Ca'Pietra Stone & Cement Effect Porcelain Tiles

The look and feel of stone and cement is easily replicated in this stunning range of tiles which is virtually stain proof with no need for sealing or ongoing maintenance. The longevity of the tiles means you can use them in large-scale schemes as a more cost-effective stone or cement effect solution.

Ca'Pietra makes marvelous stone and cement effect porcelain tiles. Many people marvel over natural stone and cement floors, but don't realize how much these types of floors cost and how difficult they are to maintain. As a rule of thumb, porcelain tiles are about 50% to 75% cheaper than natural stone and cement.

Why Buy Ca'Pietra Stone and Cement Effect Tiles?


Stone and cement effect tiles come in many colors and different size to fit your home decor. The texture is not only wonderful but the tiles are easy to clean and maintain. You do not need to use any special cleaning methods and there is no chipping paint or wear and tear.

The colors, pattern, textures, and sizes are limitless. These tiles come in every color imaginable and are very easy to clean up after installation. You will be amazed at the realistic look and how these tiles look like wood, stone and cement.

Natural stone and concrete floors have many drawbacks. For example, you will need to use a sealant and refresh the sealant over the years. Spills can cause permanent damage to stone. Also, high-traffic areas need to be protected with mats and area rugs.

Where Can You Use Stone and Cement Effect Tiles?


You will find many uses for these tiles in the kitchen, bathroom, living and anywhere that you want a realistic stone or concrete flooring effect. You can place these tiles in high traffic areas and will not have to be concerned about wear and tear or spills. You can use these tiles indoors and outdoors.

Stone and cement effect tiles will look great in your bathroom. Natural stone can be easily damaged by water, so stone effect tiles are a great option if you are worried about efflorescence.

Ca'Pietra porcelain tiles are an ideal pick for wet spaces like kitchens, bathrooms and entry areas. They also look great on accent walls in modern shower boxes to provide texture and depth. These tiles look real and are an inexpensive way to add elegance to any design in your home.

Using Concrete and Stone Effect Tiles Outdoors


Ca'Pietra stone effect and concrete effect tiles are perfect for outdoor use because they are largely weather proof and easy to clean. Some unique outdoor tile ideas include:

  • Replacing wood decking surfaces, concrete, and stone with porcelain tiles of the same effect.

  • Using stone-effect tiles in combination with wood for the ideal patio flooring.

  • Replacing concrete, brick and stone in your walkway with stone effect tiles.

  • Creating a rustic look by using cobblestone effect stone tiles.

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The experts at Hyperion Tiles know that you want to create a beautiful and unique design for your home. Whether you are looking for something more elegant, yet affordable, Ca'Pietra tiles from our showroom will make all the difference in your home.