Neranjo Limestone paving stones stocked by Hyperion Tiles

How to choose outdoor tile patterns or plains to elevate your garden

Hooray for May! After a long, cold winter – and a prolonged wet spring – the summer season is finally in sight. For most of us, that means getting our garden and outdoor spaces ready for some alfresco fun. We’ve all spent a long time cooped up indoors. But it’s time to really make the most of the longer days and lighter nights. And that means lavishing some TLC on our outdoor areas.

Porcelain paving with reclaimed tiles for outdoor use stocked by Hyperion Tiles

If you’re looking to add a unique finish to your outside space, however large or small, our reclaimed tiles come from a unique collection sourced from all over Europe. As you can see here, these tiles have helped to create a striking roof terrace in this London home. Please get in touch with our team to find out more about our reclaimed tile collections

The best outdoor tiles

The right exterior tiles can completely transform your garden. And we have plenty of pretty and practical patio ideas, however big or small your space may be. The best form of this tile is the one that suits how you plan to use your garden and the surrounding outside areas. So assess what you have – and what you’d like! Are you keen to create a somewhere cosy and quiet, for peace and relaxation? Does your household need a large, impressive space that’s ideal for entertaining? Or perhaps your dream is a multi-functional outdoor kitchen? We have options to suit every exterior scenario.

This garden design features Blue Split Shift One tiles stocked by Hyperion Tiles
Fancy a kitchen in your outdoor space? Then you’ll probably need a food prep area and our Blue Split Shift One outdoor tiles designed in a collaboration between Darkroom London and Bert & May, could be just what you’re looking for. Showcased in this beautiful outside space owned by Instagrammer @thehouseofhooper, this geometric design on encaustic cement tiles features a striking blue and white pattern

Outdoor tile ideas to consider

Quite rightly, our clients dedicate a lot of time to finding the right tiles for their interiors. In recent years, our gardens and outdoor spaces have evolved to become a key part of our overall living area too. So it’s vital to think just as hard about the right exterior tiles. Function and form are equally important when it comes to tile ideas. You’ll need to like the way they look, which involves choices about colour schemes, and plain or patterned designs. But choosing the right material for your tiles is key too.

The right materials

That’s because outdoor tiles are exposed to the elements all year round. So they have to be weather-proof. You’ll need to choose a material that can cope with both high and low temperatures, such as porcelain tiles. You won’t want to burn your feet on them when the sun finally puts in an appearance! But the tiles you choose must also be frost-resistant, so they won’t crack or split during the winter months.

Key criteria for your outdoor area

Location is another important factor. Where will these tiles be sited to create your dream garden? Will they be in sunny or shady areas? Do you require outdoor tiles solely for the floor, or for walled areas too? Are your tiles destined for a high-traffic area – perhaps a path or patio? Do they need to support heavy loads? Does the area in question need to be a child-friendly space? Should you be choosing a design which is matching indoor tiles?

This porcelain paving can be used as wall tiles too Botanicals Tropical tiles stocked by Hyperion Tiles

In a matt finish with an R9 slip rating, our Botanicals Tropical are porcelain tiles, which are ideal whether you want to use them as a feature wall in your private garden or for statement flooring in your patio area. Here, these tiles provide a striking backdrop in this outdoor shower area

What to look for

The answers to all these questions will dictate the best outdoor tile materials for your particular project. But in general terms, these tiles need to incorporate certain qualities. They should be a certain thickness, usually between 10mm to 20mm. Non-porous exterior tiles won’t freeze or crack – and they’re stain-proof too.

 Patio tile considerations

Slip resistance is another factor to take into consideration, especially if your garden or patio will be used by small children or elderly adults. Outdoor tiles have an R9-R13 rating range. R9 tiles offers little to no slip resistance; R13 denotes the highest slip resistance. Another element to consider is the PEI rating. This relates to visible abrasion resistance (or obvious wear and tear, in layman’s terms). PE1 tiles are at the lower end of the scale – PEI5 is the highest. 

Brit stone pennant porcelain paving produces a patio tile outdoors and in which is stocked by Hyperion Tiles

The soft mid-grey tones in our Brit Stone Pennant Porcelain Paving offer an R11 slip rating and these have been designed specifically for outdoors. These outdoor paving tiles have been designed to work with an interior version for a seamless blend between outside and in

Porcelain power

Because they’re so durable, porcelain tiles are a very popular option for outdoor areas, and work particularly well within many residential patios. They’re made from a dense natural clay, and are fired at extremely high temperatures.

Porcelain garden tiles are non-porous. Because they absorb less water, they tolerate different weather conditions very well, and are easy to keep clean and maintain. They are also scratch-resistant. Choose an anti-slip textured surface for your porcelain tiles, for extra reassurance when it’s wet.

Another advantage of porcelain tiles is that they work equally well in indoor and outdoor settings. So they’re perfect if you’re keen to connect your home and garden/patio with a cohesive design. Coordinating tiles in this way creates pleasing visual harmony and brings the outside in – or vice-versa. It can also make a space feel bigger, which can be perfect if you're looking for the right patio tile.

Nice and natural

We feel natural stone is another excellent option for outdoor tiles. Limestone works well within a traditional stone patio, as it’s durable, weather-resistant, and ages beautifully. A versatile material, stone pavers can be used not just for floors, but for outdoor fireplaces too, as they are malleable enough to be incorporated within a range of different exterior designs.

