Bert & May Tiles

For fans of muted tones and chalky qualities, we know you’ll love one of our latest collaborations - Bert & May. This distinctive brand designs and creates some of the UK’s finest hand-made tiles, from reclaimed pieces they have salvaged over the years, to provide unique additions for your home or project. 


Colour is key and you’ll find Bert & May produces a core palette, which is derived from natural pigments that are mixed by hand in a vast range of colours and styles to suit every aesthetic. Materials vary, so you can choose from encaustic, glazed and porcelain through to marble, terracotta and terrazzo to suit every residential and commercial project.


As a specialist retailer, we are here to provide our expertise and knowledge of the Bert & May brand, should you require it. We can advise on a whole host of factors, from how to lay patterns to the best way to create your envisaged style.  


Peruse our product categories, and, if you have any questions, do get in touch.