Minoli Stone Look Porcelain Tiles

So many styles and finishes to choose from to help give the true effect of stone but without the care required for natural stone.

Tumbled or rectified edging gives an even more authentic stone effect.

Stone look tiles from Minoli are a great fit if you are looking for a style in your home that matches stone. Stone tiles can be prohibitive for people for a variety of reasons. Many homeowners might not have the remodeling budget for the cost of stone. It is also cold, slippery, and brittle. In some situations, stone tile may require structural updates to support it. Stone is also very porous and will need to be sealed. Additionally, the maintenance requirements of stone are very specific. 

Where Can You Use Stone Look Minoli Tiles? 


Depending upon the type of stone, stone tiles have limited recommended uses. If you wanted stone tile in your kitchen, the only real possible solution would be granite, since it’s not very porous. Stones like travertine, marble, and limestone might work well on floors, walls, and some countertops. Stone tiles are also limited to being used outdoors because of the climate and temperature changes throughout the year. In fact, slate is one of the only stones that will endure temperature changes and the weather. 


On the other hand, stone look porcelain tiles can be used virtually anywhere. Porcelain tends to work very well in moisture-prone areas, like bathrooms, and kitchens. Porcelain tiles actually are a great option for certain rooms where you might install a laminate, which can warp and buckle with moisture and humidity. 


You can also use Minoli stone look tiles outdoors for virtually any type of project. Porcelain is virtually impenetrable and will hold up to virtually any weather condition. If you live in an area where the temperature drops during the winter, porcelain will not crack due to the cold. Over the years, stone can lose its color as it attracts dirt and moisture. During the firing process, the color material bonds with the porcelain so that it does not fade. 

Benefits of Stone Look Minoli Tiles 

There are several different reasons to consider stone look tiles, beyond the cosmetic appeal. These include:


  • Ease of Installation: Porcelain tiles are made with precise dimensions that they can fit together easily. They are also level (unlike natural stone), lightweight, and easy to transport and lay. Stone look tiles are also easy to cut, if you want to blend a smaller tile with a large tile format to create a design in a room.

  • Slip Resistance: Stone like tiles are also slip resistant because they are available in a wide array of COFs (coefficients of friction).  

  • Easy to Maintain: Stone look tiles are also very easy to maintain. Stone needs to be sealed and cleaned with a special solution, while porcelain tiles only need to be cleaned regularly with a mild soap and water mixture. 


Choose Stone Look Minoli Tiles From Hyperion Tiles

If you are looking for stone look tiles, consider Hyperion Tiles. Our stone effect tiles are available in different textures, like matt, and colors that stimulate real stone. By choosing stone effect tiles, you will be able to save money and time on maintenance while having a luxurious look and feel that emulates high-quality stone.