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Striking Large Format Herringbone

A long-standing favourite due to its rustic charm, Highclere is a bold and beautiful selection of large-format herringbone boards.

Each style of Highclere is available in matching straight plank flooring (Harlech) and smaller herringbone planks (Goodrich).

Backed by our 100-year warranty, Woodpecker's Highclere engineered oak floors are 15mm thick with a 4mm wear layer — designed with longevity and beauty in mind.

Embrace Hyperion living with Woodpecker Highclere herringbone engineered flooring from Hyperion Tiles. Browse our carefully curated range of engineered oak flooring for sale online orbook a visit to our showroom for an in-person look at this beautiful selection.

We are a Trusted Woodpecker Highclere Collection Stockist

Woodpecker's Highclere floors are the perfect choice for those looking for an investment-grade flooring option. This collection offers a range of wooden floorings that are designed to last and come with a 100-year warranty, making it ideal for high-traffic areas in homes and businesses alike. With its traditional aesthetic, superior quality and remarkable durability, you can trust this wood flooring to provide years of beauty and performance.

Hyperion Tiles is a trusted Woodpecker Highclere collection stockist, so whether you’re looking to upgrade your existing flooring or install something new altogether, we have something for everyone. In our Highclere collection featuring a variety of wood flooring options, you’re sure to find something that suits your taste and fits your budget. And with the 100-year warranty backing it up, you can rest assured that your investment is well protected.

Woodpecker is not only focused on the longevity of their Highclere engineered oak floors, but also on the longevity of the planet. In an effort to support the drive towards using greener practices, Woodpecker sources all of their wood from responsibly managed and sustainable forests that are fully certified with the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).

When it comes to investing in high-quality wooden flooring products, the Woodpecker Highclere collection is the perfect choice. Contact us today at 01344 620211 or at trade@hyperiontiles.com to find out how we can make your dream home a reality.

Our Range of Woodpecker Highclere Herringbone Engineered Wood Flooring

As trusted Woodpecker flooring stockists, we supply the full selection of Highclere engineered oak flooring in the UK. These stunning large format herringbone boards can be laid in just about any room. And with the availability of matching straight plank flooring and smaller herringbone planks, this collection provides you with the ultimate styling versatility.

Emulate the classic charm of parquet flooring in your hallway or add a rustic touch to your bedroom with the versatile range of Highclere natural oak engineered flooring.

Whatever your design vision, this is what you can expect from this stunning collection of Woodpecker herringbone flooring:

A Herringbone Floor for Every Type of Room

Exuding classic charm and traditional artistry, a parquet or herringbone engineered wood floor like this not only looks stunning, but feels great underfoot. This particular style of wooden flooring has a timeless elegance and is well suited to homes with period interior design schemes as well as minimalistic and modern living spaces.

The visual appeal of parquet flooring makes it ideal for just about any room in the home. However, they are particularly favoured in living rooms, hallways and entrances due to their enhanced decorative appearance.

Living spaces such as the kitchen and bathroom may not be the most ideal places to install this engineered herringbone flooring, as the increased exposure to humidity can cause discolouration and warping over time. For Woodpecker flooring that can be used in kitchens and bathrooms without being damaged, have a look at our Brecon collection.

The Comforts of Underfloor Heating

The Highclere collection of Woodpecker wooden flooring is suitable for underfloor heating when glued down. This innovative floor feature effortlessly makes any room feel warm, comfortable and inviting.

These engineered planks have been designed to cope with the continuous temperature changes that come with underfloor heating. Any natural movement in the wood that would be caused by changing temperatures is limited due to its multi-layer construction. This provides stability throughout these herringbone floors as well as excellent heat transfer.

Natural Oak Hues & Details

The Highclere engineered herringbone oak flooring boasts a selection of various colours, from rich honey tones to rich biscuit tones. You'll also find various striking details, such as beautiful grain pattern options. This variety of features allows you to select the plank style that best matches your home's interior.

Add a clean, contemporary look to your hallways with a herringbone feather oak floor, or opt for a darker tone, such as a coffee oak for a more traditional look and feel.

Easy Installation

For practicality and an easy Woodpecker flooring installation process, the Highclere herringbone oak engineered flooring features tongue and groove floor joints. These allow the planks to be tightly slotted together, creating a surface that is neat as well as stable.

The Highclere Woodpecker oak flooring can be installed one of three ways — floated, secret nailed, or glued down. Each of these methods can be used over a range of surfaces and subfloors for added convenience.

A Finish That Lasts

The Highclere engineered oak herringbone flooring boasts a stunning brushed and matte lacquered finish. This not only provides long-lasting protection to the Highclere natural oak top layer, but enhances the wood's unique characteristics.

These Woodpecker wood flooring planks are lightly wire-brushed to remove any soft fibres. This process exposes and defines the oak's natural grain patterns, resulting in a more textured and rustic surface feel.

To replicate the appearance of oiled flooring while still providing the wood with a hardwearing and smooth layer, a matte lacquered finish is applied to the planks. This gives the Highclere engineered herringbone wood flooring a subtle satin sheen along with a scratch-resistant, easy-to-clean surface.

100-Year Warranty

Find peace of mind knowing that your new Highclere parquet flooring from Woodpecker has been manufactured to last. This engineered herringbone floor comes with an impressive 100-year warranty to give you complete reassurance that your Woodpecker flooring will stand the test of time.

The warranty covers the durability of your Highclere floor's structure, as well as the quality of its finish. This includes the dimensions, joints, and appearance of the Highclere natural oak wear layer to ensure you're able to enjoy the timeless elegance of your engineered oak flooring with a herringbone design for years to come.

Transform your home today with a bold and rustic engineered wooden floor from the Highclere range.Request a quote for an estimated price on your new parquet floors.

What is Engineered Oak Wood Flooring?

Engineered herringbone flooring, as the name suggests, is a manufactured form of wood flooring that consists of several materials that have been sandwiched or engineered together.

But unlike wood-effect or vinyl flooring, which features printed top layers, our engineered wood herringbone flooring has a real wood top (wear) layer. Typically, Woodpecker engineered flooring has wear layers of 2.5mm to 6mm. The thicker the wear layer, the more times it can be sanded or refinished. The Highclere engineered wood flooring with a herringbone design has a natural oak wear layer of 4mm.

This Woodpecker engineered wood flooring generally has a wear layer made of natural oak. And with the natural oak only being used for the visible wear layer, the Highclere herringbone engineered oak flooring helps the trees used in the manufacturing process go further.

Invest in the best today – Woodpecker’s Highclere collection is sure to be an excellent addition to any space.

Highclere engineered oak floors are just one of the many exquisite engineered wooden floors offered by Woodpecker. Browse our full range ofWoodpecker flooring available at Hyperion Tiles to find the most suitable floors for your home.

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