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Cosy up your home with engineered oak flooring

High-quality engineered oak flooring to suit your home


December has finally arrived – which means Christmas is fast approaching. For most of us, this is a special, sociable season, where we look forward to spending time with family and friends. However, the UK’s cost-of-living crisis might well result in changes to where we spend this time this year. Instead of splashing out on fancy restaurants and hotels, lots of us will be hosting more at home. Which means it’s never been more necessary to cosy up that home in order to create a warm, welcoming feel for our guests. Engineered oak flooring provides a practical way to do just that. So, follow my guide on how to make your home feel more appealing with the right flooring solution:

The importance of first impressions

The good news is that cosying up your property needn’t involve a full redecoration of every single room. Small changes can make a big difference. Little tweaks to your decor, dashes of colour and soft, sumptuous textures all help to create an inviting ambience. But there’s really no substitute for starting from the bottom up.

Flooring is a key part of any interior design, and this can easily make or break the look and feel of your space. That’s because the first physical contact anyone has with your home is the flooring. And we all know how much first impressions count! It’s just one of the reasons why we’re such big fans of engineered oak flooring. It offers all the beauty of natural wood – including its warmth – but is much more hardwearing and cost-effective.

Deck the hall(s) with engineered oak flooring

You’ll want your guests to feel at ease from the moment they step over your threshold. So, a welcoming hall is a must. However, this is also a high-traffic area, so wear and tear is a key consideration. Happily, engineered oak flooring ticks all the necessary boxes. Muddy shoes, dripping umbrellas and dirty paw prints won’t pose a problem. But, unlike certain other hardwearing materials such as stone or ceramic, our Woodpecker engineered oak flooring looks and feels warm and cosy. You can even use it to create a seamless flow from your hall to your living room, for a more cohesive and interconnected finish.

Design Panels bespoke engineered oak flooring by Woodpecker for Hyperion Tiles

Ideal for any hallway, our hard wax oiled Woodpecker engineered oak flooring Design Panels, £320 per sq m, combine warmth and elegance. We love this combination of light and dark tones, which works well in both classic and contemporary settings. These panels are available in a range of different patterns and stains, plus a choice of bevels so prices vary

Living the dream

Your living room works hard all year round. But the chances are it will be especially busy over the festive season. So you’ll want to make sure it’s as cosy and comfortable as possible, for yourself, your friends and any extended family who come to visit.

Engineered oak flooring is available in a huge variety of shades, grains, stains and plank widths. So, our portfolio is sure to offer something that suits, whatever the size, shape and style of your living room. Darker decorating schemes are an easy, effective way to make a living room (especially a large one) feel intimate and inviting. They’re practical too, providing camouflage for everything from stains and fingerprints to wall irregularities. Add a pop of contrasting colour to give your decor a lift. A jewel-toned velvet sofa or accent chair is the perfect winter accessory.

Lynton Weald Oak engineered oak flooring for the living room by Woodpecker for Hyperion Tiles

We love how our dark Lynton Weald Oak engineered oak flooring, £74 per sq m, coordinates with the navy walls and deep wooden accents of this living room’s vintage-style sideboard, to create a rich, opulent finish

Engineered oak flooring in the kitchen

Few would disagree that the kitchen is the heart of the home. And it never works harder than at Christmas, thanks to all the seasonal cooking and entertaining that takes place. Kitchens are another high-traffic area, especially if they are open-plan rooms that also incorporate a dining/family space. Thanks to its durability and easy care finish, engineered oak flooring is more than a match for typical kitchen wear and tear.

Happily, for a space that’s always constantly on display, engineered oak flooring looks as good as it performs. Wooden shades add warmth to kitchen metallics, without overwhelming a delicate colour-scheme.

Chepstow distressed oak engineered oak flooring

See how the rich auburn and chocolate tones of our Woodpecker Chepstow Distressed Charcoal Oak flooring, £152 per sq m, complement the soft blush pink of this kitchen island unit

Bathroom beauty

Nowadays bathrooms are much more than just a functional space where we keep ourselves clean. Contemporary bathrooms are also a sanctuary we escape to for some much-need R&R. Who doesn’t love the idea of a warm, welcoming bathroom environment where you can lock the door and pretend to be away on holiday or luxuriating at a fancy spa resort? It’s certainly an enticing prospect at Christmas, particularly if your seasonal social schedule is very hectic.

Your bathroom might not be on display as much as your kitchen or living room. But sooner or later, it will need to be used by any guests you host over the Christmas period. So it’s absolutely imperative to make sure yours is as clean, cosy and comfortable as possible. Once again, the right flooring can play a key role.

Engineered oak flooring is much more resistant than solid wood to changes in temperature and humidity. This makes it ideal for high-moisture rooms such as bathrooms, as it won’t be warped by leaks or splashes. Furthermore, its warm colour palette perfectly offsets the cooler, paler tones commonly found in modern bathrooms.

Lynton Seagrass Oak wood floor in bathroom by Woodpecker for Hyperion Tiles

Brushed and topped with matte lacquer, our new Woodpecker Lynton Seagrass Oak, £74 per sq m, range evokes the look of long-lost timber washed by the waves, making it the ideal choice for any bathroom setting

A restful environment with engineered oak flooring

Many people prioritise rooms, such as kitchens and dining rooms, when planning a pre-Christmas interiors revamp. But it’s so important to include your guest bedroom too. Everyone who comes to stay needs a warm, welcoming space that’s pleasant to spend time in.

The best guest bedrooms feature an unchallenging neutral palette that won’t overwhelm or quickly date. Add interest with clever pops of colour, and think hard about those all-important little details that make an unfamiliar space more cosy and comfortable. A console table and reading light, for example, are always appreciated. Good quality bedding, a soft throw, velvet cushions and a pair of perfectly plumped pillows never go unnoticed either.

Brecon Vintage Oak Herringbone engineered oak flooring

Our Woodpecker Brecon Vintage Oak Herringbone range, £53 per sq m, combines the vibrant character of antique wood with practical waterproof properties, making it the perfect parquet for guest bedrooms

The ideal home office

Once regarded as a luxury, a dedicated home office space is now much more commonplace. A dedicated room in which to work from home really can boost concentration and productivity. Making sure that space is as inviting during the winter months as it is in the summer will certainly pay dividends too.

So, choose your colour palette wisely. Thought to instil calm and confidence, shades of blue and green are enduringly popular. Also, invest in a comfortable and supportive chair and take time to get the lighting right. Site your desk near a window to maximise daylight, and complement this with adjustable task lighting. Engineered oak flooring is a practical choice that doesn’t compromise on style.

 Berkley Cathedral Oak floor for cosy home office

The honey, caramel and cocoa tones of our Woodpecker Berkeley Cathedral Oak flooring, £150 per sq m, add warmth and texture to this contemporary home office, and coordinate perfectly with the room’s wooden shelving

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Can I install engineered wood flooring in a bathroom or basement?

Yes, you can install engineered wood flooring in bathrooms and basements, but it's essential to choose a product specifically designed for these environments. Look for engineered wood with a moisture-resistant core or backing to prevent damage from humidity or moisture. Shop from our range of engineered oak flooring to find the one that matches your interior design style.