What Types of Tiling Projects Can You Do in Your Home Beyond the Kitchen?

Tiles are increasingly becoming popular in enhancing the aesthetic appeal of homes. Modern Minoli Tiles are suitable for both exterior and interior finishing as they are durable and relatively affordable. Tiles are also versatile, and you can customize them as much as you want. Whether you want rectangular or circular shapes, your supplier can easily craft tiles to meet your specific needs, preferences, and specifications.


It is essential to note that most modern tiles feature recycled products as their primary construction materials. Thus, the more you explore different tile applications, the more you’re promoting a greener world. Other reasons that may prompt you to choose Minoli Tiles over other finishing materials include the luxury ambiance they exude. Tiles made from precious stones can embody your taste and class. What are the other home tiling projects that you can do apart from kitchen applications? Take a look at the following:

Tiles for Wall Finishing

Tile applications for walls are nearly endless as they are ideal for both interior and exterior use. You can use patterned tiles to highlight artistic designs in your living room. You don’t have to tile the entire place. Moreover, 3-D printed tiles can blend well with any interior color décor. You only need to watch out for easy-to-clean materials that will protect your walls from stains or discoloration. In the long haul, you’ll have fewer expenses towards wall repairs and repainting.


You can also use Minoli Tiles to add pop-up colors to the children’s bedroom. This creates a child-friendly ambiance that enhances the kid’s mood and creativity. Most importantly, colored tiles are permanent and less-susceptible to pet and kids' scratches. Installing tiles to your exterior walls will enhance the house’s construction materials' longevity. Tiles do not absorb heat and can significantly enhance energy efficiency to reduce your bills.


When shopping for wall cladding tiles, the color, size, and shape choices are purely aesthetic. It will depend on your budget, existing interior and exterior décor, material availability, and ease of installation.


Your floor is an essential part of your house as it speaks much about your living space. Thus, choosing the right type of floor finishing is essential. You would want something sturdy and durable enough to withstand the weight and pressure of your home assets. Flooring tiles feature high-grade clay and porcelain materials to enhance their longevity even in heavy-duty use. A typical porcelain tile floor will last for up to 50 years, depending on the quality of installation and your maintenance habits.


Well-installed tile floors help create a long-lasting impression among visiting guests. The first impression matters a lot, especially if you are vocal about your taste, style, and preferences. You can access a variety of classy tiles that are less susceptible to chips and cracks. Your floor will maintain a pristine condition all-year-round. White-colored tiles are easy to clean and will hardly show any stains. The secret to high-quality tile flooring is proper installation and healthy maintenance habits.

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Bathroom Applications

Any homeowner would like a bathroom that is always clean and fresh to enhance the general hygiene of their homes. Modern tiles are increasingly becoming popular in bathroom walls and floors because they are easy to clean and less prone to dirt and stains. Forget about scrubbing your bathroom floors with all sorts of DIY chemicals to achieve a spotless space. Installing Ca'Pietra Tile floors and walls in your bathroom can save you time and money in the long haul. Investing in a sizable budget now means years of hassle-free maintenance.


It is also essential to note that modern bathroom tiles come with innovative germ-free technologies like antimicrobial properties. Bacteria like fungi and mold will not have a room in your washrooms. Moreover, you can access different textures that enhance your safety when taking baths. Bathroom tiles are economical in the long run, especially when you opt for customization options. Some of their advantages compared to typical concrete flooring include different color options, water-resistance, and application ease.

Walkways and Wet Areas

Walkways can be pretty dangerous, especially after heavy rains. Moreover, they should always be clean to match the look of your manicured lawns. Modern tiles are highly recommended for contemporary walkways and exteriors sit-out points. The rugged texture makes these tiles safe in all seasons. Most exterior tiles are heat-resistant and can withstand string UV exposure without losing color or expanding to break. Depending on your maintenance habits, walkways tiles can last up to three or four decades.


Experienced exterior designers recommend porcelain tiles for walkways because they are dense and stronger for long-term use. When buying tiles for wet areas, be keen to choose anti-skid properties. Different tiles have varying textures for multiple applications.

You would also like tile materials with fewer gloss properties to minimize the chances of slipping when wet. For paving and landscape borders, you can opt for quarry and precious stone tiles. These tiles are resistant to water and have durable strength that will last for ages. However, it is essential to note that customized exterior tiles will cost more than regular.


A vital saving tip for your walkway tiles is going for large-sized materials, meaning you’ll need a lesser number to cover larger spaces. You can also settle for tiles with recycled products as the primary construction material because they are relatively affordable.


Roofing Tiles

Have you ever contemplated installing roofing tiles? Clay roofing tiles have a reputation for longevity and durability. They can withstand the harshest weather conditions throughout the year with a suitable coating. Besides material type, other factors that enhance roofing tiles' lifespan include high-quality installation and a regular maintenance schedule.


Modern roofing tiles like solar shingles can enhance energy economy and keep your roofing structure free of moisture. That means you can enjoy a longer lifespan with little to zero bacteria infestation. Most importantly, you can have access to a secondary electric power source in case of unexpected blackouts. Solar shingles are relatively costly compared to typical roofing tiles.


