Loira 1857 White Polished extra large format tiles stocked by Hyperion Tiles

Why choose large floor tiles to transform your home?

Does size matter? Where interiors are concerned, bigger doesn’t always mean better. But there’s certainly a huge demand among homeowners for large format tiles, for both walls and floors. So what exactly is driving this surge in popularity?


Extra large floor tiles used to be found predominantly in upscale restaurants, bars and hotels. But recently they are breaking free from commercial installations to play a starring role in all areas of the home, including outdoor settings. There’s a range of reasons why more and more of our customers are embracing the ‘super-size’ trend. Large format floor and wall tiles don’t just look amazing – they offer plenty of practical benefits, too.

Decor Munich 1829 floor tiles stocked by Hyperion Tiles

If you are looking for statement flooring, our extra large floor tiles, Décor Munich 1820, feature a beautiful neutral colour palette. This means fewer grout lines and a more seamless finish. These kitchen tiles create a seamless look and come from our new extensive range of 1 sq m floor and wall tiles and feature a NeoSkin finish


What are large format floor tiles?

Let’s start with a quick definition. A decade ago, large format tiles would have measured 12 inches. However, just like their popularity, that classification has expanded. Nowadays the term refers to tiles where at least one of the edges is larger than 15 inches.


A big style statement

The first – and most obvious – advantage of extra large floor tiles is their aesthetic impact. Quite simply, they can enhance the appearance of virtually any interior or exterior space.

Baltimore 1816 Caramel Matt floor tiles stocked by Hyperion Tiles

Create bathroom bliss and spa-style heaven with a rectified porcelain tile in a neutral colourway, such as our new Baltimore 1816 Caramel Matt tile. These extra large floor tiles feature NeoSkin, an innovative technique that successfully replicates a natural finish across a 1 sq m surface


Extra large wall tiles instantly draw the eye, while creating a large surface area. They look sleek, they look chic and they are the perfect way to add a stylish contemporary edge to any space. Importantly, large tiles aren’t just suitable for big rooms. Floor and wall tiles like these are an effective way to visually expand small spaces, giving the impression of airiness and openness. How you hang your large wall tiles is key. When installed vertically, they give the illusion of extra height. Hang them horizontally if your aim is to make a space look wider.

Lyon 1837 floor tiles in Crema Polished stocked by Hyperion Tiles

Suitable for luxury lounge living, our new Lyon 1837 Crema Polished tiles are extra-large format tiles, which really pack a punch in sophisticated, bespoke homes. This high-gloss version features NeoSkin, it looks super-stylish and comes with high-tech anti-slip properties too


Keeping things cohesive

Large format floor tiles are a fabulous way to create a seamless, continuous look across both walls and floors – ideal for modern, open-plan living areas. You can also use them to create flow between different rooms and zones. Using large tiles to connect indoor and outdoor spaces is increasingly popular too.

Helsinki 1841 large tiles stocked by Hyperion Tiles

Our Helsinki range features rectified porcelain tiles with a NeoGrip finish, making these ideal for inside and out. Showcased here in this luxury bathroom, these matt Helsinki 1941 Blanco floor tiles feature NeoSkin in a speckled effect for an ultra-contemporary look, making these ideas for any high-end home renovation


Introducing our new collection

We pride ourselves on keeping our extensive tile portfolio fresh and exciting. So, in response to the growing demand for large format tiles, we’re thrilled to introduce our new 1 metre x 1 metre porcelain tile collection. It offers a wide range of colours, textures and patterns, and features four different finishes.


Made from rectified porcelain, this new collection incorporates different high-tech features. These include our NeoGrip finish, which has soft-touch and anti-slip properties, making them super-safe in wet or damp areas, such as the bathroom.

