The Benefits of Buying Minoli and Ca'Pietra Tiles

Minoli and Ca'Pietra Tiles are among the best regarded tiles on offer in the United Kingdom, and the Hyperion showrooms in Ascot and Marlow features some of the finest design displays you’ll find anywhere. The tiles include natural stone, porcelain and ceramic tiles for floors and walls in the latest designs.


Ca'Pietra Tiles for an Impressive Decorating Style


The Ca'Pietra Stone and Tile Collection features natural stone tiles and ceramic tile designs that put the “wow” factor into home design. As a family owned business, Ca'Pietra has more than 30 years of experience dealing with top UK architects, designers and home builders, and that experience inspires new and innovative designs that mimic the beauty of nature.


The Benefits of Large Format Porcelain Tiles


Ca'Pietra porcelain collections feature tiles of all shapes, sizes, colours and designs, but the company specialises in going beyond what its competitors offer. A recent innovation that can definitely create a stunning focal point in your home’s design is large format marble tiles that are available in sizes that range from 1,200mm by 2,700mm.


The Benefits of Ca'Pietra Tiles Over Its Competitors


The benefits of Ca'Pietra Tiles over its competitors include the vast selection of natural stone , ceramic and porcelain tiles. The company also manufactures these tiles in a big range of sizes, colours and designs that are divided into collections of similar and complementary tiles.


The company enjoys the greatest respect in a highly competitive industry, and locally, Hyperion offers two showrooms to view some of the collections. The company also stocks its own inventory to speed up deliveries. The Technical Helpline is a big benefit for clients, and the combination of shopping advantages leaves Ca’Pietro’s competitors in a distinctly unfavourable position.


Natural Stone Tiles from Ca'Pietra


Natural stone tiles from Ca'Pietra include sandstone, limestone, marble and slate in slate in mosaic or flagstone formats. Natural stone provides the following benefits for designers and homeowners:


  • Each Tile Is Unique
    Stone goes through the millennia picking up patterns from environmental influences, which makes each tile a unique work of art. Stone provides endless choices of designs, patterns and colours, and each style changes somewhat depending on the finish.

  • Durability
    Stone stands up to pressure spills, high traffic and ordinary wear. The primary choice for long-lasting flooring for centuries, many ancient buildings still feature their original floors and stonework.

  • Temperature Control
    Stone has the ability to moderate room temperatures, providing a cooling effect in warm weather. In cold weather you can add a heating system for your floors to ensure that your room stays toasty. Stone tends to hold heat, so heating the floors often serves to heat the whole room.

  • Ease of Cleaning
    Dirt and grime are easy to sweep, vacuum or wipe up, and stone doesn’t harbor allergens, which makes it the ideal flooring choice for people with allergies.

  • Value-added Benefits
    Stone floors add value and appeal to your home in excess of your investment. Stone is a coveted choice of flooring that your friends and neighbours will envy.



Ca'Pietra stone tiles add a touch of sophistication and elegance to any room, and the beauty of stone floors is timeless. That means you won’t have to upgrade your floors because stone never goes out of fashion and matches almost any decorating scheme. Natural stone also fosters a feeling of space, which can help open up small areas.


You can choose from elegant marble tiles, travertine, polished limestone and classic slate. If you're passionate about home décor, design and style, choosing natural stone flooring makes a signature design statement with a choice of textures, finishes, patterns, colours and effects.


Porcelain and Ceramic Tiles


The Ca'Pietra of porcelain and ceramics tiles complement the colours and design patterns of natural stone. Some of the tiles are spot-on matches of stone-cut tiles, and others unique shadings of colour and tiles with dazzling geometric patterns. All the tiles are complemented by a choice of finishes and textures to complement contemporary, rustic or traditional decorating themes.


Transforming a Room or Home with Decorative Tile


Whether you want a functional and aesthetically pleasing kitchen, waterproof bathroom of an upgrade to your home with a fresh appearance, ceramic and porcelain tiles provide the broad strokes of design around which you can build your personal style with a strong focal point and clever enhancements.


The selection of tiles is vast, and Ca'Pietra provides free samples so that you can judge the colours and pattern with a critical eye in the right lighting. The collections draw on inspiration from styles all over the world, which is why the tiles are a first choice of top designers, architects, homeowners and influencers.


A Brief Glimpse Behind the Curtains


You won’t have to wait for your order to be shipped to us and them to your home because we carry a full line of inventory to facilitate faster deliveries. You can call our Technical Helpline at 01380 735885 for answers to your questions. Unlike our competitors, we carry tiles in a vast array of sizes and shapes to suit your design ambitions.


Examples of Ca'Pietra Style: The Lily Pad Collection


The Lily Pad Collection takes advantage of an interlocking hexagonal design that’s dramatic and fresh. You can choose from the deep grey tones of Stella’s Smoke, or lighten the design of your room with Lily Pad in Plaster, one of three pink shades in the collection. The two styles complement each other as well for a sympathetic duality approach in your bathroom or shared dressing room.


One interesting idea is using the colours to create a feature wall with the bathtub in front of it for a relaxing view. Stella’s Smoke provides a neutral touch of elegance, but you might prefer Lily Pad in Plaster for its warm peach tones -- pink without being overly sweet and precious, which is perfect for creating an oasis of calm and clarity for retreating from the cares of everyday life.


