Ca'Pietra Exterior Stone & Tile Collection

Beautifully hardwearing and suitable for high traffic, external spaces - our exterior porcelain and ceramic range means you can run the inside out and follow your design dream throughout the scheme.

Porcelain and ceramic tiles for the outdoors are an affordable and attractive fit. They require minimal work, handle the elements well, and will last for many years. They also look great in a wide variety of different areas, like patios, walkways and other outdoor areas.

Why Choose Porcelain and Ceramic Tiles for Outdoor Settings?


Ca'Pietra exterior tiles come in a wide variety of different designs so you can find the look that works for you. Ceramic and porcelain tiles are also very durable so they will handle the heat and cold very well. The ease of maintenance also makes these a great choice for patios. Additionally, if you choose Ca Pietra exterior tiles, you will spend considerably less than other materials like stone or concrete. If you want a specific look, you can have your tile floor customized. This includes things like adding tiles to form a pattern or using accent pieces, too.

On the other hand, materials like stone need to be sealed over the years. Some types of natural stone are porous and will be damaged by water if they are not sealed correctly. Stone can develop a white buildup that can look gaudy over time. Because of this, porcelain and ceramic tiles are a good option for outdoor settings.

Where Can You Use Tiles Outdoors?


Decks, walkways to your pool, patios, and other outdoor areas are great ideas for porcelain and ceramic tiles. You can also use them to cover large areas. One of the best things about using tiles for your outdoor floor is that it makes a very strong base for other objects. You could also use them with existing brick or concrete to customize your outdoor living space and make it even more unique.

Installing Tiles Outdoors


Tiles for the outdoors are much easier to install than other materials. They do not have to be sealed in like stone. Once they are positioned, you can use grout to fill in the spaces. You can also choose to leave the interstices of your tiles open for a more rustic look. Some outdoor tiles even have antimicrobial coatings to help prevent the growth of mold and mildew. Another advantage of tiles for the outdoors is that they do not need to be installed on a level surface like stone does.

Where Can You Get Ca'Pietra Exterior Tiles?


Hyperion Tiles is the leading porcelain and ceramic tile company. We can help you get any style of exterior tile that you like. We can also ship these to you conveniently and we have the leading styles and designs in stock.