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2024 trend: which colour complements beige bathroom tiles?

New trend alert: beige bathroom tiles explored

Christmas is coming but it's good to be prepared for the year ahead, especially when it comes to interiors trends. This is an ideal time to consider fresh starts and new beginnings. And it’s absolutely the perfect opportunity to think about updating your home.

Your bathroom is one of the hardest working spaces, used by multiple people, throughout the day, every day. It’s a functional room, of course, but also a sanctuary we escape to for some much-needed ‘me-time’. Revamping such a key room should be an exciting prospect. However, with so many things to consider, it can be daunting, too. There’s just so much choice available. My advice? Sort your style and colour theme first. Transforming a bathroom takes time and money, and most of my clients want a look that will stand the test of time. Happily, there is a way to combine longevity with an on-trend decor. It’s time to embrace the benefits of beige.

Maldon Limestone Tumbled Finish beige bathroom tiles

Beige bathroom flooring is an ever-popular option that won’t date – and provides the perfect neutral backdrop for other elements to shine. Our Ca’ Pietra Maldon Limestone Tumbled Finish tiles come in random flagstone sizes and create a natural finish underfoot. Each slab incorporates a unique, organic veined finish. These tiles are priced at £85 per sq m

What colour is beige?

Forget everything you think you know about beige. Unfairly maligned for being bland and boring, beige is an enduring neutral that’s endlessly versatile. There are lots of reasons why I think it’s the perfect choice for bathroom tiles. Like all colours, beige exists in a spectrum of different shades. And while it can be hard to describe precisely, it’s rooted in the palettes found in the natural world. Have you heard of biophilic design? This growing trend aims to incorporate elements of nature within interiors, to help us better connect with the natural environment. Neutral colour schemes, with beige at the forefront, are a fast, easy biophilic win.

 Amanacer Encaustic beige bathroom tiles by Bert & May for Hyperion Tiles

Priced at £198 per sq m, our Bert & May Amanacer Tile combines different shades of beige with black and white accent colours, to create a statement bathroom floor. These warm, earthy tones are an excellent example of biophilic design principles, and pair well with wooden furniture and accessories

What is the complementary colour of beige?

Beige belongs to the neutral colour family but, importantly, it’s a neutral with plenty of character. It’s created through a mix of brown and white, or white and yellow. Lighter shades of beige are similar to cream, while darker shades are closer to tan or brown. It’s a warm colour that works particularly well with natural materials such as stone, clay and wood. Beige plays beautifully with other neutrals, but also contrasts brilliantly with a huge range of accent colours, from burnt orange to emerald green. Yet another benefit of beige? It suits both classic and contemporary bathroom schemes.

Are beige tiles outdated?

When I suggest beige for bathroom palettes, many clients are initially unsure. “Are beige tiles outdated?” is a very common question. Happily, once I start showcasing our extensive selection of tiles from leading brands such as Bert & May and Ca’ Pietra, any fears are instantly allayed.

Modern beige bathroom ideas

Modern beige bathroom ideas are definitely worth exploring, however you want your bathroom to look and feel. The trick is to use beige in the right way. Depending on the shade, material, pattern or texture, beige wall and floor tiles can look chic and contemporary, or elegant and luxurious. Beige can be soothing or sophisticated, modern or traditional.

London Marble Mosaic tiles by Ca' Pietra for Hyperion Tiles

Our Ca’ Pietra London Marble Mosaic tiles feature modern, 3D-illusion patterns that are pre-assembled on a mesh sheet. They are priced at £346.52 per sq m, and are sold per sheet (NB there are 11.2 sheets per sq m)

How can I make my bathroom look good?

It’s well known that lighter colours can help to make small rooms seem bigger. So if your bathroom is bijou, beige wall tiles are a great way to create the illusion of space, and are much less clinical than white. Big or small, a neutral colour scheme is often the best choice for a room that gets insufficient natural light, too. Beige walls paired with white sanitaryware is a tried-and-tested combination that evokes an instant relaxing, spa-like ambiance.

Let me reassure you that one-colour walls don’t have to be boring. I recommend using different textures to elevate your decor. For example, choose large, smooth tiles for your floor and/or shower enclosure. Fewer grout lines always help to make a space look bigger. Add interest with a feature wall – but instead of a contrasting colour, choose tiles of different sizes or textures. Beige mosaic tiles would work well here, drawing the eye without jarring or clashing.

