Siminetti mother-of-pearl mosaic tiles stocked by Hyperion Tiles

Elevating bespoke interiors with mother-of-pearl mosaic tiles

Are you considering tile mosaic for your project? Mother-of-pearl offers unmatched elegance and exceptional durability. In this blog, I explore why mother-of-pearl tile mosaic stands out, learn about its diverse uses, and give you everything you need to know to select and install these striking tiles for a sophisticated, long-lasting finish.

Mother-of-pearl mosaic wall tiles and floor tiles stocked by Hyperion Tiles

Our mother-of-pearl mosaic tiles from Siminetti offer a luxurious and eco-friendly option for bespoke interiors. They are suitable for use in a variety of spaces including pools and spas thanks to their resilience and easy maintenance

The inherent shimmer and style of a variety of mother-of-pearl tiles make them a popular choice for high-end building projects, with freshwater and saltwater varieties that offer different lustres and colourful undertones. However, proper installation of mother-of-pearl mosaic tiles is essential.

The ultimate guide for building developers

In the luxury, bespoke interiors market, a well-curated tile mosaic can provide an instant uplift, transforming any space with its unique appeal. However, the shimmering world of mother-of-pearl will elevate your space to another level. The intricate details on these tiles can transform floors, walls and create focal points with unbridled elegance.

Consider, for instance, our Siminetti range of mosaic tiles. With their mesmerising shades and diverse colour ways, these mother-of-pearl mosaic tiles are particularly suited to hospitality and residential projects from spas to bathrooms. These tiles effortlessly adapt, adding a touch of opulence wherever you install them.

Our Siminetti mother-of-pearl mosaic tiles: the facts

Siminetti’s mother-of-pearl mosaic tiles offer more than mere aesthetics. Crafted from natural freshwater and saltwater pearl, these tiles are sourced from sustainable locations. Their resilience and versatility make them a great choice for various applications, including:

These mosaic tiles are not only highly functional but they are beautiful too, making them perfect for those seeking more contemporary tiles, such as mosaic bathroom tiles.

However, there’s more to our Siminetti tiles than meets the eye because they are:

  • Resin-sealed, so they are extremely easy to clean and maintain

  • Waterproof, heat, frost and thermal shock resistant

  • Fit curves seamlessly

  • Available in more than 20 stunning colours and 12 styles and patterns

  • Come with a 5-year guarantee, promising a long-lasting beauty that will stand the test of time

So, you can be confident you will find the perfect match for your project.

Mother-of-pearl mosaic tiles: choosing luxury

Luxurious mother-of-pearl mosaic wall tiles Siminetti Midnight Pearl stocked by Hyperion Tiles

These saltwater pearl mosaic tiles are our Siminetti Midnight Pearl 25mm Square in the shower area on the wall. They create a striking backdrop 

Mother-of-pearl mosaic tiles create a luxurious ambience in any space. Their distinctive shimmer adds a touch of elegance and sophistication, instantly elevating any space. Their unique designs and colour variations offer endless creative possibilities. This is why they tend to be a favourite choice for luxury house builders and high-end interior design projects.

Freshwater and saltwater mother-of-pearl

Our Siminetti collection includes 14 freshwater and five saltwater mother-of-pearl mosaic tile designs. With a substantial nacre layer, our freshwater mother-of-pearl exudes a notable lustre and sheen. On the other hand, saltwater mother-of-pearl showcases a higher lustre and harnesses a more formal appearance. The freshwater version boasts a diverse array of colour variations without the blue or grey undertones, which are typically seen in saltwater mother-of-pearl.

Sourcing sustainably

Siminetti 15mm Bianco Square mosaic tiles stocked by Hyperion Tiles

Do you like the look you can achieve with white mosaic tiles? Then you'll love our Siminetti 15mm Bianco Square. This is a freshwater pearl mosaic with an elegant shimmer

At Hyperion Tiles, we are proud to work with Siminetti, a brand that prioritises eco-friendly sustainable sourcing. Siminetti ensures that its range of natural products adhere to strict ecological standards and are sourced from sustainable, farmed locations.

The mother-of-pearl used is sourced from Pacific communities that rely on sustainable relationships with the ocean lagoons in which they farm pearls or harvest them as a food source.

A variety of applications

Mother-of-pearl mosaic tiles provide the ideal solution for:

  • Revamping your swimming pool

  • Infusing luxury into your bathroom

  • Adding a touch of elegance to spa areas

  • Creating stunning backsplashes in kitchens

Their water-resistant nature makes them an excellent choice for wet areas. But their beauty extends beyond this. Their inherent sheen and capacity to refract light instantly elevate any area. Have a feature wall that needs a little pizzazz? Or perhaps an ornamental border that could do with a touch of luxury? Mother-of-pearl mosaic tiles are just what you need to lift these spaces to new heights of elegance.

