Minoli Marble Look Porcelain Tiles

Clever craftsman techniques give these tiles the intriguing, luxurious look of marble with the natural looking veins, and the feel they need without the expense of actual marble.

Minoli marble look tiles are ideal for transforming any room of your home into a luxurious space and will add value to the room. Hyperion Tiles has many different styles and sizes of marble-look tiles, ranging from cosmopolitan styles to Minoli Marvel tiles, which is an exclusive line of marble-effect tiles. Marble-effect tiles are made from porcelain, but are styled and colored to look like marble. Rather than worry about the wear and tear of marble and the time needed to maintain it, you can achieve the look of marble tiles in any room with our marble-effect tiles. 

How Are Marble-Effect Porcelain Tiles Different From Actual Marble Tiles?

First and foremost, marble tiles are very luxurious. However, they do have some drawbacks that you won’t find with porcelain tiles. These include:


  • Marble tiles are more expensive. 

  • They are harder to maintain.

  • They need regular, specialized maintenance. 

  • They are easily scratched and damaged. 

  • They are not recommended in areas that will be wet.


Marble-effect porcelain tiles, however, have several benefits for homeowners who wish to use them in any room:


  • Porcelain tile is easier to maintain and is very durable.

  • They are available in a wider array of colors and styles; whereas with marble tile, a particular color or type might be more expensive. 

  • You can use marble-effect porcelain tiles in areas of your home that will be wet. 

  • They are more suitable if you want brighter flooring.


Porcelain tiles are more customizable because they are manufactured from clay, which makes it easier to provide colors, textures, and patterns. Marble-effect tiles can simulate virtually any type of marble style and color that you want. 

Projects To Consider For Marble-Like Minoli Tiles

As mentioned above, marble-style porcelain tiles look great for bright flooring projects. You might want to consider light-styled tiles in a dining room or a room where you have darker furniture. Overall, marble-effect tiles look particularly exquisite in:


  • Kitchens and dining rooms, because of the high-end vibrant look that you might be striving for.

  • Entryways in your home.

  • Living rooms and bedrooms, as you can have a neutral feel, and the Calcutta and Marvel styles work particularly well.


You can use marble-effect tiles in your bathroom, too. Marble tile tends to be slippery and does not handle water well, but with porcelain marble-effect tiles, these can be used for virtually any area of your bathroom, especially your shower or around your bathtub. 

How Should You Maintain Your Porcelain Marble-Like Tile? 

Marble tiles are particularly hard to maintain. Marble tiles must be sealed and cleaned regularly, which can be a time intensive procedure and you can only use a detergent that is specifically for marble. Marble is also porous so that if you spill anything on it, it will leave a stain particularly quickly. 


On the other hand, marble-effect tiles are very easy to maintain. Regular basic cleaning with warm water and soap is adequate to keep your floors looking good. General mult-ipurpose cleaners can help you with any “hard-to-clean” spots. The only concern with porcelain tile is that you should never use cleaning products that contain acids or ammonia.