#08 Pearl Herringbone beige bathroom tiles by Bert & May for Hyperion Tiles

Priced at £227.24 per sq m, our Bert & May #08 PearlHerringbone Tile is the ultimate beige neutral tile. It can be combined with other colours from the herringbone range and is an especially great option for a feature wall or feature area

Create a focal point with beige

There are lots of ways to create a focal point in your bathroom. Beige marble bathroom tiles incorporate distinctive veining, which adds interest without overpowering. They can be used on walls and floors. If you’re keen to make a real style statement, you could even mix and match different styles/patterns to make a beige ‘half-wall’ focal point or room panel to break up the uniformity.

 Bert & May Alalpardo Rolling Fog Tile from Hyperion Tiles

Beige and white might be a classic colour combination – but our Bert & May Pearl Alalpardo Tile proves it doesn’t have to be bland and boring! I love how this pattern has been used to create an eye-catching ‘half wall’ focal point. This tile is suitable for both interior and exterior walls and floors, and is priced at £173.40 per sq m

Which colour goes best with beige tiles?

Lots of clients are happy with the idea of beige tiles, but aren’t sure which other shades work well with this palette. In fact, “Which colour goes well with beige bathroom tiles?” is one of the most frequently asked questions in our showroom. Happily, there’s a huge range of colours that pair perfectly with beige. So whether you’re keen to go bold or keep things understated, there’s an option to suit.

I’ve already mentioned how beige and white complement each other. But at the opposite end of the spectrum, beige and black works really well too (especially if you’re after a less stark alternative to classic black and white). Black works particularly well with cooler, medium-shade beiges. It’s a modern, dynamic pairing that still feels warm and earthy.

Ca' Pietra Avebury Ceramic Plaster Tiles from Hyperion Tiles

If you’re keen to keep your walls neutral but enhance your bathroom with coloured accessories, I’d recommend our Ca’ Pietra Avebury Ceramic Plaster tiles, priced at £42.40 per 0.5m². Inspired by old Wiltshire cottages, they add real character to modern bathrooms, whether your choose solid blocks of colour or creative patterns

If you’re keen to keep your bathroom palette neutral, complement your beige tiles with shades of grey, brown or tan. This type of ‘coffee and cream’ combination works really well with natural woods, too.

If you prefer colours that ‘pop’, pair beige with bright blue, orange, green or even burgundy. Paler, periwinkle blue will evoke a beachy vibe, while pastel pink adds a touch of femininity. I’m also a big fan of navy and beige: two classic, traditional colours that manage to complement each other perfectly.

How do I add colour to my beige bathroom?

There are lots of ways to add colour to a bathroom, such as tiles, paint or wallpaper. You could even experiment with coloured sanitaryware, or paint your bath. But the easiest way to add colour to a beige bathroom is with accessories. This allows you to trial different shades and combinations without too much expense or commitment. Think coloured mirror frames, shelving, bins, toilet brushes, toilet paper holders, candles, toiletries, shower curtains and window treatments. And don’t forget about your bathroom radiators or towel rails. Nowadays these are available in a huge range of colours and finishes, and are a great way to add a pop of brightness to any room scheme.

I’m often asked ‘which colour towels go with beige bathroom tiles?’ And it’s tempting to answer ‘any colour you like’. Because it’s true! Everyday items such as towels, flannels/sponges and bath mats are such an easy win when it comes to introducing colour to your bathroom. Consider stripes and patterns for some extra zing.

Calcot Limestone Tumbled Finish Tiles by Ca' Pietra from Hyperion Tiles

If you’re after a hard-wearing beige bathroom floor, look no further than our versatile Ca’ Pietra Calcot Limestone Tumbled Finish tile, which works equally well in kitchens. It could easily be mistaken for English limestone, but it’s more hard-wearing, doesn’t show the dirt, and at £87.77 per sq m, it’s fantastic value too

Be open-minded about all options

The best advice I can give about the beige bathroom tile trend is to keep an open mind. When it’s used correctly, beige can be whatever you want it to be. It can be a backdrop or a focal point. It lifts all shades, balances bolds, and layers beautifully. Beige is timeless, versatile, and in my opinion, one of the easiest colours of all to decorate with.

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What Colours Complement Beige Tiles?

Beige tiles are neutral, so they work well with a wide range of colours. Some common complementary colours include soft blues, greens, greys, and warm earth tones like terracotta or deep browns. Shop from our range of bathroom floor tiles to find the one that matches your interior design style.