Porcelain Tiles Buckinghamshire & Berkshire

One of the most popular tile choices of many home-owners or property developers alike is the
porcelain range. At Hyperion Tiles, we work with some of the finest porcelain manufacturers to offer
you the highest quality range of porcelain in varying sizes, colours and patterns.

This cost-effective option is hard wearing, requires no sealing or specialist after-care and is ideal for
use with underfloor heating. The variety of stock that we hold means that you can also complement
any scheme whether wood flooring or natural stone with a luxurious porcelain tile from our
extensive range.

Porcelain tiles are a popular choice for many homeowners and property developers alike. Porcelain is the perfect material for flooring, requiring no sealing or after-care because it's so hardy. It's also more affordable than other materials like marble or granite which means you can do larger floor areas. At Hyperion Tiles we work with manufacturers to offer you the highest quality range of porcelain in varying sizes, colours and patterns. We also have a variety of stock, which means you can complement your wood flooring or natural stone with porcelain tiles from our extensive range.

Projects for Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain tiles are great for the bathroom and kitchen, but they can also be used in a wide variety of other rooms as well. For example, some types of porcelain tiles may be used to create a modern-looking living room or dining room. Porcelain tiles can also be used for spaces like hallways, walkways, and other areas of your home. If using porcelain tiles in your living room, you may want to consider centralizing your furniture and using a tiling pattern that accentuates your placement of key furniture, like tables, sofas, and chairs.

Benefits of Using Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain tile has many benefits. For example, it is highly resistant to wear and will last longer than ceramic and other surface floorings. Porcelain tiles are highly beneficial for areas that will be subject to high traffic. They are also extremely moisture resistant and easy to clean.

Where To Buy Porcelain Tiles

You can easily buy porcelain tiles online from Hyperion Tiles, LTD. If you place an order with us, we will try to have it shipped to you within 1 to 2 working days if we have it in stock. We also have a showroom conveniently located in Berkshire.

What Brands of Porcelain Tile Are Available?

Hyperion Tiles has a wide array of porcelain tiles available. We carry Minoli and Ca'Pietra tiles, which come in a plethora of different varieties. Some of our other porcelain tiles are also a great fit for your next project and include:

  • Provence Porcelain Tiles: These styles come in a dazzling array of different effects, including emulating French stone.

  • Rhine Porcelain Tiles: These tiles look great in office spaces, living rooms, kitchens, and emulate the natural look and feel of stone.

  • Hampshire Porcelain Tiles: These tiles come in an array of different shapes and will work well in any kitchen or bathroom tiling project.

  • Blenheim Porcelain Tiles: This is a wonderfully affordable porcelain stone tile that comes in different stone-like textures. This variety works wonderfully in kitchens and other areas of your home, like near a fireplace, due to their modern design.

Porcelain Tiles For Your Home

Work with Hyperion Tiles if you are looking for affordable porcelain tiles. We offer every type of porcelain tile that you need for your next home improvement project.