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Crafted from stone that has been quarried from where it has lain for millions of years, the Original Style Earthworks tiles collection is perfect for you if you want to immerse yourself in classic beauty and transform your interior walls and floors with natural stone that boasts unique characteristics.

The beauty and sheer versatility of natural stone — from marble and slate to limestone and granite — has been admired for many thousands of years by homeowners, designers, and architects alike.

Whether it's for a feature wall in kitchens and wet rooms or a hallway and conservatory floor, for enduring quality and fantastic good looks, Original Style Earthworks tiles are the natural choice for modern and traditional styles alike. Hyperion Tiles is a trusted supplier of tiles from Original Style UK.

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Why Choose Original Style Earthworks Tiles?

The gorgeous wall and floor tiles in the Earthworks collection are long lasting, cost effective, and versatile tile options for homes and commercial spaces because they work well with popular materials & textures such as wood, metal, glass, ceramic, and porcelain. The myriad of colours and finishes found in natural stone and its inherent features of veining and mottling make it an exceptional choice for all interior spaces.

Original Style Earthworks tiles provide a luxurious and timeless aesthetic to your kitchen. Their hand-crafted limestone tiles come in a range of styles, enabling you to create the perfect look for your kitchen. Each Original Style Earthworks tile is cut from natural limestone, giving it a unique texture and finish. This allows you to achieve a variety of looks with different textures, finishes, and colours that will bring life to your home. Original Style Earthworks tiles are durable and long lasting; they can withstand heavy traffic and endure everyday wear and tear without fading or chipping away over time. With Original Style Earthworks tiles, you’ll be sure to have a stunning kitchen space for years to come! For more information on Original Style Earthworks tiles, please visit our website. We look forward to helping you create a kitchen that is as unique and beautiful as it is functional. Thank you for choosing Original Style!

These handcrafted limestone tiles boast an impeccable standard of craftsmanship, making them the perfect choice for giving your kitchen a luxurious and timeless aesthetic. Original Style Earthworks tiles are easy to install and require minimal maintenance, so you can enjoy their beauty with ease. Each tile is designed to last for years — they won’t fade or chip over time like other materials do. With Original Style Earthworks tiles, you can have the perfect kitchen space that reflects your individual style.

While they are a particularly popular choice for kitchens, the unique characteristics and versatile styles of Earthworks Original Style wall tiles and floor tiles can enhance any residential and commercial space. Bring clean, modern elegance to commercial spaces such as restaurants or hotels and a timeless natural stone aesthetic to the walls and floors of a home.

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Our Range of Original Style Earthworks Tiles

Hyperion Tiles is a trusted stockist for Original Style tiles with an extensive Earthworks range that includes popular materials and textures such as travertine, marble, and terracotta that can transform your walls and create inspiring settings and displays. But beautiful colour palettes and eye catching textures are not the only benefits of choosing the Original Style Earthworks collection for your walls and floors.

Designed to last, this exquisite Original Style tile collection boasts strong and durable qualities to ensure you can enjoy their stunning features for years to come. Immerse yourself in timeless colours, rustic finishes, and earthy textures that bring the outdoors in with Original Style kitchen tiles, bathroom tiles, and hallway tiles from the Original Style Earthworks collection.

The Hyperion Tiles collection includes these tile options:

Earthworks Travertine Tiles

Travertine is a type of sedimentary limestone formed by hot springs that has been prized by sculptors for centuries. It is usually pale in appearance with tones ranging from off-white to bronze and features characteristic pits and holes. Our Earthworks travertine tiles are available in several sizes & finishes and are suitable for interior dry & wet walls and floors. Some tiles can also be used for hearths.

Earthworks Limestone Tiles

The Earthworks limestone tiles are made from a type of carbonate rock that has endured in popularity since as far back as 7th–6th century BC when it was used in homes in Pompeii. These tiles range in colour from light shades to deep black and feature a timeless tumbled texture for an aged and antiquated aesthetic. They are well suited for interior wet & dry floor and wall use. Most can also be used for hearths.

