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Kitchen flooring ideas you’ll love for Valentine’s & beyond

Doesn’t time fly? It seems like Christmas was only yesterday – but January is already over. Which means there’s an important decision looming for all you romantics out there: How are you planning to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year?


At-home entertaining

Recently, more and more of us are choosing to stay in, rather than go out, on February 14th. Restaurants are often too crowded – and too expensive – to justify, especially as the cost of living continues to rise. So it’s easy to understand the appeal of preparing a delicious dinner à deux at home, accompanied by a glass or two of something special to drink. But if that’s your game plan, it’s time to lavish some love on your kitchen floor first!

 Greenway Teal on Chalk porcelain tiles designed by Original Style and stocked by Hyperion Tiles

Our Original Style Greenway Teal on Chalk Porcelain Tiles from the Odyssey collection are beautifully patterned floor tiles, perfect for anyone looking for a subtle finish with bags of character for their kitchen flooring


Nowhere to hide

As open-plan kitchen/dining/living rooms become more common, we’re all spending a lot more time in this space. That’s great news in terms of functionality and flow (and makes Valentine’s Day entertaining much easier!). But it does mean high traffic levels for your kitchen floor. And because all areas are on display all of the time, any signs of wear and tear are far more obvious. If your kitchen space is starting to need some TLC, read on to discover a curated selection of the most popular flooring ideas. There really is an option to suit every style and budget.


A passion for pattern for your kitchen floor

The best kitchen flooring ideas have to combine both substance and style. That’s because this type of floor needs to work hard, and look good, as part of a busy, high-use environment that regularly hosts family and friends.

Flooring ideas kitchen with Ca' Pietra Belleville Porcelain Rennes Green Tiles stocked by Hyperion Tiles

If you’re feeling bold, why not introduce a dash of drama to an open-plan kitchen with patterned floor tiles? Our Ca’ Pietra Belleville Porcelain Vendome Blue Tiles add a striking finish to this open-plan kitchen living room floor

The trend for patterned floor tiles shows no sign of slowing down in 2024. They’re popular throughout the home because they add instant impact and interest to any space. And depending on the material you choose, they’re perfect for a wide range of kitchen flooring ideas too.


Kitchen floors - choice and versatility

Patterned tiles really are endlessly versatile. Vintage-inspired designs look wonderful within traditional settings. Or you can go big, bold and bright with a modern statement floor. If you prefer a neutral colour-scheme, consider a beige palette, but bring it bang up-to-date with an interesting motif. Alternatively, you can match your tiles to your cabinetry, or even choose a pattern with contrasting shades, to make your floor properly pop.

Dining area in kitchen featuring Original Style Nord Ris Matt Porcelain is a tile design for a concrete effect stocked by Hyperion Tiles

Why not fake it? Our Original Style Nord Ris Matt Porcelain Tiles from the Tileworks collection are a contemporary cement-effect tile. The matt finish adds instant industrial chic to a kitchen setting


Mixing and matching for your kitchen floor

Some of the most popular kitchen flooring ideas to emerge recently involve mixing and matching patterns and colours, for a truly distinctive look. You can even use patterned tiles to ‘zone’ different areas of your kitchen – useful if your space is open-plan.

Working with compact spaces

Don’t be put off patterns if your kitchen is small. Simple patterns can work really well in compact spaces and provide the perfect floor design. Choose large format tiles if possible, as they trick the eye into thinking a room is more spacious. Patterned tiles with a glossy finish will also bounce more light around, to make your kitchen feel larger.

Crushing hard on cement in your kitchen space

A lot of modern kitchen flooring ideas feature cement and cement-effect tiles – also known as concrete tiles. In fact polished concrete is a particular favourite among fans of the popular urban/industrial chic aesthetic. This type of concrete flooring delivers an ultra-contemporary look and finish, that’s also super tough and resilient. So, this style can be perfect for modern homes.

Looking for a versatile material 

However, cement tiles can feel hard and cold underfoot. That’s why we offer a wide selection of cement-effect tiles, which are an excellent alternative. They deliver the same visual impact, which can suit a minimalist kitchen perfectly. However, they feel more comfortable underfoot. This kitchen style of flooring is also available in a greater range of colours and textures and it's a much more cost-effective option.

Polished concrete style flooring with Floorify F029 Coquille Big Vinyl Tiles stocked by Hyperion Tiles

Our Floorify F029 Coquille Big Vinyl Tiles can provide the best flooring solution if you’re after the look of concrete floors at a fraction of the price. This design creates the ideal match with pink tones for an elegant finish in this contemporary kitchen


Lots of love for LVT for your kitchen floor

There’s currently a lot of love among our customers for luxury vinyl tiles (LVT), especially with regard to kitchen flooring ideas. And it’s easy to understand why. Luxury vinyl tiles are a type of synthetic flooring that’s made up of multiple layers. It can realistically replicate the authentic appearance of concrete and wooden flooring and even stone and terrazzo. But luxury vinyl flooring is a very cost-effective option compared to the ‘real deal’. Importantly, it’s also a hard wearing flooring and an easy-to-clean option, which makes it ideal for high-traffic areas such as kitchens.

