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Our Wall Tiles Collection

Our Wall Tiles Collection is sure to provide you with all that you need for your home renovation, from Bathroom and Kitchen Tiles to Metro Tiles. Each tile in this collection has been carefully chosen to ensure the highest quality standards, so you can be sure of long-lasting results.

Whether you prefer a classic look or something more modern, our Wall Tiles Collection has something to suit everyone's style. With a range of sizes, colours, and textures available, you'll be sure to find the perfect match for your home. For an added touch of luxury, why not try one of our mosaic tiles to create a truly unique statement piece?

We stock both traditional and contemporary wall tiles with UK-wide delivery. Decorate to reflect your personal style — Browse Hyperion Tiles' collection of porcelain and ceramic tiles for walls and find the perfect choice for your interior.

Our Range of Wall Tiles

At Hyperion Tiles, we offer a range of wall tiles across the UK. Recent trends have shown that wall tiles have become increasingly popular compared to paint or wallpaper. Wall tiles are durable and stain-resistant, bringing a transformation to your bathroom walls, kitchen walls or any other room in your home.  All our wall tiles are suitable for the interior of your home; whether you are searching for metro brick tiles, marble effect tiles, patterned tiles or plain wall tiles, we have something for you.

Some of the most stunning feature walls can be created using a wall tile. You can also use border tiles to highlight areas of your home you are proud of, whether you use semi-polished or large format tiles. No matter your style, our range of decorative wall tiles in the UK will have something for you (We can also supply you with tile joints and tile adhesive).

From modern minimalistic to metro wall tiles or creating a beautiful feature wall with mosaic tiles, we are here to help with our fantastic range of wall tiles. No matter what room you're looking to renovate, you'll find that interior wall tiles are a great way to elevate your living space. You will always find what you need at Hyperion Tiles, from bathroom and floor tiles to kitchen tiles. If you're looking for a modern minimalist take on your kitchen walls, then metro wall tiles are great. If you're looking for beautiful feature wall bathroom tiles, then you'll be able to build one out with our range of mosaic tiles — they are stunning.

From bold shower feature wall tiles to understated flower tiles for a wall mural in your hallway, this is what you will find in our wall tile collection:

Decorative Wall Tiles

From large format bathroom wall tiles to smaller, more intricate kitchen wall tiles, we have it all here at Hyperion Tiles. Thanks to their functionality and incredible design, our range of porcelain and ceramic tiles can help achieve an excellent result.

We offer a variety of wall tiles for any space on your property. With an endless range of colours, sizes, textures, and finishes, our ceramic and porcelain wall tiles for sale are great for an ideal room design, no matter your style. Natural stone and wood effect tiles offer an attractive architectural solution and versatility as they offer a continuous effect between walls and floors. We also offer cement garden wall tiles that are great for adding a bit of personality and decorative flair to your outdoor space.

Bathroom Wall Tiles

Transform your bathroom into a luxury haven by incorporating tiled wall panels into your design — available in all formats and sizes at Hyperion Tiles. Use our collection of versatile colour options, intricate designs, attractive finishes to find artistic inspiration.

Whether you want mosaic shower wall panels that instantly grab your attention, seamless ceramic wall tiles for your bathroom, or border tiles to frame a larger space, the possibilities are endless with our wall tile options!

Kitchen Wall Tiles

From light and airy to strong and bold, our kitchen porcelain and ceramic wall tile selection has everything you need to create a space that is truly your own. Our selection offers hard-wearing materials for the wall, as ceramic tiles and porcelain tiles available in visually pleasing designs, versatile sizes, and alluring colours to suit all interior styles.

Whether you are on the lookout for small decorative wall tiles for kitchen backsplashes, large kitchen wall tiles with a travertine effect for a rustic texture wall, or porcelain and ceramic border tiles to add subtle detailing, you can find it online with us.

Bookmatch Wall Tiles

Designed to create a parquet or mirrored effect that oozes elegance, bookmatch wall decorative tiles craft an opulent visual masterpiece your guests will not soon forget.

