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2022 trends: luxury feature walls & acoustic wall panelling

Acoustic wall panelling for residential & commercial projects

Hyperion Tiles are proud to announce we are the exclusive dealer for Mikodam luxury feature walls & acoustic panels. This new year, more than ever, we need to turn over a new page and start fresh, which we can’t do with old, tired interiors. Here is why the new Mikodam 3D wall panels should be a part of your New Year’s Resolutions! All the interior design magazines agree that wood panelling is the on-trend interior design styles right now.

Each panel has a 3D design that will bring a modern brilliance to your interiors. Anyone who enters a space with Mikodam panels is guaranteed to be amazed. Whether you are looking for gentle waves or edges with a statement the new Mikodam lines are your go-to.


We believe that acquiring the perfect interior requires multiple elements that are of high quality. Acoustics, being one of these aspects, can affect the entire ambience of room. Incorporating Mikodam feature panels on the walls and ceilings of a room will allow an even distribution of sound, preventing acoustical defects such as acoustical glare, echo or flutter echo.

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Do wall panels completely eliminate sound?

Wall panels can significantly reduce unwanted noise and improve acoustics, but they may not completely eliminate all sound. The extent of sound reduction depends on the panel type, thickness, and the specific acoustic requirements of the space. Shop from our range of feature wall tiles to find the one that matches your interior design style.