Ca'Pietra Marble Effect Porcelain Tiles

The effective way to bring marble onto your flooring or walls is to introduce these chic yet hard wearing marble-effect porcelain tiles.

Stunning, effective yet easy to maintain because no sealing is necessary.

Marble is adored for its beauty, style, and elegance. This material is an upscale, luxurious option for interiors. But as flooring, it requires more care and is more susceptible to damage than porcelain tile and even other forms of natural stone. It is also very pricey. For those who want the look and feel of marble without the hassle, Ca'Pietra marble effect tiles are a very affordable alternative.

Why Choose Ca’Pietra Marble Effect Tiles?


With a texture that mimics the look and feel of real marble, Ca'Pietra is perfect for kitchens, bathrooms, entryways and even living rooms. Its high-tech porcelain composition allows it to be extremely durable and stain resistant. This makes it an ideal flooring choice for busy homes with children and pets. This tile is also a great option for anyone who wants to enjoy the look of marble but doesn't have the budget.

Marble effect tiles are easy to clean, which means less maintenance time and hassle. You can even use a soap and water solution to keep your floor clean. On the other hand, marble is very difficult to take care of:

  • It's difficult to replace.

  • It's porous and water can damage it.

  • It's more expensive.

  • It's hard to install on your own.

  • It is extremely high maintenance.

Marble also doesn't have a super long lifespan. It lasts for about two to three years before needing maintenance work where porcelain tiles last much longer than that and look good.

Where Do Marble Effect Tiles Look Great In Your Home?


For that elegant and luxurious look, marble tiles look great in the bathroom or kitchen. It is also an excellent choice for a high traffic area in your home. Marble effect tiles are also a great choice for the entryway or hallway, where they add so much sparkle and elegance.

Ca'Pietra marble effect tiles look great in any room of your home because they are so versatile. Use them for kitchens, bathrooms, entryways, living rooms and other areas where you want natural-looking tiles with an elegant look. Marble effect tile might make for a great splash back and compliment other designs that you have in your home nicely.

Taking Care of Marble Effect Tiles


To take care of your porcelain marble effect tiles, all you need to do is sweep or vacuum occasionally. They are not very hard to clean and no harsh chemicals are required. A mild cleaning solution will help sanitize the surface and rinsing the floor will help prevent spots from building up. Carefully drying your marble effect tiles will also increase the shine.