Other tiles that will give your roof a natural, ecological look include ceramic, copper, and composite. You can also opt for metal and stone tiles if you are willing to break the bank. However, these materials reflect your money’s value as they can last up to 100 years. You can opt for slate for a quick fix-it option but be ready for regular repairs and maintenance because they are susceptible to intense heat and water damage. Even so, they come at a fraction cost of metallic and stone tiles.


Other benefits for roofing tiles include soundproof capabilities. You can enjoy a quiet weekend even when staying by the roadside or in a busy neighborhood. If you live in a bushfire-prone area, roofing tiles sound like the best option because they are fire-resistant. Most importantly, these tiles come in different colors for varying aesthetic preferences. They are stain, rust, and dust-resistant to preserve the original colors for ages.

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DIY interior Décor

Do you have a wild imagination for your interior décor? You don’t need an interior designer to help you choose beautiful tile colors to create various inspirational designs for interior décor. For instance, you could use different color patterns to create a tile centerpiece in your living room. It could be a risky idea but will create an unmatched uniqueness if done well. You only need expert installation services that will not damage the existing structure. You would also want to pick patterns that match your wall colors and furniture.


Another creative DIY design is going for tiles with unusual patterns. Porcelain tile materials are easy to craft, and your designer can incorporate inspirational patterns like printed fabric. This can be anything, including plants and animal animations.

However, such types of tile materials are ideal for an outdoor patio. Briefly, tiles give you endless options when it comes to innovative DIY décor. Besides going at relatively affordable rates, tiles are durable compared to regular decorations.


Wet Bar Countertops

Wet bars gained popularity in the early 1980s, and most modern homes don’t feature any designs. However, that doesn’t mean that you have limited options for creating a luxurious ambiance that allows you to catch up on your favorite weekend sports while sipping on wine. The most notable feature in any wet bar includes the countertop. You can use tile finishing on wet bat countertops to achieve unique and opulent designs that echo your style, taste, and standards. In that case, you would want to go for precious stone tiles.


Modern tiles are resistant to water, and you’ll always enjoy a durable countertop that is free of stains and rust. You can also benefit from antimicrobial properties to keep germs at bay if you opt for customized options. Other benefits of tiles on wet bar countertops include simple cleaning and maintenance needs. Their sturdy construction also makes them less prone to cracks and chips resulting from broken bottles. Tile finishing doesn’t limit the fun you have when drinking at home.

Poolside Finishing

Whether it's indoor or outdoor pools, luxurious tile finishing by the sides gives your pool a prominent look. You also enjoy an array of design possibilities giving you endless customization options. When choosing poolside tiles, go for a texture that gives you anti-skid properties to prevent slipping when the surface is wet. You can also opt for Mediterranean color inspirations that embody aquatic life.


However, it is essential to note that poolside tiles are relatively expensive compared to other finishing materials. Even so, they reflect your money’s value through durability and little maintenance needs.

Fireplace Façade

How hot do you like your fireplace? If your fireplace application doesn’t exceed 80° C, then you can add stone-stacked tiles to the exterior walls of your fireplace façade. Say goodbye to expensive masonry projects that require detailed designing to match with the rest of your interior décor. You’ll get the exact look of a stone fireplace without breaking the bank. Moreover, a high-quality, artistic design will still feature rough-edged rocks' texture to give you the real experience of firestone finishing. These tiles are naturally beautiful and will steal the show when guests are around without creating a distraction.


The best and relatively affordable material for your fireplace façade includes porcelain tile. However, you’ll need to ensure that the tile in question fulfills the standards for heat-safe or tempered material for the fireplace. Watch out for suppliers who offer tiling options certified by the Porcelain Tile Certification Agency (PTCA). That way, you can install durable tiles that attract fewer maintenance costs and guarantee your family’s safety.


Exterior Patio

Lastly, you might also want to use a high-quality Ca'Pietra Tile for your exterior patio. These tiles are beautiful and come in a plethora of colors to complement your landscape design. When looking for exterior patio tiles, go for texture and anti-skid properties. These features enhance friction when walking on the tiles to minimize slipping chances, even when the surface is wet. All your family members and pets will be safe.


Home tiling projects for an exterior patio attract fewer maintenance costs. They are easier to clean and will last for ages while maintaining their pristine appearance. Some prevalent exterior patio tile applications include driveways, parking areas, and sit-out areas. The best thing about using tile finishing in these areas is that you can blend as many colors and sizes as possible to achieve customized décor patterns and geometrics art.

Ca'Pietra Tile for exterior patio gives you endless designing options. It is a perfect way of creating an ample ambiance to enjoy your luxuries in peace.


Wrapping It Up

There are many home tiling projects that you can do this summer to enhance your home's appearance. Tiles are generally durable and will reflect your money’s value in the long haul. This list creates a bucket list of projects that you would want to accomplish by the end of the year. You would like an experienced supplier with all types of stock lists. That way, you can access a plethora of sizes, colors, and sizes that complement your other décor. The knowledge that we have just shared with you will help you create your dreams' ideal home.