to water and a low absorption rate. So, they make the perfect choice for any moisture-prone areas, from kitchens to bathing havens.

Did you know?
Applying different coatings, like a breathable one coat sealer and topical sealers, can enhance the waterproof capabilities of porcelain tiles further?

Durability and tile quality

When investing in bathroom flooring, your tiles will need to stand the test of time. High-quality porcelain tiles are ideal if you're looking for:

  • Low water absorption rate

  • Slip resistance

  • Resistance to abrasion

  • Variety of design options

  • Very low maintenance

These attributes make them particularly durable when compared to other types of tiles. In fact, some high-quality porcelain tiles can last for decades.

If you choose porcelain, you'll discover durable, high-quality wall and floor tiles that are attractive, too.

Selecting the perfect finish for your porcelain tiles

This bathroom showing a smooth glossy finish for wall and floor tiles feature Original Style's Bianco Oro Polished PorcelainTiles stocked by Hyperion Tiles

Our Original Style Bianco Oro Polished Porcelain Tiles (90cm by 90cm) feature stunning gold veining in a pure white marble effect for a luxury finish in this bespoke bathroom

When it comes to porcelain tiles, their finish can help to transform the overall look of your bathroom. With various finishes available, such as polished, marble-effect or stone-effect, there are a variety of options to help you achieve a perfect aesthetic in your home.

Let's look at each finish more closely as this will enable you to pick the most suitable choice for your bathroom.

Polished porcelain

If you’re looking to create a sleek, chic and contemporary appearance in your bathroom, polished porcelain tiles are ideal. Polished porcelain tiles have plenty of benefits including:

  • Their reflective finish captures light and glistens, which adds opulence and a touch of luxury to any space

  • Polished porcelain tiles are ultra durable and will stand the test of time, making them a practical choice for high-traffic areas like bathrooms.

  • They are easy to maintain and clean - all you need to do is sweep them and occasionally mop them to keep them looking good

  • Polished porcelain tiles come in a variety of sizes, colours and shapes. This means you can customise your bathroom design to meet your personal needs

Considering factors, like the tile’s size, colour and shape are important when installing polished porcelain tiles as this way you can achieve the look you want to create.


Stone-effect tiles

For those who prefer a more rustic, natural look, stone-effect tiles are a brilliant option. These tiles look like natural stone so they will still add character and elegance to your bathroom but provide practical benefits you can expect from porcelain.

Stone-effect porcelain tiles are resistant to abrasion and highly durable, making them a good choice for high-traffic areas in residential and commercial settings. Proper installation and maintaining these tiles in the right way will ensure they last for years to come and preserve their beauty.


Marble-effect tiles

Marble-effect tiles look so sophisticated, offering a luxurious look, with beautiful veining and they come in a variety of patterns and colours. These tiles are brilliant at replicating the look of natural marble with its different textures and patterns. However, you get all the benefits of porcelain because they are more durable and low maintenance. With marble-effect tiles, you get the look of real marble or even a travertine effect but it's more cost-effective.

Consider stain-resistance and choose marble-effect tiles where you can pick your preferred colour and pattern to produce a stunning bathroom design that suits your individual style. 

Sizes, shapes and patterns: finding your ideal porcelain tile design

This bathroom with a variety of tile sizes and shapes features Original Style Penshaw Teal on Chalk porcelain tiles stocked by Hyperion Tiles

Our Original Style Penshaw Teal on Chalk Porcelain Tiles create a statement on this floor in this bathroom against a backdrop of differently sized wall tiles

The size, pattern and shape of your porcelain tiles are essential when you're considering how to design your bathroom floor. Depending on which ones you choose, this can extensively create an illusion of space and create unique visual effects.

Check out the various options available to help you find the perfect porcelain tile design for your bathroom.

Tile sizes and shapes

Porcelain tiles come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, including:

  • 60 x 60 tiles

  • 30 x 60 tiles

  • 4 inches by 4 inches tiles

  • 1-inch by 1-inch mosaic tiles

The size and shape of your tiles can significantly alter the overall look you want to create in your bathroom. For instance, larger tiles can make a small bathroom look more spacious, while smaller tiles can add intricate detailing to this room.

When it comes to choosing your shapes and tile sizes, think about the layout and consider your bathroom's dimensions. This way, you can achieve a harmonious look, which feels perfectly balanced.

