A Guide To Selecting the Right Type Of Tile For Various Home Tiling Projects

Hyperion Tiles is the leading provider of Minoli, Ca’Pietra and other types of tiles in the United Kingdom. We have a wide variety of tiles available for virtually any project in your home. There are things you can do just outside of tiling your bathroom or kitchen. Learn about picking the right tiles from our catalog for any type of home tiling project.

Tiling your Bathroom

If you are tiling your bathroom, there are a couple of different considerations to keep in mind that will help you pick the right combination of tiles:

Pick Your Must-Have Tile First


If you are thinning about starting a bathroom tiling project, you probably have the perfect color/design in mind. Sometimes, that tile is really unique or beautiful and sometimes it is just a simple plain tile. Pick your must-have tile and use that as the starting point for the other tile that you will use in your bathroom renovation. 

Limit Yourself To Two Or Three Designs/Colors

Your must-have tile will help you choose your other colors/patterns. Your choice of accent tiles will revolve around that must-have tile. If your must-have tile is a plain color, you might want to consider some tiles with more of a colorful or design-oriented accent. 


Remember that when selecting your tiles, you are going to typically have a floor tile, a tile that goes around your shower/tub, and potentially even bathroom wall tiles. These tiles will all need to complement one another in terms of design/color. 

Maintenance Should Be a Deciding Factor

Remember that your bathroom has the potential to be wet frequently, so you are going to want a tile that is very maintenance-free, especially if you do not like cleaning. Porcelain tiles are going to do the job best when it comes to keeping your bathroom looking luxurious with a minimal amount of daily cleaning. By and far, porcelain tiles are going to be the lowest level of maintenance required for any type of bathroom tile. Other types of tile, like stone, will require sealing. 


Let Large Format Tiles Be a Consideration In Your Bathroom Design


Large format tiles are trending in terms of design. If you use a larger cut of tiles on the main floor, you can cut the tile down further to make a more slip-free tile surface.

Tiling Your Kitchen

Tiling one’s kitchen is probably one of the more popular home renovation projects. As always, you’ll want to choose that one perfect tile to base your design off of, but there are some other considerations to take into account when tiling your kitchen. 

What Are You Going To Tile? 


There are several different places where you can place tile in your kitchen. Most people only think that they are going to tile their floor, but it is possible to place tile behind your stove, as an underside to your cabinets or even the countertop.

Use the Right Type of Tile 

There are a plethora of different tiles that you can use that are made from a wide variety of different materials. Stone, vinyl, porcelain, and even bamboo are some of the materials that can be used for a kitchen tiling project. Glass tiles also exist, but are more commonly used for walls and backsplashes. For a high-use room, porcelain tile is going to be the easiest to maintain. Other types of tile will also break down faster over the years, like vinyl, and stone tile will need to be sealed. Porcelain tiles, by and far, are going to give you the most mileage in the kitchen.

Remember To Budget Accordingly

A smaller budget will bring you affordability, but not always quality. If you are wanting durable, easy-to-maintain porcelain tiles, you are going to pay more for your tile.


Remember To Consider How Much Your Family Uses the Kitchen

When choosing a floor tile, remember to choose something that has a high coefficient of friction. Porcelain tiles and ceramic tiles pool water more easily, which makes them more slippery. If you want to go with these tiles, you might want to consider a tile that has a slightly raised pattern or texture for a safer kitchen floor. 


One again, larger tile formats might be good for certain areas of the floor in your kitchen. Where you want to make it slip roof, smaller cuts can be used from your larger tiles sections. 


A porcelain tile will make for a great countertop since it is durable, can withstand a fair amount of heat, and can be easily cleaned.


Do Whatever You’d Like With Your Tile Backsplash


By and far, porcelain is the best material for your tile backsplash. You can use any color that you’d like as well as any design as long as it matches the rest of your kitchen. You can also choose different materials if you’d like, since the backsplash doesn’t take a lot of heavy traffic or use.

Tiling Your Bedroom 


Many people don’t think of a bedroom as an appropriate place for floor tiling, but there are several different ways that you can use it to spruce up your bedroom and make it more modern. Tile is often viewed as sterile, hard, cold, and durable, but if you think outside of the box, you will find that porcelain tile is great for radiant heating. Newer types of tile in the porcelain format will also create a warm and comfortable tone in the bedroom. Porcelain tiles, when the right color is used, can even resemble wood or bamboo. 


In the UK, tile manufacturers have become increasingly good at making porcelain tiles that have the look of different types of wood, such as oak, walnut, cherry, pine and other types of woods. When the tiles are shaped like planks, they look more like a wood floor. 

