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Our new partnership with Next Gen Smart Homes for luxury living

At Hyperion Tiles we are always looking for new ways to elevate our product portfolio – and the services we offer – to the next level. So we are thrilled to announce a new partnership with Next Gen Smart Homes, who are themselves installation and trusted partners with smart home automation manufacturer Loxone.


What is a smart home?

smarthomes for luxury living - from Hyperion Tiles

Smart home technology allows access to your home via a personalised access code or an NFC Key Fob

A smart home allows homeowners to automatically control elements such as lighting, climate, energy management, household appliances, entertainment systems and security to name a few of the key functional categories. This can be done via automated logic, presence, the tap of a switch or through wall mounted screens and a mobile app.  This means that homeowners can control all of the connected smart elements in their property, from anywhere, be it whilst at home or away from the property.

Convenience at every level

In addition to the more ‘obvious’ elements listed above, smart home technology can also be applied to garden irrigation, swimming pools and saunas. Imagine having a garden that waters itself based on the current soil moisture reading, anticipated rainfall in the weather forecast and from this determines the required watering time each day - the possibilities and smart solutions really are endless! With a dedicated and experienced team, we are offering you the chance to benefit from an intelligent home with all the latest technology.

 Smart systems can offer intelligent control of steam rooms including smart lighting

You can maintain your swimming pool and control your sauna or steam room with heat, lighting and music thanks to our home automation tech

What are the benefits of a smart home solution?

A smart home offers complete control, on many different levels. It offers comfort, convenience, safety and energy efficiency. Importantly, not all smart homes and smart systems are the same. The technology means that each property can be customised to its owner’s exact needs and lifestyle.

Heating comes within part of an energy management system in this Passive House

This Passive House* (*it uses the sun, internal heat sources and heat recovery efficiently) needs no external energy sources for heating and generates more energy than it consumes. This home's electricity production is intelligently integrated into the smart home system so it's run in the most energy-efficient way

Saving time with the latest technology

Above all, a smart home saves you time. Because your control system takes care of so many tasks automatically, it gives homeowners much more time and opportunity to enjoy doing other things. Our Loxone 360-degree smart home solution coordinates all elements to work together within one holistic system, for all the benefits of an unparalleled, luxury living experience.

Making your house instantly smarter via the latest technology in your worktop from Hyperion Tiles

With our smart home operating system, you could control your home from your kitchen worktop with this built-in device. Take this a step further and we can also position these same controls behind your new tiles in the shower, bedside cabinet surfaces and many more useful applications.

Next Gen Smart Homes: the background

Next Gen Smart Homes was formed by Aaron Paradowski and Matthew Elphick The company is a top UK partner of Loxone, regarded as a global leader in building smart home automation technology. Its service covers all aspects of building automation via smart home solutions.


Aaron and Matthew are working with Hyperion Tiles to provide smart home automation systems

Next Gen Smart Homes founders, Aaron and Matthew, are on a mission to make life more convenient, efficient and enjoyable whilst at the same time aligning luxury living to UK and global net zero initiatives with renewable energy source integration.

Expertise in home automation

For prospective customers who are keen to experience the Loxone smart home technology in a realistic setting, Next Gen Smart Home's have a certified showroom in Milton Keynes. However, to open up access to even more homeowners, we will shortly open a full Digital Experience Tour showroom featuring smart home solutions, at our Ascot headquarters in Berkshire.

 How to achieve an easily controlled environment

This initiative will allow us to demonstrate in more detail some of the smart home features available, such as lighting control, automatic curtains and blinds, audio, access control and security. In addition, if there are specific features customers have questions about, we can explore/demonstrate these in much more detail so you can take full control of your home automation.


Smart home functionality

Our new collaboration with Next Gen Smart Home will allow us to work more closely with a variety of clients. These will include interior designers, house builders, building developers and, of course, homeowners, who are looking for savvy smart home solutions.

Easy to install in every space 

We are thrilled to be part of such an exciting ‘all-in-one’ smart home solution. A key advantage of the Next Gen Smart Homes implementation of Loxone technology is that it doesn’t require a separate app for each set of functional controls. The company’s innovative ‘Touch switches’ also maximise functionality in a seamless way. The simple and user-friendly interface incorporates fewer buttons, for more clarity and full control from room to room - decluttering walls, removing complexity and enabling maximum control at the tap of a switch.

Make life easier with a Touch switch from Hyperion for an automated home tech solution

Adding Touch switches to your home will instantly maximise functionality for a user-friendly high-tech home automation solution

In addition, the easy-to-use Loxone app (iPhone, Android, tablet or wearable) literally puts all the controls of your smart home operating system, giving you technology at your fingertips.


