Click tile design Burley Minerale Herringbone stocked by Hyperion Tiles

Eight ways to add style with designer bathroom tiles

Nowadays, a bathroom is far more than just the functional space we wash ourselves in. Whether the area is large or small, it usually has to cope with big and regular usage. So it’s vital to make this room an attractive place to visit. Your bathroom needs to be warm, it needs to be welcoming and it most of all it needs to be appealing. After all, it’s a place we have to use multiple times a day – so we might as well make it as attractive as possible to spend time in! We all lead busy lives, and time to ourselves has become one of the greatest modern luxuries. Choosing a super-stylish tile is a fool-proof way to create a super-stylish sanctuary to relax and unwind in.

New tile collection Patchwork Botanical Iris stocked by Hyperion Tiles

If pastels appeal, then you’ll want to consider our Patchwork Botanical Iris ceramic wall tiles for a classic style in your bathroom. Shown here on these walls, these feature three motifs, which are ideal for adding a toned-down version of florals to make a bathing haven you can’t wait to spend time in. These contrast brilliantly with our White Penny Round mosaic porcelain tiles and Penshaw Teal on Chalk porcelain floor tiles


Transformative tile ideas

Bathroom tiles need to be practical, of course. But that doesn’t mean they can’t be pretty too. The right choices can be truly transformative. Never underestimate the difference even a new floor tile design can make! Obviously the tile design you choose needs to be moisture- and slip-resistant. But they can also make a serious design statement, whether you like understated elegance or bold, bright interiors.

Inspirational tile ideas for your bathing haven

If you’re planning a bathroom makeover, it can be difficult to know where to start. So do your research first. We offer a huge portfolio of designer bathroom tiles. Instagram and Pinterest are excellent sources of design inspiration. Browse lots of different bathroom ideas, and then be honest about what you like – and what you don’t. Designer tiles allow you to make a space that reflects your personal tastes and personality, using colour, pattern and texture. So whether you’re creating a new bathroom from scratch, renovating an existing area, or looking for a fast, effective mini-update, we’re sure to offer luxury tiles that suit.

Perfect pattern size on the Nova Scotia Middleton tiles stocked by Hyperion Tiles

Chequered effect patterned tiles could help you create a striking feature wall in a more classic style. Take our Nova Scotia Middleton ceramic wall tiles from the Living Nova collection for example. Shown here in pink, this plaid detail will add a sense of summer living to your bathing haven

Feature wall tile ideas

Have you considered using luxury tiles to produce a feature wall in your bathroom? A feature wall is the ideal way to refresh any area. Most people associate a feature wall with a living room or bedroom. But it’s a concept that can really elevate a designer bathroom too. It’s a great way to be creative and express your personal style. A feature wall is also a faster and more cost-effective way to refresh your bathroom than redecorating the entire room. 

Most people think a feature wall has to be bold and bright. But modern incarnations and be soft and subtle too. Using pattern, print and texture, your chosen designer bathroom tiles can add colour, interest and impact. You can complement or contrast with the rest of your bathroom, mixing and matching colour-schemes or adding an accent ‘pop’ to a timeless beige/neutral design.


Creating a marble effect, the new Marbled Aquamarine encaustic tiles collection stocked by Hyperion Tiles

Our new Marbled collection of encaustic tiles is showcased here in Aquamarine in this designer bathroom to make a striking feature wall. These designer tiles are handmade and via a unique pouring technique, this creates a striking pattern in a mottled, cloud-like texture

Striped luxury tiles

Porcelain tiles are a very popular option for designer bathrooms, because they are extremely durable. Made a from a dense natural clary, they are fired at very high temperatures. This makes them highly resistant to water damage, and easy to keep clean and maintain.

Porcelain bathroom tiles can be used on both the floor and the walls. Why not use them to experiment with different stripe designs? A stripe motif is the ideal way to add some texture and dimension to a bathroom. Horizontal stripes can also make a narrow bathroom look wider, while vertical stripes create the illusion of depth.

You can use striped tiles everywhere, or selectively in certain areas only, perhaps to disrupt the monotony of a plain wall or floor. Classic black and white stripes always work well, but a white and green nature-themed palette is an increasingly popular choice for spa-style bathrooms. Interestingly, stripes can also complement other patterns, including florals, geometrics and herringbone, provided you maintain an element of balance and don’t overdo things!