Neranjo Limestone tiles feature natural materials stocked by Hyperion Tiles

Looking to lighten your garden space with natural stone? Why not consider our ultra-contemporary limestone tiles? Our Neranjo Limestone in a Tumbled & Etched Finish offer you outdoor flagstones with rounded corners for a touch of character and warmth. This stone patio offers a classic design with timeless appeal

Choosing your colour scheme

Once you’ve made a decision on your outdoor tile material, you can then start to think about colours and designs. Both will have a significant impact on the look and feel of your garden and outdoor space.

Traditional tones remain popular when it comes to garden ideas. Timeless neutrals, including beige and grey, are endless versatile. Both colours are available in a wide range of shades that are easy to complement with garden furniture and accessories. Dark grey floor tiles will help to tone down too much brightness, if your garden is lucky enough to get a lot of sun. If your patio area is shady – or smaller than you’d like – lighter colours will help to create the illusion of space.

Adlington White Matt Glazed porcelain tiles stocked by Hyperion Tiles

Ideal for compact gardens, our Adlington White Matt Glazed Porcelain outdoor tiles feature fresh, light natural tones which are fade resistant in strong sunlight. These outdoor tiles feature a matt finish and a slip rating of up to R11

Biophilic trends for your patio

Beige outdoor tiles are perfect if you’re a fan of biophilic design principles, and are keen to create a palette that incorporates colours found in nature. Depending on the shade – or even shades – you choose, beige doesn’t have to be bland. Its plays well with other neutrals, is a brilliant backdrop for a bold accent colour, and can be adapted to suit both classic and contemporary outdoor settings.

Bright and bold

We also offer plenty of outdoor tile options if you prefer bolder, brighter colour schemes for your garden. You could jazz up a traditional colour combination with a contrasting pop for a modern finish – deep red works well with white and grey. You can add interest and impact with decorative edging, colour variations, or even different ‘feature zones’ (like a feature wall, but for your floor).

Shape and size

Texture, size and shape are other important elements to consider. You can customise your outdoor tiles with a smooth pebble or gravel border. And do give proper consideration to the shape and size of your outdoor tiles. Most people plump for rectangles and squares. But modern patio ideas increasingly incorporate curves, for a softer, more organic look and finish.

Elevate your patio with geometric patterns and our Brompton Porcelain Clarence outdoor tiles. Made form ultra-durable porcelain with a matt finish and an R10 slip rating, you can feel confident that these will stand up to all weathers and they look super-stylish too in this garden

Elevate your patio with geometric patterns and our Brompton Porcelain Clarence outdoor tiles. Made form ultra-durable porcelain with a matt finish and an R10 slip rating, you can feel confident that these will stand up to all weathers and they look super-stylish too in this garden

The size of your outdoor tiles can also make a huge difference to your finished project. Large format tiles (where at least one of the edges is bigger than 15 inches) are ultra modern and perfect if you want your patio to make a serious style statement. On a practical note, these tiles also have fewer grout lines, which achieves a clean, cohesive look – and is easier to keep clean and maintained.

Patterned outdoor tiles

The trend for interior patterned floor tiles shows no sign of slowing down. Indeed, there’s a growing demand for patterned outdoor tiles too. And why not? If you’re fan of patterns inside your home, it makes perfect sense to feature them outside it too. Patterned tiles are a brilliant way to add a burst of colour and a modern touch to your garden decor.


Patio featuring vacation Porcelain Cordoba tiles stocked by Hyperion Tiles

Add instant appeal to your outside living space with our Vacation Porcelain Cordoba tiles. Made with a matt finish, this design enables you to add a touch of the Mediterranean to your garden. This striking pattern will create a statement whether you choose to use it on the ground or a wall, inside or out 

How to revamp your outdoor space with pattern 

Many people worry that patterned tiles will overwhelm a smaller patio area. But depending on the colours and designs you choose, patterns can work in both big and compact spaces. Choose simpler patterns, with just one or two colours, for smaller areas. And remember that glossy patterned tiles will reflect more daylight around, which can help to make a space feel larger than it actually is. 

If you’re passionate about pattern, you can mix and match colours and motifs, for a really distinctive look. Patterned outdoor tiles are a great way to zone different areas of your garden, paths or patio. You can even use them to make a unique statement floor.

Outdoor tile ideas with encaustics

Encaustic tiles, sometimes referred to as cement tiles, often feature bright colours and eye-catching patterns. They’re versatile too. You can use them indoors and outdoors, on walls and floors. Encaustic tiles are handcrafted, using mineral pigments cured at room temperature, with a coloured layer on top.

Outdoor patio featuring Aztec One Tile stocked by Hyperion Tiles

If you’re looking for a bespoke finish to your outside space and different patterns, our Aztec One Tile  could be perfect. This encaustic design replicates the timeless appeal of reclaimed tiles in a collection of captivating colours. This design could be the perfect choice for an outdoor kitchen as you can see here where the tiles have been designed to create a backsplash and worktop are for food prep


Encaustic tiles are a fantastic choice for exterior settings – provided they are properly sealed and care for – adding an instant ‘wow’ factor. They hold their temperature well, as they have a high thermal mass. If you do opt for encaustic tiles for your garden, just make sure your choices are frost-resistant for a perfect landscaping solution.