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Modern bathroom ideas for Christmas and beyond

Are you ready for 'The Most Wonderful Time of the Year'? Christmas is fast approaching, and for most of us, that means spending time with family and friends. Is your home properly equipped for the guests it’s about to host? This special, sociable time of the year needs some prep and planning to make sure that everything is clean, cosy, warm and welcoming. Here, I'm going to concentrate on one key room in your home and discuss how you can transform it into a modern bathroom.

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Our Original Style Marmi Nero Polished 120 x 60cm tiles from the Tileworks Collection add a dash of dark, contemporary sophistication to any modern bathroom


Modern bathroom ideas

Your cloakrooms and bathrooms are likely to be used more than usual over the Christmas period, especially if you’ve invited people to stay. A bathing haven to escape to for some well-deserved rest and relaxation is also a must for busy hosts during the festive season. There are lots of ways to upgrade your interiors – and even small changes can make a big difference. So, read on to discover a selection of my favourite modern bathroom ideas for Christmas and beyond.


Be selective

The good news is that a bathroom makeover doesn’t necessarily involve a full redecoration. Some of the best modern bathroom ideas focus on wall tiles, flooring, mirrors, lighting, storage and accessories. There’s no need to break the bank splashing out on a complete new sanitaryware set for a modern bathroom. Updating other aspects can still be transformative so why not unleash the interior designer in you?


Bert & May Marigold Maze Three Tile Collection Tiles in small bathroom. Tiles stocked by Hyperion Tiles

Join the gold rush for a modern bathroom with our Bert & May Marigold Maze Three Tile Collection. It’s a great way to add a contemporary twist to classic taps, lighting and bathroom vanity units


Bathroom walls and floors

If you are sticking with your existing sanitaryware to create your modern bathroom, focus on renewing your walls and floors. These offer endless possibilities, in terms of colours, style, patterns and materials. We’re renowned for our extensive collection of wall and floor tiles, which are fit for a whole host of modern bathrooms. But did you know our product portfolio also includes engineered wood flooring, luxury vinyl tiles (LVT) and luxury vinyl planks (LVP)? These alternatives to traditional bathroom tiles are a wonderful way to experiment with modern bathroom ideas.

Modern bath against backdrop of Woodpecker Lynton Seagrass Oak Engineered Wood Flooring stocked by Hyperion Tiles

Our Woodpecker Lynton Seagrass Oak Engineered Wood Flooring encapsulates the appearance of wave-washed timber, but is far more suited to a humid environment than a solid wood floor. Its striking colour will perfectly suit a contemporary space


Luxury vinyl tiles and planks

All too often it’s an afterthought, but flooring should plays a key role in a contemporary bathroom. In fact, the right choices can make or break a renovation project.  

The first physical contact any guest has with a room is with the flooring. Many modern bathroom ideas feature luxury vinyl tiles and planks, because they look and feel so warm and cosy, especially in comparison with other hardwearing materials such as stone or ceramic.

Floorify Chanterelle F011 Long Vinyl Planks stocked by Hyperion Tiles

Our Floorify Chanterelle F011 Long Vinyl Planks are durable and easy to install. They are a great alternative to real wood, which isn’t suitable for environments, which can be filled with moisture. Choose long planks to add to your modern bathroom scheme

 The advantage of luxury vinyl in a contemporary bathroom

There are other advantages too. LVT and LVP floors don’t just look great in a modern bathroom. They’re also durable, and really easy to maintain. They realistically replicate the appearance of natural stone and real wood in contemporary bathrooms. But they are far more cost-effective and, unlike real wood, they are waterproof. So you won’t need to stress about damage from spillages and splashes in your modern bathroom.


The small bathroom is beautiful

The best modern bathroom ideas involve being clever with colour. This is especially important if your space is small. Choosing light and bright colours is a really effective way to make a small small bathroom or cloakroom look bigger. That’s because dark colours absorb light, so they can make a room seem smaller.


 The neutral bathroom

Many modern bathroom ideas incorporate a neutral colour palette, with various shades of beige a firm favourite. An enduring, versatile neutral, a beige design scheme is contemporary, but offer plenty of longevity. It works well with other neutrals, and can accommodate bright pops of accent colours, adding instant visual interest to your design. This modern bathroom colour scheme is often used in luxury spas, perhaps in a shower room or covering floor space for a more luxurious finish.