Finish gloss with new Marlborough Porcelain Forest Green and Cotton White collections stocked by Hyperion Tiles

If you’re a fan of the current trend for stripes in the bathroom, you can produce your own unique pattern with our new Marlborough Porcelain Parquet collection of Forest Green Gloss and Cotton White. Each tile has been designed to reproduce the charm of real terracotta with a high-gloss, textured finish, whether you use them on walls or floors

Herringbone floor tiles

The single or double herringbone is probably the best-known parquet pattern. This popular floor tile design is endlessly versatile, and suits both period properties and contemporary interior settings. Classic parquet flooring is made from natural solid hardwoods, which is why it’s not often top-of-mind when considering bathroom flooring options. It's a floor tile, which looks super stylish, but is very susceptible to water damage and humidity. However, there is a solution.


We offer a wide range of luxury vinyl flooring (LVF) and engineered oak flooring that incorporates all the beauty of natural parquet/herringbone flooring, but which won’t warp on contact with water. Luxury vinyl flooring is far most cost-effective, too. Pairing a pale wood-effect floor tile with light or neutral walls always creates a soothing, spa-like ambience. Finish the look with a few well-chosen bathroom accessories, plus a nature-friendly plant or two.

Burley Mineral Herringbone Click tile for floors stocked by Hyperion Tiles

The herringbone pattern is highly popular and if you love the look of wood in a bathroom. However, if you’re looking for something more durable with a floor tile, which looks like the real thing, why not pick our new Burley Minerale Herringbone Click Tiles? Made from ultra-hardwearing stone polymer composite, you can even install this waterproof flooring on top of an original floor

Bright and light

For many of our clients, white remains the de facto primary colour choice for their dream bathroom. And it’s not hard to understand why. This shade really brightens up a room, brightening and reflecting light, to make a small bathroom feel larger. It’s also a versatile, timeless shade that serves as a blank canvas, that can be updated very easily with different accessories and accent colours.


The downside – if there is one – is that this shade for a bathroom is sometimes considered bland and boring. Counter this by using white designer bathroom tiles to add interest, through different shapes, textures and even grout colours. These tiles look wonderful paired with a dark vanity, a blue floor tile, or even a black bath!

Tile design which looks like wood Kinfolk Porcelain White stocked by Hyperion Tiles

If you love a pristine look in a bathroom, you can’t go wrong with our new Kinfolk Porcelain White tiles. Showcased here on these bathroom walls, they offer a contemporary wood-effect style to this contemporary bathroom, which work well with the other porcelain tile choices – our Stucco Blue and Himalaya Crystal floor tiles

The mix and match approach

For a seamless, relaxing bathing haven, consider using the same – or similar – luxury tile on both your walls and your floor. Adopting this approach with a pale colour scheme will really open up your space, and significantly enhance flow.


If you prefer a little more variety, why not mix up one area by adding a complementary (or contrasting) wall or floor tile? It’s a simple technique that can have a big impact, especially if you match your accent tile to another element within your bathroom, such as the sanitaryware.

Marble effect tiles new Marbled Aquamarine stocked by Hyperion Tiles

Why not mix it up on your bathroom floor with our new Marbled Aquamarine tiles and our Livid tiles for a match made in heaven?

Patterned or plain?

Bathroom tiles almost always used to be plain – how times have changed! Nowadays there’s a huge selection of patterned designer bathroom tiles to choose from. Geometric patterns are popular, but so are floral and nature-themed designs, particularly where luxury bathrooms are concerned. Colours can be bright and bold, or pale and subtle.

Encaustic tile design from the Bejmat collection stocked by Hyperion Tiles

If you’re not sure whether to pick a plain or patterned design in your bathroom, why not choose both as you can see in this beautiful bathroom designed by interior designer Sarah Southwell featuring our Bert & May Bejmat tiles? The feature wall has been created with a light grout which picks out the colour of our Bejmat Blue tiles. These tiles have been chosen with our Bejmat White tile version to follow on from the wall design to produce a striking statement floor

If you’re a fan of eye-catching patterns, it’s hard to go wrong with Encaustic cement tiles. They can be used indoors and outdoors, on the wall and floor. They can even be used to make a feature wall or bathroom backsplash. Mix and match colours and patterns throughout your entire bathroom for maximum impact, or draw the eye to just one specific area if you’re worried over overwhelm.