Ca'Pietra Tiles

Are you looking to bring elegance and luxury to your home or commercial building? Ca Pietra tiles are the perfect option. Crafted from marble, limestone, sandstone and slate, here at Hyperion Tiles we offer a range of durable tiles. 


It goes without saying that stone floors have always evoked a sense of sophistication, luxury and added refinement. Ca Pietra offers a smooth finish and striking colour streaks, they aren't just aesthetically pleasing but completely unique as no two tiles are the same. 


At Hyperion Tiles we offer a range of sizes, colours and finishes and our range is suitable for any room or interior design style including art deco, rustic, vintage, contemporary and modern. Our range of Ca Pietra tiles isn't just for interior floors but can also be used for external floors, making this collection of tiles incredibly versatile.

Who are Ca Pietra?

Ca' Pietra is a family run business that has over 25 years of experience in the stone and tile industries. They produce premium, luxury tile designs in a range of materials from natural stone to innovative, modern materials. Their mission is to make it as easy as possible for their customers to use beautiful materials to improve their homes. 


Ca’ Pietra’s collection of hand-made decorate tiles are produced using the ‘encaustic’ technique, made with cement where the pattern is inlaid into the body of the tile. This ensures that the tile’s colour and design remain for years to come, even as the tile wears. This is a different method from ceramic tiles, where the surface pattern is the product of the finishing glaze printed onto the surface.


Ca’ Pietra sources the best quality floor and wall materials in the world - whether this is natural stone or encaustic tiles, high-quality porcelain or mosaics. 

What are the Types of Ca Pietra Tiles?

Ca’ Pietra tiles are great for all aspects in the home, from your kitchen to your bathroom let your imagination have no limits. There are two main types of tile; wall tiles and floor tiles. 


Ca’ Pietra Wall Tiles


For Ca’ Pietra, the feel of a tile is just as important as the look.  With Ca’ Pietra wall tiles, you’ll love to run your hands along their natural feeling surfaces – perfect for a home with a relaxing aesthetic.


Ca Pietra Floor Tiles


A great floor tile will consider the users’ safety, design, and the feel of the tile and Ca’ Pietra succeeds in all these areas. Give your home the wow-factor by purchasing tiles from the Ca’ Pietra Statement collection.


Ca Pietra Lily Pad


One of our most popular tiles, the Ca Pietra Lily Pad Encaustic tiles offer staple interior colours that are suitable for any kitchen  bathroom or living space. The Lily Pad tiles are machine-made, need little maintenance and are thinner than their cement sister, making them ideal for wall and floor installation.

Lily Pad Porcelain Tiles


We offer a porcelain version of our Lily Pad Encaustic tiles, again we offer a range of colours that are suitable for any room in the house including the kitchen, bathroom and living room. 


All of our tiles are machine-made, with zero maintenance, the Lily Pad porcelain tiles are thinner than cement sister, making them the perfect solutions for floor and wall installations.  


Ca Pietra Stockists


We are proud to be a Ca Pietra stockists, we know that the best type of wall tile will be a glossy tile with a smooth finish, something that won't absorb the large quantities of water and steam leaving you with maintenance issues. On the other hand it's important that your floor tiles give you some protection from wet and slippery surfaces.


It's important to trust the tile experts who can give you the information you need to create safe, functional and stylish rooms. Ca’ Pietra tiles trust us to represent their luxury products, so contact us today to experience our free and excellent customer service. We will answer any questions you have regarding our tiles, whether you’re inquiring about our prices or your intended application of our products; we are more than happy to help you out.


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At Hyperion Tiles we are the UK's leading tiling suppliers, we offer a range of stunning tiles at competitive prices. We understand your dream interiors aren't complete without the perfect tiles to match, that's why our team of experts at Hyperion Tiles have the experience and knowledge to guide our clients every step of the way. For more information, please do not hesitate to get in touch!