As easy to use hi-tech automation system for every room in a house from Hyperion Tiles

You can use your tablet to operate virtually everything and this process has been designed to be user friendly

An overview of a smart home operating system

The Loxone Smart Home offer brings together many different functional controls, all of which are user friendly and here for your complete peace of mind. These include:

Smart lighting

Intelligent lighting control helps to provide the right atmosphere at the right time. This smart lighting allow instant and endless flexibility via the controls, easily combining ambient, accent and task.

Intelligent lighting can be operated via remote access

You can control smart lighting to make your life easier in your kitchen as you prep food and entertain guests


Did you know that smart home controls can open, close and adjust roller blinds, Venetians, shutters and curtains – all at the touch of a button? Furthermore, intelligent automation can help your home stay cooler in summer and warmer in winter by automatically adjusting the shading in each room dependant on the position of the sun as it changes throughout the course of the day.

Climate control & smart solutions

On a similar note, Loxone’s smart home technology allows homeowners to control the temperature of each individual room, swiftly and separately.

Heating a room in a house individually with a home automation system from Hyperion Tiles

You can set individual temperatures for specific rooms in a house based on your needs

Smart energy efficiency

Zoned heating and automated lighting and shade work together to help reduce energy consumption and, therefore, energy costs.

 This home automation system has been designed for convenience

Transform your world and every room in your home with this innovative home automation system for convenience

Access control & security

You can use a keypad, or the NFC Key Fob, to access your home yourself. Not at home when the doorbell rings? Smart home technology allows you remote access so you can operate your video intercom from anywhere. You can even switch to ‘silent doorbell’ mode if children are asleep and, for example, have the lights in the living room flash to let you know someone's at the door. Safety and security are paramount in today’s society. Loxone’s smart home security system detects and scares off intruders, monitors for fires and water leaks and – vital in today’s world – keeps personal data 100% private and protected with a local data policy and no cloud storage.

Multiroom audio

This smart home function lets you play individual playlists – or the same music – in each room through local music sources, internet radio, Spotify and more. You can also listen to your personal collection, stream or share via AirPlay.

Sauna/swimming pool control

Maximising the potential of a space with a home automation system - pool features Siminetti tiles from Hyperion Tiles

Enhance your swimming pool with intelligent automation to simplify maintenance

Smart home technology allows you to personalise the heat, lighting and music blend in your sauna. Intelligent automation also makes pool maintenance (filtering, backwashing, pH regulation etc) much quicker and easier.

Garden irrigation

Smart home controls deliver flexible automated irrigation solutions for gardens and grounds taking into account current soil moisture levels and weather forecasts for efficient watering cycles.

Ambient assisted living

Many homeowners wish to remain living as self-sufficiently as possible, for as long as possible, in their own property. Smart home technology can be calibrated to deliver unobtrusive monitoring and everyday support for the elderly and people with disabilities, via audible/visual reminders, sensor and environment monitoring, and presence detection/omission.


Enhancing the luxury lifestyle in a smart home

There are many reasons why smart homes are becoming such an important part of the luxury living market with, unsurprisingly, time and efficiency at the forefront.


Aaron from Next Gen Smart Home's explains: “Smart homes enable a luxury way of living, reducing manual activity within the home by circa 50,000 tasks a year, through automation custom-configured to suit the user’s lifestyle.”

 Voice control on this smart home automation is possible from Hyperion Tiles

Full voice control can be activated via Alexa, for example, to achieve luxury living and make your life easier

He continues: “Smart home technology ensures an optimal homely environment at all times, and integrates perfectly with luxury functionality for swimming pools and saunas. It is also compatible with full voice control through Siri, Alexa and Google Home.”


Smart solutions for luxury living

Next Gen Smart Homes (in collaboration with Loxone) offers unrivalled benefits within the smart home technology sector. “We offer an extensive, carefully selected partner network that enables us to offer complete solutions,” confirms Aaron. “These include subsidiary components from flooring through to shading, air conditioning and renewable energy options such as solar and heat pumps.”


He continues: “In addition, our customer-centric operation from initial site survey through to ongoing maintenance ensures our customers’ home automation solutions grow and adapt as their needs change. This could incorporate adding new rooms, changes to logic, and repurposing/reconfiguring different rooms.”

 Home automation for complete peace of mind

Next Gen Smart Homes’ partnership ethos allows it to signpost its customers to the appropriate high-end luxury living specialists. We are thrilled to have joined this carefully curated selection of interior partners, and we look forward to assisting clients with all their home automation needs.