Using Porcelain Tile Outside of Your Home

Porcelain tile can be used outside of your home for a wide variety of tiling projects. For example, you can use porcelain tiles on your patio. The only thing that you have to worry about when using porcelain tiles outdoors is the actual thickness of the tiles. Generally speaking, tiles that are about 10 mm in thickness are going to be more fragile than thicker tiles. If you select porcelain tiles that are 15 to 20 mm in thickness you should be okay to use porcelain tiles for various outdoor tiling projects, like your patio. There are several different benefits to using porcelain tiles for your outdoor projects, including:


  • Porcelain tile is strong and can handle the weight of heavier patio furniture (use thicker tiles if you are going to be using your patio frequently).

  • These tiles will look good for many years and can weather the outdoor elements.

  • Porcelain tiles are frostproof. Different types of stone tiles, if they are not sealed will crack with sudden changes to colder temperatures.

  • Your porcelain tiles will retain their stained color particularly well if they are used outdoors.

  • Porcelain tile tends to be much better calibrated, meaning the edges are generally straighter and will line up with one another better.

  • Many of the tiles offered by Hyperion Tiles have a profiling added to them so that you don’t have to worry about them being slippery when they are wet.

  • With porcelain tiles, it is easy to create flow between your interior and exterior if you have a walkway that you also have tiled. 


Using Porcelain Tiles For Your Dining Room 


Porcelain tiles can also make your dining room look very modern. Some of the different ways that you can use porcelain tiles to enhance your dining room include:


  • Creating a border around your dining room tile with two or more cement tiles will help you make your dining room more extravagant. You can use a porcelain tile that is styled like wood for the rest of the floor. 

  • Many dining rooms are neutral in color. By using a colorful porcelain tile, you can add a fun pattern to sustain interest in your dining room. 

  • You can also keep your dining room low-maintenance by adding some of the floor-styled porcelain styles that we carry. Porcelain tile is easy to take care of and will often do better than wood in high traffic areas like your dining room. 

Tiling Your Garage


Another area of your home that you can use porcelain tiles in is your garage. Porcelain tile is often used in car showrooms and is very durable. It can withstand heavy loads, and over time, can be just as durable as concrete. If you decide to tile your garage, it is recommended that you use larger format tiles. 

Some Other Tiling Ideas to Spruce Up the Look and Feel Of Your Home


As mentioned above in your bathroom, using larger format tiles in cuts can do wonders to create slip proof surfaces. That being said, you can work with cuts of larger tile formats to create unique geometric patterns if your tiles are of alternating colors. Let’s look at some other ideas to add some unique aesthetics to your next tiling project.


  1. Add a carpet throw if you are going to place pieces of furniture, like a table on your tiled floor. This can also add some added protection for your porcelain tile.

  2. Emulate a carpet throw or a rug on your next tiled floor to add a more unique design. For example, if you are tiling the entryway to your home, you could use a swath of colors to add some extra decor.

  3. Some of our other unique tiling ideas include three-dimensional shapes, retro star designs, and peacock designs will make your next tiling project stand out.


Which Type of Porcelain Tile Texture Will You Need?


When choosing your porcelain tile, you will want to think about texture. There are two different types of tiles that you get in this regard, textured and smooth. The scientific term used to explain tile texture is called COF, or coefficient of friction. The higher the number, the more textured the tile is. When picking tiles and looking at their COF, here are some things to think about:


  • If you want a particular tile, but it is too smooth, you can often get a higher COF by using smaller cuts in areas that need to be sliproof.

  • Many tiles are now textured during the manufacturing process, meaning that porcelain tiles may not be that slippery if they have a higher COF.

  • Areas of your home where there might be the possibility for pooling liquid, like the bathroom or kitchen, should likely have a higher COF. 


Taking Care Of Your Porcelain Tile


A lot of people buy porcelain tile but need help understanding how to take care of it. As a rule of thumb, you should never do the following:


  • Use a cleaner such as ammonia or bleach, as this can strip the color.

  • Use oil detergents or was cleaners.

  • Use cleaners that contain dye or coloring.

  • Use steel wool or other abrasive surfaces to clean your porcelain tile.


To take care of your porcelain tile, there are a couple of steps that you can take if you want to clean it correctly:


  • You should sweep and vacuum any dirt or loose debris on the tile.

  • Use a mop that is dampened with warm/hot water to clean the surface.

  • You may elect to use a water/vinegar solution.

  • After your rinse and mop the floor after applying the vinegar solution, you should dry with a towel or microfiber cloth.


Taking care of your porcelain tile will make sure that you have the perfect shine that means your tile is always looking new. To find the til that is perfect for your home, look no further than Hyperion Tiles, LTD.