 Vinyl to suit your personal cooking space

Another major benefit of luxury vinyl tiles, in comparison to some of the natural materials they emulate, is their water-resistance. Kitchens can be surprisingly wet/humid environments. Splashes and spills from cooking and washing-up are very commonplace. Certain kitchen flooring ideas, such as wood, look great but just can’t cope with moisture, so they aren’t suitable for the kitchen environment. Luxury vinyl tiles, however, are highly moisture-proof – and they’re compatible with underfloor heating.


Partner with parquet wood flooring

Parquet might not seem like the most obvious option for kitchen flooring ideas. That’s because for many people, this wood flooring still synonymous with grand hallways. While it’s true that classic delicate parquet is made from natural solid hardwoods, modern alternatives include slate, stone, LVT, laminate and engineered wood. These are all materials that combine good looks with great durability, making this type of parquet perfect for your kitchen. Engineered wood in particular can add warmth and cosiness to a kitchen, the planks are easy to care for, and tend to be much cheaper than classic hardwood parquet flooring.

Real wood with Woodpecker Berkeley Cella Oak engineered wood flooring and available from Hyperion Tiles

If you prefer ‘the real thing’ when it comes to classic parquet flooring, our Woodpecker engineered wood planks could be just what you’re looking for. Check out our Berkeley Cellar Oak flooring for a more distinctive parquet floor finish with deep ebony undertones. These oak engineered wood planks feature an authentic aged finish with scuffs and marks for reclaimed appeal

 From classic interiors to minimalist kitchens

Lots of customers associate parquet primarily with the single or double herringbone pattern, but there are plenty of other options, including chevron, basket weave and Versailles. This array of choice, combined with the variety of colours, grains and stains available, means parquet works well in both contemporary kitchen settings and traditional interiors.

Natural stone tiles designed by Ca' Pietra Metropolitan Slate Parquet Riven Finish Tiles stocked by Hyperion Tiles

Our Ca’ Pietra Metropolitan Slate Parquet Riven Finish Tiles look stunning in this classic kitchen. Featuring natural stone rather than wood for more durability in a heavy traffic environment, this kitchen flooring is also easy to maintain


Standing for stone on your kitchen floor

Do stone (or stone-effect) tiles feature among your potential kitchen flooring ideas? They certainly have plenty to commend them. Real stone is timeless and always looks upscale in a country kitchen. Natural materials, such as Limestone, can also be popular choices for kitchen flooring. If you prefer a more rustic look, do explore tumbled/weathered finish options, which are deliberately softened and worn. They are usually less slippery, too, and seem to be a favoured choice for interior designers.

Floor tiles Ca' Pietra Charterhouse Limehouse Weathered Finish stocked by Hyperion Tiles

Our Ca’ Pietra Charterhouse Limestone Weathered Finish Tiles instantly adds classic styling to this kitchen design with an authentically aged effect on the stone floor, which is ultra-durable, too. This is a great example of stone tile floors, which will stand the test of time


Certain types of natural stone need more love and care than others to help them retain their natural beauty. Marble always looks amazing for luxury projects, for example. But while it’s hard-wearing, it’s also very porous – and it can be slippery when wet too. So it’s not necessarily the best option for your kitchen floor.

 Picking a porcelain tile

But if you love the look of natural stone flooring, but have concerns about safety or maintenance, natural stone-effect tiles could be the solution. I recommend our porcelain tiles portfolio. Porcelain flooring is far less needy than natural stone. However, it's also extremely durable and hygienic. With a porcelain tile, you'll find no compromise whatsoever on style.

Floor tiles made from porcelain Hartland Priory by Original Style and stocked by Hyperion Tiles

Our Original Style Hartland Priory 900mm x 600mm Tiles are porcelain tiles, which emulate the look of natural stone. These stone-effect porcelain floor tiles are actually made in Italy. They feature rustic chipped edges for a more authentic finish. The extra-large format of these porcelain tiles adds a contemporary touch to this neutral kitchen design scheme


Terracotta tones for kitchen floors

No round-up of kitchen flooring ideas would be complete without including terracotta. Terracotta tiles have always been a popular choice for kitchens. Their distinctive red/brown appearance looks fabulous in traditional settings. But the right shape and shade can really elevate a modern kitchen too.

 Floor tiles by Bert & May Handmade Square Neranja Terracotta stocked by Hyperion Tiles

Our Bert & Mat Handmade Square Neranja Terracotta Tiles have been created by skilled artisans in Spain. Authentic and timeless, these will add a touch of rustic charm to any kitchen-diner setting

 Terracotta floors for timeless appeal

A big advantage of terracotta tiles is the warmth they bring to a space – both virtual and physical. They retain heat really well and feel noticeably warm underfoot. When they are properly sealed, the hard-wearing clay they are made of is ideal for high-traffic areas, and is easy to keep clean.

 Terracotta tiles add style to classic kitchens

Terracotta tiles come in all shapes and sizes (including parquet). And they aren’t just perfect for kitchen flooring ideas. You can use them on your walls too, and they even make an eye-catching backsplash. Choose glazed tiles if you prefer a high-shine finish. This style is ideal for a more traditional room.