Minoli Wood Look Porcelain Tiles

These tiles ensure you still get that warm, cosy feeling that you experience with a real wood floor but they are so much easier to maintain and will always look as good as new.

Porcelain tiles can be textured and colored to look like real wood. If you browse any of the wood effect tiles that we carry from Miinoli, you will notice that the look and feel of these tiles look like real ash, oak, or many of the other beautiful types of wood that are out there. 


Wood Look Tiles Vs. Natural Wood

Climate can be particularly detrimental to natural wood. In moist, humid climates, wood can expand or contract as it gains or loses moisture. Wood also does not expand or contract equally, which can cause it to crack. Over time, a wood floor can become uneven. Wood effect tiles are waterproof, have an attractive appearance, and do not have the cost and care associated with wood. 


Also, the price of wood has increased drastically over the last year. Minoli tiles tend to be on the higher end of tile prices, but overall, high-quality tiles will generally cost less than certain types of specialty wood. Working with wood look tile is also more eco-friendly than natural wood because certain types of wood are rarer than others.


Maintaining wood over the years is also cumbersome. You need to refinish wood every 3 to 5 years, while porcelain tile doesn’t require any type of sealing or finishing. With wood you need to clean up spills immediately. However, with tile, you don’t need to worry about spills staining the tile since it is impermeable to liquids.

Choosing the Perfect Wood Look Tile Style

One of the many benefits of using Minoli wood look tiles is how closely they look like real wood. For example, the Ignus Silver, Rose, and Ash tile styles have the same color, grain, and matted texture as their natural wood counterparts. Some different wood look tiles, like the Parquet Brown, work well on walls and floors and are actually structured to look like carefully crafted wood parquet designs. 


Ash, oak, cherry, and maple are all popular types of traditional hardwood flooring and Hyperion Tiles carries Minoli’s line of wood look tiles that emulate these perfectly. Here are some tiling projects that you might want to consider doing with wood look tiles:


  • Dining Room: Hardwood floors are most commonly found in dining rooms. You might choose a lighter shade of wood look tile to compliment darker colored furniture or vice versa.

  • Living Room: Wood look tile will look exquisite with furniture that is spaced evenly around a room. Sometimes, a nice throw or rug can be placed in the center of the room. 

  • Bedroom: Wood look tiles can contribute to a cooler bedroom in place of a carpeted floor. 

  • Entryways and Kitchens: You can also use wood look tiles in these areas of your home, since porcelain is resistant to water. In a kitchen, wood look tiles can look great when used with stone countertops. 


If you own a business, wood look tiles also look great in restaurants and other establishments and can also better accommodate the high foot traffic.