Floors and walls

mosaic wall tiles Emerald Gold 25mm square in mother-of-pearl on a bath. Tiles stocked by Hyperion Tiles

Our Siminetti Emerald Gold 25mm Square on your bath creates a stunning focal point and will add a touch of contemporary elegance to an all-white bespoke bathroom

The magic of mother-of-pearl mosaic tiles lies in their ability to transform both floors and feature walls. Their inherent iridescence captures and reflects light, thereby producing a dynamic and captivating look that can significantly enhance the ambiance in any room.

Why choose mother-of-pearl?

Opting for mother-of-pearl for your project opens up a world of benefits. Here are some of them:

  • Durability: mother-of-pearl is a durable material that can withstand wear and tear

  • Lustrous coating: it has a coating that far surpasses the look you can achieve with glass tiles, for example

  • Luxury finish: mother-of-pearl can be used for modern mosaic tiles to instantly enhance an area with a luxury finish

When harvested responsibly, mother-of-pearl mosaic tiles offer a sustainable option that is ideal for luxury, bespoke interior projects.

The perfect tile mosaic

wall tiles in bedroom with shaded blend effect supplied by Hyperion Tiles

Our luxurious mother-of-pearl surfaces harness premium colour retention. Used her to produce a shaded blend, this has instantly elevated this open-plan bedroom bathroom design

Mother-of-pearl makes a perfect ally in creating the ideal tile mosaic. The iridescent material offers more lustre than its counterparts, such as natural stone mosaic tiles or even glass mosaics. Whether you’re looking to create a stunning mosaic pattern featuring a shaded blend with wall mosaic tiles, or you want to add an iconic look to your bedroom, mother-of-pearl mosaic tiles can bring your vision to life.

Plus, these mosaic floor tiles will stand the test of time, retaining their stunning appeal over the years.

Resin-sealed mosaic tiles: effortless cleaning and maintenance

The resin-sealed finish is just one among the many advantages of Siminetti’s mother-of-pearl mosaic tiles. Covered with a protective layer of resin, these tiles are incredibly durable and resistant to stains and moisture. This makes cleaning and maintaining these tiles a breeze, allowing them to retain their lustre and elegance over time.


wall tiles and floor tiles in Siminetti Anthracite 25mm square stocked by Hyperion Tiles

Our Siminetti Anthracite 25mm Square, looks stunning in this sauna. These freshwater pearl mosaic wall tiles cover the floor and ceiling, offering a touch of luxury with their flowing iridescent tones of grey and hints of blue

How to choose the perfect mosaic tile

Picking the right mother-of-pearl mosaic tile for your project warrants careful consideration of several factors. The design, colour and size of the tiles all play a significant role in achieving the desired finish.

Each colour, for example, carries its own visual appeal and emotional impact, making the selection of the right shades crucial. Moreover, the tile size can significantly influence the overall design, the work’s intricacy and the level of detail that can be achieved. If you take these factors into account, you can ensure your mosaic tile selection perfectly aligns with your project’s aesthetic and functional needs.

Installation advice for mosaic tiles

A smooth and successful mosaic tile installation process depends on using correct techniques and materials. To start, we recommend using a white mosaic adhesive for mother-of-pearl tiles. This will not alter the tonal colour once installed, ensuring your tiles retain their original colour and lustre. When it comes to cutting the tiles, a diamond disc will be ideal. This tool ensures a smoother cut, enhancing the overall appearance and fit of your mosaic tiles.

Making the right choice

We offer a unique blend of luxury, elegance and sustainability with our mother-of-pearl mosaic tile collections. However, making the right choice necessitates careful consideration. When sourced from the right supplier, these tiles are highly versatile, suitable for a variety of applications, and offer effortless cleaning and maintenance.

From design and colour to using the appropriate adhesives and cutting methods, every decision plays a crucial role in the final outcome. But with the right choices, you can be confident of a luxurious finish that not only looks stunning but also stands the test of time.

Offering a unique blend

Our mother-of-pearl mosaic tiles offer a unique blend of luxury, elegance and sustainability. With their distinctive shimmer, unique designs and if you choose eco-friendly sourcing (our Siminetti collections), they are an excellent choice for high-end projects. Whether you’re a building developer looking to make a statement or a homeowner seeking to add a touch of luxury to your space, these tiles offer a versatile, durable and sustainable solution.