Earthworks Tumbled Marble Tiles

The Original Style Earthworks tumbled marble tiles are made from a crystalline, metamorphic rock that formed from limestone. These Original Style tiles are available in various sizes and feature softened, aged edges and surfaces with a colour palette ranging from subtle whites and creams to dark grey. The Earthworks tumbled marble tiles are ideal for interior wet & dry wall and floor use, as well as hearths.

Earthworks Marble Tiles

This beloved rock was prized by Hellenic artists and is loved by interior designers because of its effortless elegance. The Earthworks marble tiles are available in honed or polished finishes with distinct veining and various sizes and formats, including bevelled brickbond mosaics (marble metro tiles). The Hyperion Tiles range includes marble trims such as skirting and chair rail trims for the perfect finishing touches.

Earthworks Natural Slate Tiles

Original Style Earthworks slate tiles are made from a fine grained rock that functions perfectly as a natural floor covering. These Original Style floor tiles bring organic, earthy colours and finishes together to create a truly rustic aesthetic. With rich, dark coloured natural slate tiles in various sizes, Hyperion Tiles stocks a versatile range of Earthworks tiles for interior and exterior wet & dry floors, walls, and hearths.

Earthworks Terracotta Tiles

The ancient craft of making terracotta tiles by hand has been perfected over centuries and is adored by many because of its warm colour palette of reds, oranges, and yellows. These handmade Original Style Earthworks terracotta tiles are the perfect choice if you want to bring warmth to interiors. Hyperion Tiles stocks terracotta Earthworks tiles in square and hexagon shapes they are ideal for walls and floors.

Earthworks Stone Mosaic Tiles

From polished marbles to tumbled travertines, the Original Style Earthworks stone mosaic tiles add personality to interior spaces like few other tiles can. These bevelled brickbond stone mosaic tiles are particularly popular because they combine the beloved design of metro tiles with a touch of class that can elevate the aesthetic of any room. Earthworks stone mosaic tiles are suitable for dry & wet walls and floors.

Earthworks Dados and Trims

The dados and trims in the Original Style Earthworks collection are incredibly versatile in their use. Use them to separate tiles of different sizes, colours & textures, create stunning decorative features above and below borders, or provide finishing edges to your tiling.

Available in four different styles and two finish & material options, these trims will tie your interior spaces together with seamless finishing touches and subtle points of interest.

Ready to transform your home into a warm, welcoming space with natural stone tiles? Our Earthworks collection has just what you need! Book a visit to our tile showroom and get tile ideas, samples, and design inspiration when you experience the natural beauty of this collection in person.

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Why Choose Hyperion Tiles?

Hyperion Tiles is a trusted local Original Style tile supplier that has everything you need to bring opulence to any kitchen, bathroom, and living space in a home or commercial space.

Known for working with decorators, interior designers, and homeowners throughout the United Kingdom on high end bespoke projects for various spaces, Hyperion Tiles is a trusted tile distributor that goes above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction and quality. We are committed to providing high quality tiles and an unrivalled service with exceptional knowledge of the latest trends and technical know-how.

We stock carefully curated collections of over 15,000 wall and floor tiles from leading tile manufacturers. Alongside Original Style, we are also stockists of Bert and May tiles, Woodpecker Flooring, National Trust tiles, Minoli tiles, and Mother of Pearl tiles. Hyperion Tiles is a platinum stockist of Ca’ Pietra tiles.

Whether you want to create a rustic farm style floor in your kitchen using a tile option from the Original Style Earthworks collection or a rough textured sink cabinet backsplash using Original Style bathroom tiles, the Hyperion Tiles team comprises highly skilled tile professionals that are available to offer their extensive industry knowledge and expert advice to ensure you find the right tile for your project.

Original Style Earthworks tiles have everything your home's interior has been missing. Browse our extensive range online and order today to get free UK shipping on orders over £300.