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Discover hundreds of exceptional-quality wall and floor tiles, luxury tiles, porcelain tiles, wall and ceiling panels and engineered wood flooring to help you transform your home or project. Whether you want to create your dream space inside or out, you'll find there's a colour, material, pattern and style to suit your individual needs. 

We pride ourselves on working with some of the world's best manufacturers, from 
Ca’ PietraMinoliPlatform Plus and Bert & May to Siminetti, Original Style, Marazzi, WoodPecker flooring and Mikodam Luxury Panels. And we have handpicked a myriad of floor, wall and ceiling solutions to create one of the finest, bespoke collections of luxury tiles and wood flooring in the UK. 

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Perflex Tool Kit - Hyperion Tiles
Perflex P20 Pure White - Hyperion Tiles
Perflex P20 Seven Grey - Hyperion Tiles
Ca' Pietra Tiles - Handmade Terracotta Parquet 7.5 x 30.5 x 2cm Sold buy 1m² Marlborough Terracotta Parquet
Vendor:Ca' Pietra

Marlborough Terracotta Parquet

£78.00Unit price (£78.00  Per  m2)
Perflex P30 Snow White - Hyperion Tiles
Mono Hex Porcelain Daisy - Hyperion Tiles
Travertine Tumbled Marble - Hyperion Tiles
Perflex P20 Kaman Grey - Hyperion Tiles
Original Style Tiles - Ceramic 152 x 152mm Jet Black Skirting Tile
Oasis Ceramic White - Hyperion Tiles
Ivory Samoa Pebble Mosaics - Hyperion Tiles
Perflex P20 Light Beige - Hyperion Tiles
Perflex P20 Deep Grey - Hyperion Tiles
Wightwick Ceramic Emerald - Hyperion Tiles

Wightwick Ceramic Emerald

£78.52Unit price (£78.52  Per  m2)
White Pearl Hexagon Shell Mosaic - Hyperion Tiles
Lily Pad Porcelain Peacock - Hyperion Tiles
Colonial White Field Tile - Hyperion Tiles
Mermaid’s Garden Porcelain - Hyperion Tiles
Perflex P20 Pearl Black - Hyperion Tiles
Beige Hawaii Pebble Mosaics - Hyperion Tiles
Cuba Porcelain Infantas Blue - Hyperion Tiles
Vendor:Ca' Pietra

Cuba Porcelain Infantas Blue

£72.00Unit price (£72.00  Per  m2)
Brilliant White Skirting Tile - Hyperion Tiles
Wildflower Rose - Hyperion Tiles
Perflex P30 Cloudy Grey - Hyperion Tiles
Perflex P20 Wooden White - Hyperion Tiles
Rococo Mirror Glass Brass - Hyperion Tiles
Brompton Porcelain Borough - Hyperion Tiles
Green Balihai Pebble Mosaics - Hyperion Tiles
Unicorn Ceramic
Vendor:Ca' Pietra
Victorian Floor Black Rectangles - Hyperion Tiles
Ca' Pietra Tiles - Lily Pad Exterior Lily Pad Porcelain Tiles
Perflex P20 Aristocrat Silver Glitter - Hyperion Tiles
Victorian Floor Black Squares - Hyperion Tiles
Atlas Porcelain Denim - Hyperion Tiles
Rococo Mirror Glass Mercury - Hyperion Tiles
Marlborough Terracotta Arabesque - Hyperion Tiles
Vendor:Ca' Pietra

Marlborough Terracotta Arabesque

£85.00Unit price (£85.00  Per  m2)
Edwardian Green Field Tile - Hyperion Tiles
Minoli Tiles 6 x 24 x 1cm Luminous Lume Green

Luminous Lume Green

£37.14Unit price (£71.42  Per  m2)
Osterley Porcelain Black Square - Hyperion Tiles
Vendor:Ca' Pietra

Osterley Porcelain Black Square

£57.90Unit price (£57.90  Per  m2)