Pink and grey aren’t the only colours. If you’re partial to the brightness of yellow shades, Lily Pad Custard delivers a ray of life-affirming sunshine to the kitchen or bathroom. The tiles are suitable for walls or floors, and they make an especially good first impression when used in entranceway and hallway floors.


The traditional colour pairings for Lily Pad Custard include colours like Stella’s Smoke or Brook’s Black to give your kitchen a sleek, modern look. How much of each tile to use is your choice. Using the custard colour in a minimal way highlights walls behind counters or stoves. Here’s a dramatic idea: Use Custard on the floor with a kitchen island dressed in sleek Brook’s Black.


Lily Pad New Leaf tiles create a stunning appearance when used on bathroom floors with a roll-top tub painted in Carter’s Rose, one of the muted pinks in the Lily Pad Collection. Carter’s Rose delivers a warmer shade of pink that harmonises with New Leaf for a striking contrast in shades.


If you have a small bathroom without a tub, you might consider finishing the walls in eggshell, andnusing New Leaf tiles on the floors. Putting some live greenery in the room helps tie the floors and walls together thematically.


Choose Lily Pad Peacock if you want to show off your bathroom in a proud but sophisticated manner. The colour is not too busy to use on both the floor and walls, but you can also match the Peacock shade with Charlotte’s Whisper, an understated grey that compliments the Peacock perfectly.


These are just a few examples of design ideas with the Lily Pad Collection, and there are dozens of collections from which to choose.


The Minoli Line of Rich Stone and Wood Effects


Minoli tiles transform your world with rich stone and wood effects that are difficult to identify as natural or manufactured. For example, you can see traces of layers of fossils and shells when you examine the authentic stone effects of these tiles, regardless of whether they’re used on interior or exterior surfaces.


The company was founded in 1960, and it remains in Minoli family hands to this day. When Minoli first started in the late 1940s, the company focused on producing and installing Terrazzo, but it relocated to Oxford where it expanded into Italian ceramics.


Signature Looks that Compare Favourably to Natural Stone and Wood


Minoli, as one of the United Kingdom’s premier tile distributors, supplies tile to the highest level of designers, contractors and quality-focused private owners who demand the best. Minoli tiles deliver on that implicit promise by providing tiles for floors and walls that transcend functionality to make a design statement.


The tiles come in four major categories: marble look, stone look, wood look and concrete look, and the benefits of ceramic tiles over natural products include:


  • Longer lasting finishes that resist wear better than other brands

  • Low levels of maintenance

  • Beautiful tiles in myriad designs, colours and tile sizes

  • Perfect for high-traffic areas

  • Highly durable and moisture-resistant

  • Easy to clean



Quality tiles for the floor and walls aren’t just functional but aesthetically pleasing. You can use these tiles to make a signature design statement in luxury homes, bathrooms, kitchens and other living spaces. The company’s relationships with other top manufacturers make it easy to incorporate design innovations when working with other high-end companies.


Embellishments that Make Minoli Stand Out


From big porcelain tiles to 3D wall designs, Minoli tiles allow you to express your creative side with more options than its competitors. If you’re dreaming of a white marble bathroom, but your budget won’t cover the cost of genuine marble, you can design a better bathroom at a more sensible price. Minoli’s Crystal White-Bianco line has an optional Calcutta Marble effect for both floor and wall tiles in a highly polished finish.


Beautiful Minoli tiles stand out in every area from functionality to appearance. You can get ceramic tiles with the look of rich, dark woods for elegant spaces or lighter blonde hues for a lighter decorative touch. The tile looks natural, incorporating wood grain, the natural variances of stone, the elegant finishes of marble and the wide range of styles available in today’s decorative concrete.


Maintaining your floors becomes easy when you choose Minoli floor tiles. You get all of the beauty of hardwood floors without the intensive need to maintain it. The tiles don’t require any special sealing, and water wipes off easily. Choosing porcelain tile floors for bathrooms, kitchens, mudrooms and entryways provides great protection, easy cleanups and water-resistance.


Stunning Look of Porcelain


Porcelain tiles look truly stunning, and you have a great selection from which to choose. There are literally hundreds of designs available in different colours and finishes, so you can create impressive focal points or match existing design elements in your home.


Porcelain tiles have a delicate, complex appearance, but the high-quality materials used and long firing process ensures strength and durability. The result is a sturdy tile that has the look and feel of understated luxury products. Minoli porcelain tiles can totally transform a space into a showplace in which you can take the greatest pride.


Hyperion Specialises in Showcasing Ca'Pietra and Minoli Tiles


Hyperion gives you a choice of two showrooms where you can view sample displays of Ca'Pietra and Minoli natural stone and ceramic tiles. The company operates a Technical Helpline to assist you as well as offering technical information on its website at www.hyperiontiles.co.uk.


The showrooms are located in Marlow at 72 West Street, Buckinghamshire, and Ascot at 67 High Street, Berkshire. Telephone enquiries for the Helpline can be made Monday-Thursday 8am to 5pm and 8am to 4:30pm on Fridays at 01380 735886.


Hyperion maintains its own inventory, so you can get the tile you need quickly. The company heartily recommends getting more tiles than you need to cover floors or walls because installation always results in damage to some of the tiles.