Trevi 1822 floor tiles stocked by Hyperion Tiles

Featuring a striking NeoGloss surface for a beautifully polished finish, our new Trevi 1822 White Polished floor tiles have been used in this bedroom bathroom to blend the boundaries in contemporary design. Made from rectified porcelain, these replicate the look of natural stone with absolute finesse


NeoSkin successfully replicates the look of natural stone in depth and texture, while NeoGloss features a polished, extremely high-gloss finish. Lastly, NeoMatt feels incredibly smooth to the touch with a beautiful contemporary matt finish.

Loira 1857 floor tiles stocked by Hyperion Tiles

If you love the high-end polished look, then our new Loira 1857 White Polished rectified porcelain tiles could be ideal for you. Offering a distinctive marble effect, these extra large floor tiles feature NeoSkin and NeoGloss for a striking finish in this bespoke bathroom


Easy cleaning and maintenance

If you’re looking for durable large format floor tiles, porcelain is the perfect pick. It’s non-porous, so it absorbs less water, and it can withstand different temperature fluctuations. Porcelain in general is easy to clean and maintain, so it’s a great choice for both indoor and outdoor high-traffic areas. Porcelain tiles can also mimic the look of natural stone and wood, at a fraction of the cost.

Tamesis 1851 floor tiles stocked by Hyperion Tiles

As polished marble continues to be a favourite among those who are looking for a sophisticated floor in a luxury home, why not consider our new marble effect extra-large floor tiles? These are an affordable alternative when compared to the real thing and our new Tamesis 1851 Dark Polished floor tiles feature NeoGloss for a stylish finish


Where upkeep is concerned, the extra advantage of large format tiles is the fewer grout lines they require. This doesn’t only help to create a clean, cohesive look, with far less distraction. Grout can be tricky and time-consuming to keep clean. Fewer grout lines due to large tiles means that there are fewer places for dirt and bacteria to embed themselves in.


Hi-tech hygiene for a floor tile

There’s more good news on the hygiene front about our new 1 metre x 1 metre porcelain large format tile collection. It features bespoke technology in the form of an anti-bacterial coating. So when these tiles get wet, they actually repel water and bacteria, making them perfect for bathrooms and other wet/damp settings in your home.


Endless versatility

Extra large floor tiles offer so many different design options. If your tastes are minimalist, choose natural colours, and match your grout shade to your tile palette. Lighter coloured neutrals help to ‘open up’ a space. Smooth, reflective high-gloss tiles will help to bounce light around a room, and make it look larger.


Less labour-intensive large tiles

Generally speaking, large format tiles are easier and more straightforward to lay than their smaller counterparts. That’s because you need to spend much less time measuring, placing, aligning, cutting, fitting and grouting.

Lyon 1836 floor tiles stocked by Hyperion Tiles

Create a seamless flow from outside in with our new Lyon 1836 Crema Matt rectified porcelain floor tiles. With a contemporary matt finish and NeoGrip finish, our tiles are anti-slip and resistant to frost, making these the perfect choice for an open-plan kitchen, living and outside space


Explore all the angles

A great way to use large floor tiles to transform your home is to get creative with your layouts. For example, have you ever considered installing your floor tiles diagonally? In addition to adding impact and interest, diagonal layouts (also known as bias layouts) are another way to make a small space look larger. That’s because these floor tiles can then disrupt the brain’s natural ability to assess the size of a space.


Unleash your creativity with a large floor tile

If you’re lucky enough to have large rooms, why not be more adventurous with colour and/or pattern? Neutrals like beige will never go out of style, but large floor tiles in deeper, darker colours can look equally stunning. And don’t discount patterns either.


Firenze 1840 floor tiles stocked by Hyperion Tiles

This beautifully polished rectified porcelain large floor tile offers a marble effect for a bespoke bathroom. From our new Firenze 1830 range, the Blue Calacatta Polished floor tiles feature anti-slip properties with a NeoGloss finish and look incredibly stylish

 The magic of the marble floor tile

You can keep things classic with marble-effect floor tiles, or go big and bold with a multi-colour motif, perhaps matching one shade within the pattern to your walls. You could even use large tiles to create a feature wall. This is a great way to add visual interest or to define or zone a bigger space.