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How to make a statement with modern wall panels 

At long last, spring is in the air. The season of fresh starts and new beginnings often heralds a desire to redecorate. Once the clocks go forward, the days are longer and lighter, and most of us are ready for a refresh after the long, dark days of winter. There are, of course, many ways to update your interiors. Decorating schemes that maximise light and colour are perennially popular, for obvious reasons. Even little changes can make a big difference: think flower arrangements of branches and buds, new accessories, even candles with spring-like floral scents. However, if you have a more thorough new-season overhaul in mind, do consider modern wall panels. They are a fantastic way to update almost any room in your home – and they work equally well within commercial properties.

Some modern wall tile panels are so versatile they can also be used as furniture and flooring too! How fabulous does this MaxFine Agata Blue hotel installation look? This successfully pairs a feature wall and a coffee table using a durable, luxurious marble-like finish

The versatility of modern wall panels

Modern wall panels offer so many advantages, it’s difficult to know where to begin. But let’s start with their versatility. They are suitable for any indoor project, from your kitchen to your bathroom to your lounge. Modern wall panels are available in a huge range of sizes, colours, materials and patterns. So whatever room scheme you have in mind, the chances are they can accommodate it. If you are keen to go truly bespoke, our Design Your Slabs service harnesses the latest generation digital technology to create modern wall panels that are absolutely unique. In short, any image can be applied to these wall panels, which are created from large-format MaxFine ceramics. So there are literally no limits to the shades, patterns and combinations you can choose from. If you can imagine it, we can create it.

Inspired by the world of minerals, the Gemstone MaxFine collection features a variegated, polished finish that works perfectly within this minimal, modern living space. Showcased here in violet pearl, this also demonstrates how these large format tiles can work just as well on the floor for a more cohesive finish

Customised creativity

Design Your tile Slabs modern wall panels are the perfect way to add colour, character and personality to both residential and commercial environments. They work well as a feature wall in contemporary interiors. These panels also add impact and interest to any space dedicated to hospitality and entertainment. They can be used indoors, even in wet areas such as bathrooms, spas and wellness centres. These versions are even suitable for outdoor use. So whether your vision is big, bright and bold, or soft and subtle, Design Your Slabs can offer a solution that suits. Moreover, these modern wall panels are available from 300cm x 150cm to smaller sizes, so there is always an optimum measurement for each creative interiors project.

Modern wall panels work equally well within commercial and residential properties. See how this MaxFine wall slab wraps down to the floor for a sleek, cohesive look

Built to last

Yet another huge advantage of Design Your tile Slabs is its durability. MaxFine is made to last, so it performs as good as it looks. These modern wall panels are created using top quality ceramic and porcelain, made from pure minerals pressed and sintered at more than 1200°C. Importantly, MaxFine products incorporate exclusive Active Surfaces™ technology, which means they are extremely durable. For example, they are resistant to scaling, scratching, moisture and stains. This means that there are no constraints in terms of the rooms they can be used in. This, in fact, includes busy bathrooms or commercial kitchens. And unlike certain alternatives, such as wallpaper or basic painted walls, there’s minimal maintenance to worry about, too.

MaxFine’s Blast collection is available in five colours, three thicknesses, and three surface finishes, making it ideal for all indoor and outdoor spaces, in both commercial installations and private homes

The advantage of Active Surfaces

But the advantage of Active Surfaces™ extends far beyond the aesthetic, and keeping things looking lovely for longer. It also includes anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-pollution properties. Did you know that Active Surfaces™ is the only ceramic porcelain in the world to retain all its photocatalytic properties not only under UV and sunlight, but also under LED lights? In other words, it maintains its antibacterial effectiveness even in the dark.

MaxFine ceramic wall panel slabs feature innovative Active Surfacesâ„¢ technology, which incorporates anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-pollution properties. This makes it ideal for warm, wet environments such as bathrooms and spas

There’s even more good news, that’s especially relevant for the times in which we live. A study conducted by the Department of Biomedical, Surgical and Dental Sciences and the Department of Biomedical Health Sciences of Milan University has shown that Active Surfaces™ are capable of eliminating 94% of SARS-CoV-2 viruses after only four hours of exposure to low intensity UV light (from natural light or a conventional lightbulb).

Different ways to use modern wall panels

Once you have decided to use modern wall panels to update your interiors, the next step is to choose how and where to use them. For example, wall panels are a great way to conceal uneven surfaces. Their durability makes them a practical choice for high-traffic areas such as hallways and staircases. Specialist acoustic wall and ceiling panels can even be used to address a variety of noise and soundproofing issues.

Feature walls don’t have to bright and bold. We love how this MaxFine wall panel adds a subtle focus to this modern office without overpowering the minimalist, monochrome room scheme

Modern wall tile panels are a fast, easy way to refresh an entire room. Or you can use them to create a feature wall, or to highlight a room’s architectural details. For example, the Design Your Slabs service allows you to create a stand-out kitchen splashback. You can even use wall panels to create a striking piece of art.

You can choose wall panels in contrasting colours to make a bold style statement. If not, you could match them with your soft furnishings for a more muted effect. Decorative and geometric patterns work beautifully within contemporary interiors. Taller, plainer panels complement Victorian or Georgian period properties.

For more information on all the different types of modern wall panels we offer, pleaseget in touch and a member of our team will be delighted to assist.

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