Minoli Concrete Look Porcelain Tiles

When you need something industrial looking that gives an urban feel, choose a concrete look tile in a range of neutral colours that will fit perfectly with your minimalist styling.

Concrete flooring has become popular in recent years. The only drawback to concrete flooring is that it needs to be sealed and waxed two or three times per year. Concrete flooring also is heavier and will require some structural adjustments to the room if you have an older home. Instead of dealing with concrete, why not consider concrete look tiles? 

Why Choose Concrete Look Tiles From Minoli? 

Oftentimes, in both commercial and residential settings, concrete is very difficult to install and can only be supported on the ground floor. Pouring concrete is easy, but installing it in a home interior is much more difficult and requires a skilled contractor. Not every concrete installer is equipped to do concrete floorings. On the other hand, porcelain concrete look tile is easy to install on your own if you have the right tools.


Over the years, concrete can develop cracks. Even if you are able to successfully repair the crack, it may never look the same. In the case of cracked tile floor, it is simply a matter of replacing the cracked tile. 


Another reason to choose concrete effect tiles is for energy purposes. Concrete flooring does not retain heat, which means during the winter months, you might experience higher energy bills. Porcelain tiles, on the other hand, allow you to install radiant heat beneath the floor. This can help warm the entire room. 

When Can You Use Concrete Look Tiles In Your Home? 

You can use concrete look tiles in several different types of designs. For example, modern homes with sleek furniture and modern art are a great fit for the clean look of concrete look tiles. Additionally, if you are striving for an industrial look, textured and darker colors tend to look well in industrial-themed homes and rooms. If there are open spaces in your home, you might want to consider a minimalist design theme with neutral looking concrete look tiles


You can even use porcelain concrete look tiles outdoors. Some people try concrete pavers. These can work, but they tend to build up a whitish layer over time. Another thing to consider when using porcelain tiles outdoors is that they tend to retain their color and look over time. They also do not need sealing. 

Are Concrete Look Tiles Affordable? 

If you are trying to achieve a luxurious look, concrete can cost as much as 35 sterling pounds per square meter after you factor in labor and other costs. Many of the tiles that you purchase from Hyperion start at 20 sterling pounds per square meter.


Why Choose Hyperion Tiles?

Hyperion’s line of Minoli concrete look tiles are affordable. We also offer delivery with a modest carriage fee if you need these delivered to you. We also have a design team to help you find the ideal look if you need assistance.