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Outdoor tiles: how to transform your outside space

Follow my expert guide on ways in which you can elevate your front and back garden for Insta-worthy appeal


As the weather warms up, most of us start thinking more about our outside space. Getting garden-ready for summer is a big priority at this time of the year, and there are lots of different elements to consider. Our advice? Choose your outdoor tiles first. The right tiles can totally transform not just your garden or patio area, but any sort of open-air space.

Increasingly, home owners are keen to blur the boundaries between the indoors and the outdoors, to really maximise every available inch of space. So unleash your imagination, and think hard about the type of improvements that would enhance your home. Whether your dream outside space involves new family dining or seating areas, somewhere impressive to entertain, or simply somewhere to sit quietly and escape the daily grind for a while, we have the outdoor tiles to suit.

First impressions

Outdoor tiles aren’t just for your private gardens. They are an excellent way to enhance your home’s “kerb appeal” i.e. how it looks from the street. First impressions really count, and a little tile TLC is the perfect solution for a neglected front path or porch.

Terracotta outdoor tiles are perennially popular, for many reasons. First and foremost, there’s the aesthetics. They offer a natural beauty that works equally well in rustic spaces and contemporary settings. On a practical note, terracotta tiles are durable, and naturally low-maintenance. Another advantage for outside spaces is the way they absorb heat. Terracotta tiles heat up in the sun to provide welcome warmth underfoot, but stay comfortably cool in shady areas.

Bert & May Handmade Square Naranja Tiles - stocked by Hyperion Tiles

Make an entrance – on every level – with our beautiful Bert & May Handmade Square Naranja Terracotta tiles (£118.80 per square metre). Made by master artisans in Spain, they are suitable for both outdoor and indoor use

Ceramic outdoor tiles

Outdoor tiles are available in a wide range of materials, with ceramic an increasingly popular choice. Ceramic tiles are made using a heated kiln, which draws out moisture and helps to keep them lightweight. Certain ceramic tiles can also be used to replicate the appearance of stone, marble and wood.

A key advantage of ceramic outdoor tiles is that they come in many different colours, patterns and styles. So they are a great option if you want to make a statement in your outside space with a feature floor. Classic ceramic Victorian geometric floor tiles are often used for period property renovations, but they can really make an impact in modern homes too.

Original Style Blenheim 5-colour outdoor tiles - stocked by Hyperion Tiles

Keen to create a unique outside space? Our new ceramic Original Style Blenheim 5-Colour Tiles can be mixed and matched to create endless different patterns, shapes and styles, and are priced at £198.22 per square metre

Outdoor kitchens

In recent years, our gardens have become multi-functional. Nowadays we use our outside space to work from home, to exercise in, to entertain and, increasingly, to cook. But the humble BBQ has evolved significantly, and alfresco dining no longer begins and end with a simple grill. Outdoor kitchens are fast becoming one of the most sought-after home improvements. And the right outdoor tiles have a key role to play.

Contemporary outdoor kitchens can incorporate countertops, storage, refrigeration, and even a dedicated home bar. Concrete tiles are durable and have a high thermal mass (which means they hold their temperature well). This makes them especially suited not just for flooring, but for more innovative uses such as pretty food prep platforms and countertops.

Bert & May Tivissa Verde Tiles - stocked by Hyperion Tiles

Take your outside entertaining to the next level with our Bert & May Tivissa Verde collection, inspired by antique tiles and created using traditional manufacturing techniques. We think this soft, fresh green and white colour combination is perfect for outdoor kitchens and garden rooms

Colourful outdoor tiles

Beige is an enduringly popular neutral for interior colour schemes, thanks to its versatility and timelessness. But lots of people prefer to be bolder and go brighter with their outside space, inspired by nature’s multi-coloured palette.

Patio areas in particular can be given a new lease of life with the right outdoor tiles. Why not jazz up a traditional white/grey combination with a deep red hue? Distinctive patterns add interest and individuality. Pair with dark furniture and statement planters for maximum impact.

Ca' Pietra Brompton Porcelain outdoor tiles - stocked by Hyperion Tiles

Create a distinctive and distinguished look for any outside space with our Ca’ Pietra Brompton Porcelain Clarence tiles, priced at £39.78 per box. This matte-finish collection adds instant period charm and glamour to both internal and external feature floors

Porcelain outdoor tiles

If durability is your top criterion, it’s hard to go wrong with porcelain outdoor tiles. Made from dense natural clay, they are fired at extremely high temperatures. Because they are non-porous, they absorb less water, so they can withstand fluctuating temperatures. They are also easy to clean and maintain – a win all-round for busy, high traffic outdoor areas.

Happily, hardwearing doesn’t have to mean dull and boring. We offer a huge range of bright, colourful porcelain tiles, to help you give your outside spaces a real lift. Why not channel summer holiday vibes with a bright blue-and-white combination? In colour psychology, blue is known for its ability to instil feelings of peace, calm and tranquillity – perfect for creating a restful, relaxing outdoor area.

Ca' Pietra Solar Porcelain outdoor tiles - stocked by Hyperion Tiles

Evoke ocean-inspired hues with our Ca’ Pietra Solar Porcelain Star Blue tiles (£69.38 per square metre). We love how the 3D-effect can be adapted to create a starburst or petal motif, depending on how they are laid

The understated approach with outdoor tiles

If your tastes are more traditional – or your prefer a minimalist aesthetic – natural stone outdoor tiles could be the best option. Limestone is a highly versatile natural stone, and is far more hardwearing than some of its higher-profile natural counterparts, such as marble.

Limestone outdoor tiles are durable and weather-resistant, yet malleable enough to work with almost any outdoor design. They create a classic look, with timeless appeal, and can be used for so much more than just patios and terraces. Limestone is suitable for everything from outdoor fireplaces to fountains, which means it’s a great material if you’re keen to create a clean, cohesive look.

Ca' Pietra Corfe Limestone Tumbled & Etched Finish tiles - stocked by Hyperion Tiles

Offering additional grip, our Ca’ Pietra Corfe Limestone Tumbled & Etched tiles (£110.23 per square metre) are ideal for a wide range of fuss-free outdoor installations, including pools and steps

Seamless transitions

The right tiles can be used to bring the outside in (or vice-versa!). Creating a seamless flow between your interiors and your outdoor space is a popular objective of many contemporary renovations. Coordinating your tiles in this way not only creates a pleasing visual harmony, it can also make the resulting space feel bigger, brighter and lighter.

Encaustic (or cement tiles as they are also known) work well in this scenario. That’s because they have a high thermal mass, so hold their temperature well, both inside and out. And because they are made using mineral pigments cured at room temperature with a coloured layer on top, they are available in a huge range of shades and patterns.

Bert & may Tivissa Marron tiles - stocked by Hyperion Tiles

We love how our Bert & May Tivissa Marron cement tiles have transformed this patio area. This collection harnesses antique designs. This one, featuring rich, warm shades and a delicate dotty motif, originated from southern Spain.

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Can I use outdoor tiles around a pool?

Yes, you can use outdoor tiles around a pool. It's advisable to choose tiles with a high slip resistance rating and ensure they are installed correctly to prevent water infiltration and damage. Browse our range of outdoor decorative tiles to find the one that matches your home's aesthetic.