Colour choices

The colour you pic for your porcelain tiles can impact on your bathroom’s design. We offer a comprehensive selection of shades, which will work with your desired aesthetic, from timeless neutrals like white and grey to bold, vibrant options.

When deciding on the right colour for your porcelain tiles, I suggest you consider a variety of factors, such as your bathroom size, how much natural light comes in, and the overall colour scheme throughout your home. If you make the right colour choice, you can create a cohesive bathroom design that complements your personal style and looks stunning.

Pattern selection

If you can experiment with different patterns, this will add visual appeal and more interest to your bathroom floor. So, you can create a unique, yet stylish, appearance. Porcelain tiles are available in all sorts of patterns, and some of my favourites include:

  • Circular styles

  • Moroccan and vintage designs

  • A mixture of patterns in monotone colouring

When you're picking a tile pattern, think about other elements such as your bathroom size, the style and aesthetic you're looking for, and the colours you have in mind.

If you select the right pattern, this will enable you to create an attractive bathroom floor that reflects your design tastes and elements of your personality, incorporating a variety of styles.

Installation considerations for porcelain floor tiles

Bathroom featuring porcelain floor tiles which have been used on the wall and installed by a professional featuring Minoli tiles stocked by Hyperion Tiles

This collection  called Venti Boost Cold Mix by Minoli Tiles can be applied to floors and walls to add a more polished finish to your bathroom design

Correct installation is important to achieve an even and smooth tile surface in your bathroom. So, it's key to pay attention to your surface preparation. However, I suggest you also consider professional assistance then you can be proud of a high-quality installation that will stand the test of time.

Check out these key things to consider if you want to install porcelain floor tiles in your bathroom:

Surface prep

Before you install your porcelain tiles, you must prepare the surface properly. This includes removing any contaminants from dirt and dust to paint and sealer. Additionally, you must work on a level surface so find and fill in any dips with a levelling compound.

You always need to prep your surface correctly when it comes to tiling to ensure you can achieve a uniform and smooth tile installation. This will lessen any potential problems right at the start and you'll achieve a positive outcome which will last for years to come. 

Professional assistance

While you may choose to transform your porcelain tile installation into a DIY project, if you hire an expert tiles, this will at least guarantee an exceptional result and it will ultimately save you time. After all, a professional tile installer will have the necessary experience, skills and tools so you can benefit from expert installation. There are all sorts of things I suggest you look for when it comes to choosing a professional such as their:

  • Skills and experience

  • Examples of previous work

  • Certification

  • License and any insurance

  • Their level of communication skills

If you invest in professional expertise, this should guarantee your flooring will be correctly installed, which will help it to keep its beautiful appearance for years to come.

Budgeting & maintenance: top tips for your porcelain tiles

If you set a budget to start, you can turn your porcelain floor into a savvy investment. Don't forget to check how to maintain your tiles properly either.

It can be tricky to budget when it comes to buying tiles? So here are some tips on how to create a price point you can stick to plus maintenance advice  to retain functional, yet aesthetically pleasing, tiles now and in the future.

Setting a budget

A budget designed with a budget in mind and maintenance tips for porcelain tile flooring like Toronto Grey Rectified Glazed Matt Porcelain Tiles. By Original Style, these are stocked by Hyperion Tiles

This bathroom has adhered to a modest budget and features Toronto Grey Rectified Glazed Matt Porcelain Tiles by Original Style

When buying porcelain tiles, setting a budget that includes the average cost of tiles per square foot and usual installation cost is necessary. This will help guide your selection process and ensure you find the perfect tiles within your price range.

Maintaining your tiles

Regular cleaning and maintenance are crucial to keep your porcelain tile flooring looking its best. Simply clean your tiles weekly with a mild soap and warm water, avoiding harsh chemicals and abrasive cleaning tools.

Taking care of your tiles will guarantee their longevity and preserve their beauty for the future.

All your considerations...

Choosing the perfect porcelain tiles for your bathroom involves considering factors such as slip resistance, waterproof qualities, durability, finishes, sizes, shapes, colours and patterns. With proper installation and maintenance, this flooring can provide a beautiful, long-lasting and functional surface for your bathroom. By following my tips and advice shared in this blog post, you can create a stunning bathroom design that will stand the test of time.