Made from porcelain with a marble stone effect and a finish with gloss, these tiles are available in colours ranging from cool blues and greys to warmer neutrals. Offering luxurious versatility, bookmatch tiles work beautifully as decorative wall tiles for the living room or as bathroom feature wall tiles.

Hexagon Wall Tiles

Most often used in bathroom design, hexagon tiles allow you to create an aesthetic that is truly unique to your style and taste. With muted and bold coloured wall tiles available offering both simple and eye-catching designs and various textured finishes, hexagon tiles can be styled as the focal point or they can be used to subtly elevate and bring a look together.

Choose matte finished floral tiles in your bathroom shower to make a statement or bring uniformity using glossy white hexagon ceramic wall tiles in a bathroom with a clean and minimalistic aesthetic.

These tiles also work incredibly well in kitchen and living rooms. Using hexagonal tiles from our collection of floral wall tiles in the UK can create a gorgeous feature piece in your lounge or dining room, while smaller polished tiles in a natural hue can be used to add intricate details to a kitchen backsplash.

Metro Wall Tiles

Boasting sleek lines and timeless style, brick tiles or metro tiles for wall designs help you bring a classic look and feel into kitchens and bathrooms alike. Offering square and rectangle formats, matte and glossy finishes, neutral and vibrant colour options, and incredible style versatility, incorporating these indoor wall tiles into your home's design is an easy way to complete any space.

For fewer grout lines and a more distinctive design, opt for metro or brick tiles with a concrete effect and installed in a herringbone pattern, or create a stunning feature bathroom wall with tiles made from glazed porcelain and in a bolder colour palette.

Marble Wall Tiles

Boasting beautiful aesthetics, opulent finishes and everlasting appeal, our selection of honed marble wall tiling offers unique, distinctive veining and incredibly smooth finishes, perfect for elevating any interior space.

Customise your bathroom by creating a contrasting focal point using white marble mosaics as toilet wall tiles against a darker background, or subtly separate two different tile styles using marble skirting.

Discover our extensive collection of bathroom, kitchen and living room wall tiles in the UK on our online store. From ceramic wall art tiles for kitchens to minimalistic marble bathroom tiles for walls that exude luxury — you can embrace Hyperion living with our designer tiles. Order your favourite wall tile online today!

Why Should I Choose Wall Tiles?

When choosing the best option for decorating the walls in your home, wall tiling is a great alternative to paint and wallpaper. High-quality wall tiles allow you to introduce a range of textures to your home, from glossy and modern to rustic and intricate patterns.

If you're debating which is going to be the best option for decorating the walls in your home, let us tell you a little bit more about the benefits that wall tiles in ceramic, porcelain, or marble bring, helping you make the right decision from the start.

  • Water-resistant: With the ability to repel water, there's a good reason wall tiles are a go-to, practical choice for areas where high levels of moisture will be present, such as kitchens and bathrooms.

  • Hard-wearing: If made from a strong material like ceramic and porcelain, wall tiles deliver when it comes to hard-wearing properties - so there's no need to worry about scratches and stains ruining your interiors.

  • Easy to clean: With a simple wipe-down with water and soap, our wall tiles for the bathroom, kitchen and interior living space can be a perfect choice if you don't want your walls to be marred by marks and stains.

  • Sustainable: If you want your home to echo your environmental values, tiled walls are the way to go.

  • Versatile: With an extensive range of wall tile sizes, shapes, colours and finishes available, you'll be spoilt for choice in deciding how to decorate your home. Whether in your kitchen, bathroom or any other room in the house, our marble, porcelain and ceramic wall tiles in the UK offer some of the most durable finishes available. They are also great tiles for a shop wall.

For a bathroom wall tile with a slate effect, small mixed coloured kitchen wall tiles to complete a bold backsplash, or even decorative wall tiles for living room, you can find it all in our wall tile collection.

Can't decide whether you should use porcelain or ceramic bathroom wall tiles for an upcoming renovation? Book a showroom visit to see our selection of available bathroom wall tiles in the UK.

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