 Original Style Travertino Navona Grigio Matt Tiles in a walk in shower. Tiles stocked by Hyperion Tiles

50 shades of beige: This timeless neutral is endlessly versatile, and an enduringly popular feature of many modern bathroom design schemes. Minimalists rejoice: our Original Style Travertino Navona Grigio 120 x 60cm Matt Tiles from the Tileworks Collection offer the perfect combination of style and functionality for a super-stylish modern bathroom


Metallic moments

Neutrals also work well with metallic finishes, including gold, which is enjoying a moment in both commercial and domestic contemporary bathroom settings. This can work well in a variety of settings from a wet room design and shower room to an area, featuring a statement bath.


Statement style

If neutrals aren’t your thing, or you’re keen to include a striking design feature, do consider our collection of feature wall tiles for modern bathrooms. Patterned wall and floor tiles offer lots of different design combinations, and we offer a great selection of porcelain, ceramic, stone and glass.

Materials matter

Different materials suit different locations in modern bathroom designs from the backdrop for a walk in shower to a splashback behind a vanity unit. However, generally speaking, when it comes to bathroom floors, we often recommend porcelain as it offers good durability and slip resistance, and ceramic for bathroom walls.

 Feature wall ideas

Many modern bathroom ideas incorporate a feature or accent wall – and patterns are perfect for this. If your space is large, why not make a serious style statement with a wall mural? They add an instant wow factor and they are the perfect way to make your modern bathroom truly bespoke. This patterned tile feature continues to rise in popularity as more murals become available for you to add your own contemporary style to your home.

 Creating zones

If you love contemporary bathrooms, perhaps you’re keen to add interest but are worried about design overwhelm. Then you can use patterned tiles to create a feature splashback for a vanity unit or freestanding bath. Otherwise you could use these to zone a certain area and show off your modern style. This can also work particularly well for a small bathroom where space may come at a premium.


Make the most of mosaics

So many modern bathroom ideas these days incorporate mosaic tiles. I’m not remotely surprised - think of a wet room clad from head to toe in this modern style. Mosaic tiles look amazing, and they are durable and low-maintenance too. Depending on the type you choose, they are suitable for use on both walls and floors, and they can accommodate awkward spaces. And because bathroom mosaic tiles are usually small pieces of tile mounted onto a mesh backing, they are great for covering large surface areas, such as wet rooms, quickly and easily.

 Ca' Pietra Long Island Marble Scallop Mosaic Tiles stocked by Hyperion Tiles with freestanding bath

Many modern bathroom design ideas mix and match different tile shapes and sizes. Tap into the trend with our Ca’ Pietra Long Island Marble Scallop Mosaic Tile Collection


However, mosaics are also ideal for smaller areas, such as splashbacks, accents and borders. They are also a popular choice for zoning, for example behind toilets, around baths and basins, to add separation, interest and impact. They can also be used to showcase your shower space. Best of all, modern mosaics aren’t all small and square. We offer a huge selection of shapes, sizes, colours, materials and patterns, allowing you to really unleash your imagination.


The finishing touches

When you’re considering modern bathroom ideas, don’t forget the accessories. In addition to tiles and flooring we also offer mirrors, storage, lighting – plus a range of items including towel rails, hooks and soap dispensers. These are all cost-effective ways to transform your room scheme, and help create the right ambience. Think of a statement mirror above a vanity unit or modern bath in a luxury bathing haven.

 Floorify F095 Frangipane XL Vinyl Planks with a sculptural modern bath. Tiles stocked by Hyperion Tiles

Longer flooring planks are visually pleasing, and also have fewer joints and seams – so there are fewer hiding places for germs. In addition, our Floorify F095 Frangipane XL Vinyl Planks are easy to install, and can even make your bathroom look bigger!

 Mirror magic for modern bathroom design

Mirrors in particular can make a huge difference to any bathroom – in both aesthetic and practical terms – as they reflect light to create the illusion of a bigger, brighter space. Suitable storage allows you to hide clutter and achieve visual tranquillity.

Add some soft, fluffy towels, a bath robe, a scented candle and perhaps a few plants (real or faux) to complete your bathroom renovation.


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