Rio Porcelain tiles stocked by Hyperion Tiles

Patterned floor tiles & wall tiles to transform your bathroom

Monotone, minimalist bathrooms aren’t for everyone. In fact, we are seeing a notable increase in demand for designs that are bold, bright and colourful. If you’re keen to create interiors that have some personality, patterned tiles are definitely the way forward. Patterned floor and/or wall tiles can totally transform the look and feel of any bathroom space – big or small.

 It's all in the tile

Using patterned floor tiles to combine different colours and textures is a tried-and-tested way to make a unique design statement. But patterned bathroom tiles don’t have to be flashy and flamboyant. Delicate colours and subtle motifs can also create a beautiful focal point – especially if you limit the patterned tiles you’ve chosen to just one area.

Bathroom wall with patterned bathroom tiles stocked by Hyperion Tiles

The exquisite design on our new Folly Porcelain Moss Matt Tiles takes inspiration from the Arts & Crafts movement with a contemporary twist. If you like a sophisticated pattern, these wall tiles feature intricate details where contemporary meets classic design to add instant character to your bathroom


Where to use patterned tiles

If you’re ready to update your bathroom with patterned tiles, there are a few key considerations to think about before you make your purchase. Start with the placement. Are you thinking of laying patterned floor tiles, patterned wall tiles – or a combination of both?

 Making tile decisions

If both, will you use the same patterns and colours, or mix and match? Will you cover all of your floor and/or walls with patterned tiles, or use them more selectively, as accents or borders?

Floor tiles and wall tiles for inspiring interior design stocked by Hyperion Tiles

Our new Sunset Black collection of porcelain tiles are perfectly patterned tiles, which feature captivating Victorian and Art Deco-inspired geometric designs. In a Mediterranean colour palette, this elegant, yet simple, patterned tiles range with a contemporary matt finish also comes in orange, blue and green


Your patterned tiles colour palette

Patterned tiles are a fabulous way to introduce colour to your bathroom. The tiles you choose can be used to complement or contrast with your sanitaryware and furniture. The options really are endless. You can keep your walls plain, but used coloured patterned floor tiles to add interest and impact. You can also use patterned tiles to add a pop of colour to a neutral beige room scheme.

 Geometric floor tiles & wall tiles

If you’re feeling adventurous, choose bright, multi-coloured, geometric patterns to enhance your bathroom’s visual interest. If you’re worried about overwhelm, go for a tonal colour palette instead. This involves selecting just one or two shades that enhance each other, which won’t overpower the rest of your room.

A tile for the bathroom featuring a marble effect stocked by Hyperion Tiles

Introduce a luxurious marble effect to your bathroom with our new Lux Noor Apple Marble Effect Tiles. Made from porcelain with a gloss finish, these wall tiles can also be used on the floor and they are extra-large (1200 x 500 x 10.5mm), making these ideal for modern homes. These patterned tiles feature striking veining and a soft green shade


Patterned tiles and different styles

The patterned tiles you choose need to fit with the style of your bathroom, as well as your personal tastes. Is the setting classic or contemporary? Certain patterns and colours work better with modern room schemes, other suit more traditional designs.


Mosaic and terrazzo patterned tiles

Mosaic tiles and terrazzo tiles offer pattern options that work well in all styles of settings. Mosaic tiles are ideal for bathroom walls, as they are non-porous and resistant to mildew and mould. They can be used sparingly or extensively, according to the desired effect. Choose mosaic tiles in a colour that’s already featured elsewhere in your bathroom if you don’t want to go too overboard with pattern.

Floor tiles for living spaces such as bathrooms supplied by Hyperion Tiles

Check out our new eco-friendly Rialto Terrazzo Ballerin Honed Tiles. Made from recycled and waste marble materials, these real terrazzo patterned floor tiles can be used on walls too and they add an elegant finish to this bathroom design

 Terrazzo floor tiles

Terrazzo patterned tiles are another excellent choice for adding a dash of personality and pizzazz to your bathroom project, without overpowering the room. Durable and easy to maintain, they have fast become a popular alternative to marble and granite. Sealed terrazzo floor tiles are perfect for bathroom walls and floors, and blend well with different styles of fixtures and desired aesthetics. There’s a huge selection of colours, chip sizes and materials to choose from, to create a unique decor.


Patterned tile layouts

Another thing to bear in mind when planning your bathroom renovation is how you lay your patterned tiles. They aren’t off-limits for smaller bathrooms, but be aware that smaller tiles with darker colours, heavy patterns, and more grout lines can look busy and make a space feel more cramped. Larger patterned tiles, laid in diagonal patterns, can ‘trick’ the eye into thinking a bathroom is bigger than it really is. Chevron patterns can also create the illusion of space. Choose a metallic or gloss finish for your patterned tiles, as this will reflect light and make your bathroom look bigger.

Floor tiles add style to this floor in this wet room

Our new Livid & Brighton Stone Split Hexagon tiles are encaustic with a modern matt finish. These patterned floor tiles can also be used on walls, indoors and outside if you’re looking for a versatile tile. This unique design allows you to unleash your creativity for more flexibility when laying your preferred patterns


Creating feature walls with patterned tiles

Plain walls teamed with patterned floor tiles is a timeless (and practical) bathroom decor combination. Conversely, a plain floor, contrasted with one or more patterned feature walls, is also hugely popular. Choose complementary colours for a more cohesive look, or really make a statement with bright, contrasting feature wall tiles.

Striking feature wall featuring patterned bathroom tiles

If you’re looking for a feature wall, why not choose a tile design in a bold pattern, such as our new Rio Porcelain collection? Featuring a variety of soft, organic shapes, this multi-coloured tile is made from porcelain with a matt finish and adds instant definition to the bathing area in this wet room/bathroom


You can even use patterned wall tiles to zone different areas of your bathroom, such as the shower space or bath setting.


Patterned backsplashes

If you’re unsure whether to go ‘full pattern’ in your bathroom, a patterned backsplash is a great way to trial the trend. Using patterns in one small area can make a surprisingly big difference. Introducing a patterned backsplash is also a quick and cost-effective way to update your bathroom, without embarking on a full renovation.

Patterned tile with a matt finish stocked by Hyperion Tiles

Our new Cuba Porcelain Vedado Indigo patterned tiles have been inspired by geometric patterns you would find in the Caribbean. These can even be used as outdoor tiles and Vedado Indigo is the colourway showcased here


Choose shades of blue or green for a calming ambience. Or really accentuate this area with bright colours and/or iridescent finishes. Match your bathroom accessories to your backsplash tiles to pull the look together.