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Six wet room ideas to transform your home

Wet room ideas for modern living

Do you prefer to lounge around in the bath or are you rather partial to an invigorating shower? These days, it seems some people are choosing both and I don't blame them. After all, there's nothing nicer than relaxing and unwinding in a bath filled with bubbles. However, there's also a lot to be said for an invigorating shower in your own wet room. And, if you really want to add value to your home, why not dedicate a room to each purpose?

During these hot summer months, I'm with the majority of the UK population who prefer to shower. In fact, there's nothing more rejuvenating than a burst of cool water for a pick-me-up. So, while the sun is shining and the mercury is rising, I've come up with a selection of wet room ideas, which will help you create a shower lover's paradise:


wet room ideas with new Carmona Marron tiles by Bert & May

This innovative design showcases distinctive floor and wall tiles, which create a cohesive look in the shower zone, in this wet room. Our new encaustic cement floor and wall tiles are Carmona from our Bert & May Antique collection. Inspired by beautiful, reclaimed tiles from Spain, this is one of two colour ways, Carmona Marron, priced at £178.20 per sq m


Wet rooms explained

The definition of a wet room basically describes an area in your home, which has been sealed with a waterproof membrane on the walls and the entire floor. This is known in the industry as tanking, which will prevent any water damage, such as leaks, beyond the bathroom. You'll find the shower area is on the same level as the remaining bathroom floor for a more seamless finish.

Your bathroom designer will create your wet room floor with a slight slope to allow shower water to easily flow down the drain. They should also install a sub-floor or perhaps a shower tray former. Whichever method you choose, this will need to be tiled over. So, this is where you'll get the chance to unleash your inner creativity with high-quality tiles. Designer versions can instantly create a luxury finish, too.

Striped tiles design for on-trend finish in a wet room

Our new Green Alalpardo porcelain tiles, £71.15 per sq m by Bert & May have been specifically designed for those who want to define their wet room space with a unique look. Stripes are timeless so you can choose these, whether you want to create a modern or traditional style finish in your home

1. Tile materials

When it comes to wet room ideas, high-quality tiles are key and you'll need to choose your floor and wall materials wisely. Firstly, ask our expert team, or your bathroom designer, whether the tiles you like will work with the drainage proposed for your room. Take porcelain tiles, for example; they are less porous than other materials, such as ceramic. Porcelain versions also highly durable and naturally stain-resistant, which makes these the perfect choice for a fully functional wet room, which will stand the test of time.

Encaustic cement tiles are another great choice, where the colours come from the clay used to make the tile. So, you can feel confident in the depth of colour, which won't be affected for years to come. You will need to seal them, and these tiles will look beautiful on floors and walls. They are renowned for being long-lasting and you can expect a non-slip surface, too.

If you require an opulent look, marble tiles should feature as one of those more striking wet room ideas. This classic material is unique and it harnesses a sensual feel, with natural veining variations. Harnessing a unique beauty, you will need to seal these tiles, which could make an elegant style statement in your wet room. If budget is a concern, why not consider marble-effect tiles?

wet room ideas with black tiles

If a super-stylish, sophisticated wet room appeals to you, black marble could be the answer. Our new Black Veined Square Honed Marble tiles, £198 per sq m by Bert & May will create a dramatic backdrop in any contemporary wet room if you're looking something, sleek, chic and completely unique


2. Wet room ideas with safety in mind

The issue of safety is another one of my wet room ideas, which I feel is paramount. After all, water will splash over most, if not all, of the room. So, don't forget to check your floor tiles' slip rating. You may want to add underfloor heating for cooler months too, as this will help to speed up the drying process. Thankfully, porcelain, cement and marble tiles are excellent heat conductors and natural insulators, making them ideal for this modern heating solution.


3. Matching floor & wall tiles

Will you want to match or contrast your floor and wall tiles? This will, of course, determine whether you choose one or more styles. Matching your floor and wall tiles is one of my favourite wet room ideas, because this will create a seamless finish in a contemporary shower area. And you can really make a statement if you choose a bold pattern and/or colour. You could even extend your tiles onto the ceiling for dramatic impact. This will make your 'fifth wall' stand out and could transform your space.


4. Mesmerise with monochromatic tiles

A monochromatic scheme has become one of those hugely popular wet room ideas. And I think it's easy to see why. This is a trend with longevity, after all, where you can use one colour in a variety of different shades. There's no doubt that applying this method will create a harmonious, cohesive look. With a tone-on-tone colour palette, you can create a powerful design, which lends itself well to a modern wet room.


wet room ideas with green designer tiles from Bert & May

Add a sense of serenity with the colour green. In this wet room, our new Fennel Green Herringbone Honed Marble Tiles, £159.19 per sq m, contrast beautifully with the gold finish on this brassware. This restful hue showcases the monochromatic trend with distinctive veining and shading in each piece of marble for a unique design aesthetic

5. Playing with pattern

If you're looking for a wet room with the wow factor, patterned tiles may work well. This creative style suits this space because it will instantly add interest. Patterned tiles can also provide a great way in which to add some of your own personality to your design. And, if you pick a strong, bold pattern, you could create an Insta-worthy space in next to no time.

Manarola tiles by Bert & May with a Mediterranean vibe

Originally reclaimed from southern Spain, our new encaustic Manarola tiles by Bert & May feature a striking pattern for those who want to transform your wet room into a relaxing retreat with a Mediterranean vibe. Priced at £178.20 per sq m, every distinctive tile features recreated antique colours and an aged patina, which make these suitable for a classic-style wet room

6. Screening wet room ideas

If you're concerned the whole room will get wet when you shower, you could install a glass screen. For contemporary appeal and a seamless finish, choose a style with a slimline frame and concealed fixings. And, where space may be tight, why not consider a folding shower screen? Either way, you can keep the water contained in one area of your wet room. So, this will leave the rest of the room bone dry.

If you have the luxury of a larger bathroom space, then there's probably no need for a glass screen. After all, the room itself becomes the shower enclosure. If this area is large enough, you won't have to worry abut safety if the floor near the WC or basin is not getting drenched when you shower, for example.


Other options...

If the thought of extensive building work is not sounding too appealing, you may find that a walk-in shower could be just what you need. The look will be similar, except you'll have a tray in the shower area. However, you'll still need tiles for your walls and the majority of your floor.

Also, we now stock carefully curated collections, designed and produced by Chelsea-based supplier  Bert & May. – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are wet room tiles different from regular tiles?

Yes, wet room tiles are designed to be more water-resistant and slip-resistant than regular tiles. They have a higher coefficient of friction to prevent slips and falls when wet. Shop from our range of bathroom floor tiles to find the one that matches your interior design style.